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A New Beginning...


Thanks for visiting my Indie Creative Blog. This site has been created as a way for me to explore ideas about writing, art and music. 277 more words


"How to Write a Blog Post That Goes Viral"(and other lies we believe)

If I let myself, I could be swimming in a metaphoric pool of pinterest pins, each convincing me to do more and be more as a blogger and small business owner: “How I used Pinterest to get 10,000 new followers a month”, “10 Blogging Must-Know Tips that will Grow Your Blog” “How to make a Thousand Sales a Month”, you get the idea. 574 more words

Okay, Maybe I Wasn't Finished

Three-and-a-half years ago I wrote I Think I’m Finished Now, which I genuinely believed at the time would be my last blog post ever. But here it is, October 3rd of 2016, and I can’t deny that I’m feeling the itch to start posting again. 627 more words


Writing the Piano

I am thrilled to be taking part in a special event for those interested in writing about the piano.

“Writing the Piano” has been organised by my good friend and successful blogger…

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The Way Of Piano

Dear Writers,

If you have ever written anything in your life, or had the desire to start writing do your self this one favor. There are hundreds upon hundreds of blogs and advise columns telling you how to be a better writer but I need you to listen to this one single piece of advice if you listen to nothing else today. 558 more words


A Quick Catch-Up

Dear Readers,

Just a little note to say that the Blog has not been forgotten, despite the large gap between now and my last post! Lest anyone think that  244 more words


The Time

Every day we have the daily  routine  work ,school, home duties, or all different task we have. But we never seen to have enough time to do all our task in a timely manner with out been tired or  get upset because the day don’t have enough hours to do all with us getting a good night sleep. 126 more words