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Poetry: Idea Like a Cloud

Our ideas can be like clouds in the sky being shaped by the currents of thought within the mind. They form unique shapes, but those shapes are ever changing, even if in the most minute details. 427 more words


Oh beautiful messiah, sacred sacrifice. Did angels attend to your birth to touch your holy skin? Did kings of industry drape your tiny body in silk and gold? 43 more words


Fowler Displeasures.

Measures of endurance
In the forecast are welcoming
Of fowler displeasures
To figure into wide stretched
Relics casting shadows
Beguiling and hollow.


An Executive Decision

I pushed my iPad away and rubbed my eyes. This task list was long and difficult, but it's nearly complete. I crossed the room and opened the windows to let the Raven of Doubt outside for some sunlight and air. 897 more words


Commuting musings - Friday 26 Aug

Today after a misty kind of gloomy Thursday, the sun is shining.  I frequently walk along  various lengths of this stretch of the canal Рand prefer walking over running or cycling.  96 more words


Soul Woman and the Chosen Remnant

Saturday morning and the wet putty-looking sky appeared ready to ooze. The drive to Urbana from Chicago would take Daniel about three hours, three monotonous hours, he decided. 2,648 more words


Twice the Author Jack Heckel Used To Be

Most people know that Jack Heckel is not one person, but actually the name that John Peck and Harry Heckel use for their writing team. If you didn’t know that, you know now. 619 more words

Jack Heckel