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Poetry (Day 239): Signature


A Boing 747 draws a line
of cloud across the sky,
and God signs his name in light
from ninety-three million miles away.


A Much Needed Update (Also Known As a Complete and Utter Revamp)

Hello, Readers!

The other day, I got to thinking (please, try to suppress the gasps of astonishment – it’s an activity that does happen now and again). 360 more words

Disabled or Enabled?

Hello Everyone!

In my last blog  I mentioned being disabled. However, I do not feel disabled. That is unless someone makes fun at my expense over it. 212 more words


Winter sun

Morning winter sunshine
Under a clear blue sky,

A bird flies down
Close to my chair,

As we study each other
With a gentle curiosity, 11 more words


I Can Do It

I can do it.

What makes you

think you can’t?


Your thinking.

It often comes in

at the most

inopportune times.

Chatter, chatter, chatter. 50 more words

How I Got Into Writing

If you’ll remember a few months back, I talked about how I got into reading and how it became such a huge part of my life. 936 more words


Stove envy!

My apologies for missing yesterday, my BFF has relatives staying with her at the moment & it’s proving to be very challenging. I went over with good listening ears in the hope that if she offloads enough I won’t be visiting her in jail! 395 more words