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A Black and White Interview with Bangkok Entertainer Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is a talented man. I first met him at Checkinn99 four years ago. I got to know him a little bit during a rehearsal for a live performance he was directing and starring in for the The Rocky Horror Show. 4,041 more words


Appendix N

My love of fantasy didn’t start with the venerable pipe smoking Hobbit so loved by many. No, my love was forged in the dankest dungeons. Tested by hideous beasts and malevolent creatures; Mind Flayers, Beholders, and Displacer Beasts. 268 more words

Book Reviews

The Storm

The sea which moments ago was still and calm is now beginning to churn as dark clouds blow in towards the coast. First, the wind just scuffs the surface of the sea then an invisible hand begins to push the water, forming waves, small at first, gradually building.The light goes and the birds get confused, skittering around thinking it’s feeding time again, but no, it’s the oncoming storm. 102 more words



The soft click and whirling of the disk let him know it’s working. The screen flashes white then crescendos to a glaring baby blue. When did he become like this? 84 more words


Quote of the Week

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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


Damage Control

“Folks, we have a problem,” the ever concerned CEO said, leaning over a table and taking the time to carefully catch the eye of every single person around her. 464 more words