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A piece of me..

I cannot wait until my mind is my own again. One day I will take it all back along with everything else that you took from me. 163 more words

A Piece Of Me

Revolutions and Dystopias

Imagine a world where the United States is not free, but under a tyrannical rule. Imagine the youth of the generation stepping up and starting a nationwide rebellion. 227 more words



(Alternate words: none.)

“What’s it like, being a Fusion?”

“Our isonomial gnostic net gives us tremendous parallel processing abilities. We can multitask -”

“No, sorry, that’s not what I meant. 138 more words


Feeling hot hot hot!!!

08.15 – Nearly 20 degrees, how fab is that?

09.30 – Home, drop dog, say hi to my lovely cleaner then back to Costco because we decided over the weekend that we don’t have enough hanging baskets! 187 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

A Short Exchange

The two stood opposite each other.



There was silence.

“It’s been a while.”


More silence. The girl sighed and lifted a bag. 94 more words

Short Stories

So when you're out to dinner and...

As their parents sat at the table and talked, the children kept running around, hiding underneath and shouting at one another. These people’s happiness pleased Mevlut. 25 more words


My Only Writing Award

My family moved to Summerside, Prince Edward Island when I started Grade 7. For most of the next six years, I thought I hated living there. 1,516 more words