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Panel I.

Five of us had sat down for dinner just as the storm hit. We had barely taken our seats when the power failed but Geeves, the butler, lit a single taper for light and we carried on in the resultant gloom. 807 more words


Inspirational Quote 3

If you haven’t already, take a chance on yourself starting today!

Carpe diem! 6 more words


Shoelaces; or, A Boy In The City [pt. 2]

Somehow, it’s been about a MONTH since my first post about moving down here to PHILADELPHIA (and that first BOY IN THE CITY post came after having already been here a few weeks). 2,599 more words


Truth and Invented Objects

In one of my English Classes, we had a discussion about evocative objects. These are objects that have a life of their own in our minds. 567 more words


Your Darlings MUST DIE!

Editing. Slash and burn is probably just as correct a term where I am concerned. A first draft isn’t a proper story, as it is too random and erratic to make much sense to anything but the writer. 422 more words


Seasonal Spirits

Now that I’m finally coming back, I totally want to talk about this one thing in the books. It’s cool.

I’ll be doing more exciting things later, but for now I’m just NEED to brag about the awesome world of Vaela. 439 more words


Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Taurus Demon

Hello once again, this time our Chosen Undead faces off with the first boss (Other than the Asylum Demon, which is a tutorial boss, so….. I don’t know, I wouldn’t really count it)  the Taurus Demon. 1,551 more words