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A great life lesson

52 weeks ago I wrote my first blog post as a UCBlogger. I hadn’t started my final year at university, I hadn’t thought too much about my future career path (except that, ideally, I’d like to go into marketing) and I certainly hadn’t dared to dream that 52 weeks later I’d have been awarded a First Class degree, have started my perfect job and be just a few weeks away from the most incredible… 453 more words

Student Life

Tribalmystic is Being Revamped

Hi friends and followers,

if you see strange things happening on my front page, I apologise. I am trying to revamp my blog for better navigation and hopefully this would make it easier for you to find posts you are looking for, to read. 732 more words


Rules are Made to be Gently Bent

Recently, a very good friend of mine started up a brand-new blog called Home Grown Heaven. Before we go any further, I’d strongly recommend you follow the link and have a snoop about; there’s not a lot there to see yet, but it’s definitely worth the trip. 999 more words


Which group am I in ? - Day 7

I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night.  I like these shows (regardless of whether they are about losing weight, overcoming some other challenge, climbing a mountain, getting out of a wheelchair, etc.).   452 more words

Losing Weight

How to Blog Successfully: 10 Tips

Yesterday, I published a post entitled, “Can I Get A Drum Roll Please?” The post was written in celebration of one of my greatest blogging accomplishments so far: reaching 10,000+ WordPress followers of The Ninth Life. 1,069 more words

Life Lessons

Hattydaze turns 4

The day is almost over and I had almost forgotten: it’s the blog’s fourth birthday.

I knew today was a day to celebrate, the reason was just eluding me till I glanced at my Filofax and remembered (there’s nothing wrong with having a Filofax). 210 more words

Milestones & Celebrations

Who is my Audience?

An interesting challenge! I have been asked to identify and write a post targeting my targeted audience.

so ……. Who is my audience? ……. Easy! 540 more words