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Better Than Super

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

President Trump and President Putin “Intelligence Agencies?”

Regarding yesterday’s meeting between President Trump and President Putin. 805 more words


Tools of the Trade - Style Guide

When I started writing, I also started reading about writing. There is no shortage of material available, believe me! I think it’s possible that you can get obsessed with the how to’s and never get around to doing it. 284 more words


Writer Wednesday: Genre

I’m an opportunistic writer. I write whatever is in my head or heart without a thought to how it fits in the designated categories until later. 413 more words


SZP 03 - Pokémon Go and Writing Advice

In this week’s episode, I ramble on about Pokémon Go, before diving into writing advice and why I think it sucks. Then after trying to convince you that writing advice sucks, I then to proceed to give you some writing advice, which sucks. 61 more words


Hall of Mirrors

I saw Skyscraper this past weekend, the latest movie starring Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock). The movie ticked all the right boxes for me–wildly implausible but enjoyable. 510 more words


The Writer's Blogk: Observation 2

  1. Poetry, or writing, isn’t a forced process, I wake up at night to scribble down stuff. I keep a pen and notebook at hand so that I don’t lose anything – I may wake up in the clear light of day and just think it’s a load of crap….but at least I get to verify that!
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