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Cara's Hobby

“Cara, what do you like to do for fun?” The leader of this team building activity asked.

“Oh, I don’t do too much,” Cara replied. She tried desperately to dodge the question that was so common in this type of event. 79 more words


Garbage + Blondie

Summer night concert

Delightfully weird redhead

And atomic blonde


How to Write About Something That Doesn't Interest You and Still Get Paid

Not all topics are exciting or interesting to write about, but as writers we are occasionally tasked with the impossible – to make that which induces boredom and encourages narcolepsy sound interesting. 421 more words


Learning Scrivener

I found out about the program Scrivener through one of my favorite bloggers here, https://jessicabakkers.com/ Jessica Bakkers.  She just happened to mention the program in a  comment so I checked it out. 170 more words


"A year ago, even six months ago, it would have been, but not now." By Sasha on her couch

Wednesday July 19, 2017
5 minutes
Why I Write
George Orwell

A year ago, even six months ago, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in anything like that… but I rewound the tape of the answering machine about seventeen times. 89 more words

Here's Why You Hate Your Writing (It's Not What You Think)

Is this you?

The Hollywood archetype for the writer is the self-loathing bearded hermit who dashes off a few hundred thousand words in a log cabin by the sea. 668 more words