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5 Ways to Start Writing Instead of Sitting Around Twiddling Your Thumbs

Sometimes, writing sucks. No, I don’t mean the end result, because that’s glorious—O so glorious blah blah—and it feels like you’re on top of a mountain. 815 more words


First Time Loser

Alright, alright, gloomy title is gloomy. And I never really expected to win or even really get an honourable mention, but it still sucks.

So, a couple of months ago, I entered a writing contest for the first time ever. 633 more words


Writing Prompt Contest Winner: Maria L. Berg

Premise: A family moves into an old Victorian house in a sleepy town where everybody knows everybody. The house has been vacant for the last five years, and nobody knows why the previous family left so suddenly.  516 more words

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One of my flash stories won a contest! Head over to wakingwriter.com to see everything else on Bernadeta's great site. And like my story there as well :)

Will You NANO?

I’m just curious if anyone I know is going to be doing NANOWRIMO this year.  I’m not planning on it right now.  I have a lot of editing still to do.   15 more words



As I was s l o w l y editing Coffee-Drunk or Blind – again – I also started working on the book cover. After two days of back and forth emails, and researching, and just throwing my hands up in a fit of rage, I finally got my book cover template to open. 166 more words


Top Ten Articles - September 2016

Well, it’s the end of the month and this means that it’s time for me to compile a list of links to what I consider to be the ten best articles about making art, making comics and/or writing fiction that I’ve posted here this month (plus a couple of honourable mentions too). 145 more words