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And Then it's All I Can Think About

Face down on table

Acupuncture under say

Oh great, a nose itch


Write in Images

Hello HFA Readers!

It has been some time since I penned a blog post. Life is indeed busy and sometimes I allow the excuse of work, family, exhaustion and whatever other trials have been thrown in my literary path to stop me from doing what I love, writing. 1,481 more words



yelling in my head
whispering in my ears
digging up all my worst fears

screaming at the top of their lungs
hissing in the shadows… 41 more words


Writer Wednesday: Coping with Rejection

If you’re a writer who is submitting stories, essays, poems, novels, or whatever else to publishers, agents, anthologies, magazines or whatever sort of market, rejection is a thing that is going to happen. 426 more words


Lübeck - Flash Fiction featured in Litro

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site (Christ – nearly a year). In all honesty it comes pretty far down the list of my priorities now. 164 more words


But We Can’t Talk About That

Black as “F”

By Ron Howson

Let’s see if I can say this without getting banned from FB…again.

I happen to know a black person or two. 460 more words