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The Present Day And The Cyberpunk Genre -A Ramble

Well, since I was still busy with writing this old collection of cyberpunk stories at the time of writing these articles, I thought that I’d take a very brief look at how the present day can affect any cyberpunk fiction that you might write. 855 more words


How to Run

I count my steps,
I lose count,
and forget
how many feet
I’ve tried to step.
How little,
how far
it takes me
so much time… 43 more words


Eclipse Excerpt 2 of 6

In anticipation of Monday’s total eclipse, this week we’ve got a series of excerpts from the Svalbard chapter of Out in the Cold, in which we traveled up to 800 miles from the North Pole in search of totality in March, 2015. 1,292 more words


TV show recommendation: The Bold Type

Hey guys,
So The Bold Type is a new Freeform TV series (and by new I mean there's only like 7 episodes out so far) and I absolutely love it. 212 more words


Free Writing

Free writing. A continuation (of sorts) from the free write from a couple weeks ago. Then, we met our princess with a coterie of ravens, in an abandoned garden. 547 more words

Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 5

Available now, two new novels: Of Gods Strangers and Messengers, Science Fiction Adventure (And the link to the webpage for this book: ( 1,852 more words


An Annual August Eclipse

Here in the zone of totality eclipse mania is reaching epic proportions. Locals have been warned to fill up the gas tank and stock the groceries as if a hurricane was approaching. 455 more words