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A Quest for Mr Darcy - Chapter Twenty Six

The blurb for this story can be found here, along with all previous Chapters.

Chapter Twenty Six

With his present guests on their visit to The Grange, and the necessary preparations being made for those yet to arrive, Darcy spent his afternoon with Georgiana in the music room, but when she left to join Mrs Annesley for a walk in the gardens, he excused himself and retreated to his study. 3,505 more words


 Casting Spells

Thinking about the future; using goals as gamification (reward): asking myself exactly what it is I want out of life.

My artistic goals are set in stone; however, I am a renaissance man: thus the breadth of my interests and desires begs more than artistic success. 567 more words


Contented Vagabond

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius

Me and Erin are doing okay
We stumbled on this nice little town
With free hot dinners and a bed.

242 more words

Don't Break Yourself Just To Build Up Someone Else

There comes a time in your life when you tried all that you could, yet, you come to realize that you have to put YOU first. 98 more words


December Patreon: Dominae Mortem

Upon death’s head I rode.

Splinters thick as fingers dug into tiny palms as the obsidian oar cut water like knife through skin. Ripples poured about the fractured bone where I stood within an abyssal socket, breaking the murky glass surface reflecting the ashen gloom above. 174 more words


While You Were Sleeping

The lights were off as the end-titles of the movie faded to black leaving my room in a pale wash. Just enough light to see watch my best friend as she lay slumbering beside me. 257 more words

Short Story


My life has become a crazy, confusing, chaotic, jumble of a beautiful thing. Everything has changed in the last few months, especially me. In this nameless place, my life-raft remains and sustains… 258 more words