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Oh no! Not Another Election...

Just when I thought we were getting a commercial break from the endless electioneering (ie Trump, Brexit etc, which don’t even involve us!!!), we’re having a local, State by-election. 844 more words


The Station Romance.

There he is again, every morning at the same time we see each other on the platform, occasionally he misses a day and when he does I search for him, once I found him in the cafe, I wanted to tell him to hurry or we would miss our train, but of course there was no ‘we’ much as I wished there could be.He was tall and slim with piercing blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair and I was hooked, I don’t even know his name but I do know that when he smiles he has slight dimples that make me want to kiss him. 184 more words


Friday Night's Wine: Diseño Malbec

For this week, I decided to try a Malbec, which I actually have never had before (shocking even for me!).  This wine is a 2014 old vine Malbec, based in Mendoza, Argentina.  176 more words


This Was Not the Corporate Dystopia I Was Promised

The other title for this post is “We Need The Punk In Cyberpunk Now.”

Recent events has me thinking on a big influence on my formative years: the literature and the aesthetic of cyberpunk. 840 more words

General Thoughts


Next month I celebrate two years since the publishing of my personal memoir, Running Away: A Memoir of a Bishop’s Son (Westbow Press, March 4, 2015). 334 more words

Faith & Inspiration

It's a Draft

I put in the effort today. I needed to pick a project and focus on it, so I limited myself to just one thing. I added about 4500 words to The Enhanced League and finished it. 754 more words