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So, I ask "Why?"

Today as I was making breakfast, I put the bread in the toaster and waited patiently for it to toast. When it popped up, I was hoping for a lightly browned piece of toast but that is not what happend-it was more black than brown. 641 more words

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How to survive a Bad Computer Week

One of my cats, Felicity Sophia, has a habit of sitting on my desk, preferably on my keyboard, and extending her claws into my head to get my attention. 260 more words


How to Spend Your Sick-Day

What do you know, after being away for a week, I happened to catch some nasty virus on the flight home, which only worsened when I was surrounded by equally ill colleagues a few days later. 527 more words

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5 tips writing a blog about your horific birth and baby

5 tips writing a blog about your dramatic birth and your baby

blog readers want to know about the real you if you were hurting  during labour write about it . 154 more words

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What I learned from the A to Z Challenge

The month of April was filled lots of many interesting details along the highways and bi-ways of our great state of TEXAS.

I came across ghost towns that have faded from memory, farming communities that have not changed at all since they were incorporated and many historical places that are still as famous as when the founding fathers of Texas started them in the 1800’s. 358 more words

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#A to Z Challenge Mapping Texas: Zipperlandville

Zipperlandville, also called Zipperlen or Zipperlenville, is a small community located five miles west of Rosebud on State Highway 53 in southern Falls County. The area was settled in the 1870’s by immigrants of German, Yugoslavian, and Czech descent. 178 more words

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#A to Z Challenge Mapping Texas Yorktown

Yorktown is located in southwestern DeWitt County  where State Highways 72 and 119 intersect on the western side of town.The city was founded by Captain John York and Charles Eckhardt and named in honor of Captain John York, a famous Indian fighter and was in command of a company of citizens who, under Ben Milam, defeated General Cos in 1835 at the Siege of Béxar. 451 more words

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