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Midday All Night

It seemed to be midday all night, every night, and midnight all day, every day. At least for me, at least for the couple living across the street. 165 more words


Dwayne Stovall

Let me just say this to the naysayers who think they can’t jump ship and vote for Dwayne Stovall. They think they risk turning the state blue if they don’t vote Cornyn. 141 more words


20 for 2020

I haven’t answered questions for a while. These are from Ally at The Spectacled Bean. Check out her blog! 🙂

Your most memorable fancy dress costume? 559 more words


Brilliant Beginnings

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Anyone can self-publish a book; it’s relatively easy and there is no vetting process. Consequently, over a million books are published online each year. 423 more words


Flowers grow from my knees 5/?

How could your words break me when, I am already in shambles?

“Five years, you are exactly the same,” Aman gushes the moment Khushi walks into her office.

1,621 more words

A Ladder to the Sky - Boyne's Machiavellian Anti-hero

Published in 2018, John Boyne’s Ladder to the Sky centres around the wannabe novelist Maurice. A character we witness sacrifice everything for literary success. While he is a talented writer, he lacks imagination, his plots are dull. 671 more words


Tips for Writers: The Cure for Writer's Block

One possible cure. Preferable cure below.

There are two definitions for block: 1) an obstacle to be avoided; 2) a material to be used (as in construction). 589 more words