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If Only

I saw this on Facebook earlier. I think it’ll be my project for the next week. A story a day with only in a different spot. What do you think?


Words Happened.

Welcome. This post may contain vague lies (but they’re not really lies). They’re technicalities.

Ahem, what I mean is: I WAS PRODUCTIVE FOR ONCE!!!

Productive in a very vague way ;) No, I’m teasing. 260 more words

Life And Likes

Attention all mind readers...

There’s a part of me I don’t want people to see.  Sometimes I think my battle with writing at times is because of exactly that.  If I write what I want to – which I do, this must make people (strangers and those I know too), think of me in a certain way.   109 more words

Kait King Poetry

The truth

The truth is so long, so complicated and sometimes so difficult. I don’t know I just fell weird sometimes. There’s no good in goodbye and God it sucks. 90 more words


Invisible Man: Anatoly Dyatlov

Let it not be said that he was a big man, though he was the giant in any room. He saw himself a Captain Ahab: his underlings saw Moby Dick. 160 more words


Botany and Ethnobotany and Mixology: 3 Excellent  Brewing Grounds for Story

I’ve been fascinated with botany as of late. Perhaps it’s because I’ve moved somewhere new and have spent time actually noticing the world around me. It’s an entirely different landscape than I’m used to because it’s an entirely different climate: a dry, hot, sunny climate with a frequent tendency for purple thunderstorms. 460 more words


Piece of shit

My phone is a fucking piece of shit. It hasn’t been working correctly lately but I didn’t care. First it didn’t charge so I got frustrated but in the end it began charging again. 54 more words