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Sardinia: Bosa

It is true. Sometimes we stop at a place just because we want to take our own version of a picture that we’ve seen. So it was that we paused for a lunch and photo break in… 108 more words


Sardinia: Grotta di Nettuno

Twenty-five kilometers from Alghero Sardinia is Grotta di Nettuno, one of the region’s popular attractions. Neptune’s Grotto is a 500-meter long stalactite cave. Fisherman discovered the cavern in the 18th century. 388 more words



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When names are translated from one language to another, they sometimes change. 373 more words


Natalie exploring the meaning of peace.

Another delightful travel account from Natalie Derham-Weston.

Albeit perhaps travels of a more inward nature.


Travel Blog: Installment 3: Living on a boat.

Simple Peace… 759 more words


About Poetry

Im no poet
And I know it
But rhyming is easy
When I’m not busy

Words strung together at random
Do not poetry make
Rhymes are passe
But metres at stake


A Favourite food

The exercise was to write about your favourite food using 5 senses.
My attempt

The amber liquid
And the tinkling sound
The peaty flavour
So smooth it goes down… 10 more words


Going Out

If I didn’t leave the house…

I wouldn’t get to experience


to feel the ups and downs, challenges

& failures or near “successes”.

I wouldn’t get to know… 118 more words