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NaNoWriMo Day 21 Visual Prompt #nanowrimo2017

Thanks for visiting my blog. Today we’ll have some good clean fun. Uh, it’s soap. Get it?

NaNo Day 21 2016                          NaNo Day 21 2015


Overcoming Writer's Block

We all experience it. We’re making our way through the year, day by day, and everything is normal until you can’t think of the words, or any words. 507 more words

Writer's Block


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


Linda sat in front of her computer, contemplating the blinking cursor on the empty document.  116 more words

Daily Prompt

Managing Time

Hey, I’m Lo.

OH MY GOD! I have so many assessments due this week, and I had little to no preparation for them this weekend because I was hiking ALL WEEKEND LONG. 562 more words


How to Influence your Creativity, on the Daily

Writer’s block is not uncommon for writers. So why would it not be uncommon for us as artist? Well, it’s more of a creativity block…  935 more words

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A Lovely Chilly Morning <3

Good Morning little birdies! I wanted to snap some charming photos of our kitty kat for you – but instead I caught mr. grumples!

I wanted things to be particularly cheerful this morning because, well, I’m having quite the difficulty in the latest novel I’m working on. 90 more words

Lotus Eater (Wannabe)

Weekdays are a rush; starting early in the dark for a 6.30am train and arriving home in the dark twelve hours later having run from a train to a tube and back again. 334 more words