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Rebecca's Ode To Her Dog

What a wonderful postscript to yesterday’s post.

There was an exchange of comments yesterday to my post This Is The Dog.

Rebecca offered:

I just wrote an ode to my dog….

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Taking the Small Wins, Yet Experimenting for Bigger and Better

Indie Author Survival Kit:

  1. Write book
  2. Publish book
  3. Promote book
  4. Repeat until … ???

Define Your Goals (Yet be Realistic):

What do you want most out of this? 578 more words


The Invention of Angela Carter by Edmund Gordon. Book Review

Angela Carter was a larger than life character, with a talent for writing which challenged as well as entertained. She may have possessed innate talent, but one of the key drivers for her expansive imagination and passion to write may have been her over-possessive mother. 313 more words

Book Review

The Simple Argument Against Mankind

Is man good or evil?

The answer to this question has escaped humanity. Philosophers like Plato, Ayn Rand, and Immanuel Kant each had their own well-thought-out answers, but they’re all dead so who cares what they think.  310 more words


Reflection by Hugh Cron

It’s strange how a summer’s day can be unsettling. Especially amongst the shadows of the trees. The bird song is sweet but I don’t like it. 565 more words

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Three more letter (and email) writing tips

We had another letter writing session in class today. Among the many things we discussed, there were these three useful tips to make letters or emails more professional: 117 more words


Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #389; Theme: Improvement

Improvement (is an Inside Job):  In Acrostic

It starts with the self
Minimalism and mindfulness
Productivity over busyness
Recursive reading
Occupational happiness
Variety of experiences… 35 more words