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Making a Start

I used to be an all-or-nothing sort of person. I used to think there was no point even starting something if I couldn’t get it all done in the one day. 319 more words

New Writer

11 Things you didn't know about me

Thankyou to Stefani from Mum_Monsters for the tag!  Here’s her lovely list.  I’ve tagged three more people, apologies if you’ve already been tagged!

What do you find most fun about blogging? 512 more words


On Botching a Post

Life is full of frustration. My life is, at least. My job is driving me crazy (work frustration), the Internet doesn’t work (living in China frustration), and my girlfriend just moved to her hometown over an hour away (the worst, sexual frustration). 289 more words

My Life

A Catch-Up With Readers

Dear Readers,

Today I thought it would be a good idea to stop a while and say thank you to those who have been kind enough to take an interest in my Blog, and who have so willingly ‘signed up’ to follow… 546 more words


Some Explosions, A Psychopath, and Two People that Look a Bit Like Me and My Girlfriend

Thursday was not a good day here in China. In fact, it was an awful day. It was a day filled with fear, shock, and sadness. 1,338 more words

My Life

Doing More than Two Things in a Day is F**king Impossible

Today did not go exactly as I’d hoped it would. No, not at all. I woke up this morning with what seemed like modest, do-able plans. 319 more words

My Life

Lessons in Blogging

If someone tells you that they don’t care if anybody reads what they write, they’re probably lying. I know because I’ve told this lie to myself only to discover that if nobody reads what I write I am disappointed. 397 more words

Random Observations