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Actions Speak Just as Loud as Words

Writing dialogue is hard. Lots of writers have written blogs and advice about how to write dialogue, so why should I say anything different?
Did I just talk myself out of writing a blog post? 660 more words

Apologies | UPDATE

Hey everyone.

Firstly, thank you so much for reading my content. I just hit 20 likes and so now I’m OVER THE MOON :)

An extra special thank you to the people who took the time to follow my blog – there will be more content coming. 122 more words


Before the Phoenix: Imperfect Tools

Launch Control
Spaceflight Initiative

Mission Coordinator Laras Stelliré looked up from his monitors and their unhelpful loss-of-signal markers, and barked, “Status! Status reports, by stations. 467 more words


If You Read this and Wonder WTF

The thing about most autobiographical nonfiction is that the narrator is rarely alone. There are always other people and because nonfiction is, in theory, based on reality, those other people exist. 80 more words


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Read it and weep.  It’s the official flier for the End of the Year Luncheon.

Don’t let its innocuous appearance fool you.  It’s not merely an informational communique whereby we’re told the location of the luncheon along with the cost and the menu. 64 more words


The Mist

Through the mist I travel
Lured by the siren’s song
My eminent death before me
Does nothing to strengthen
The fight to live
To escape… 62 more words


A Sonnet

Trust Cursive Gloating

Through Cicada Whine

I Often Dream of Floating

Down Thames, Danube or Rhine

Here Among Soft Passes Curls Lick

Serpentine Trails in Gothic Ledges… 70 more words