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A Quick Catch-Up

Dear Readers,

Just a little note to say that the Blog has not been forgotten, despite the large gap between now and my last post! Lest anyone think that  244 more words


The Time

Every day we have the daily  routine  work ,school, home duties, or all different task we have. But we never seen to have enough time to do all our task in a timely manner with out been tired or  get upset because the day don’t have enough hours to do all with us getting a good night sleep. 126 more words


Fortune or misfortune

Every day we wake up we are bless with life and a new day ahead of us but how lucky we feel about all the little things we get from life because  yes maybe we are not millionaires or don’t have the nicer house of the block or I don’t have the new BMW I wanted but in life we always dream and thing all we want but how much better is life for us than other people and how we deal with adversity went we not the ones with the good fortune of life but always remember is another day and is always some one else with more trouble, problems than us. 32 more words


Upbeat Living:  Gratitude for a Writing Challenge

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In Upbeat Livingsm, gratitude is a major dimension of living, creating, and getting the life you want.  534 more words



Do blogger need a reason to blog? Have a look at my very first piece for the blog that is meant to explain, why I want to be the millionth blogger in the world wide web. 224 more words


Seven years of Broadside...

By Caitlin Kelly

It started on July 1, 2009 — Canada Day.

It started on the firm orders of my then-agent, who insisted (eye-roll, sigh, must I?) 603 more words

Caitlin Kelly

Happy 1st Anniversary to my Blog

Okay so I am a little late with this.  I meant to have a little break from my blog to gather thoughts and plan what I actually want it to be…2 months have passed, nothing has been written and no plans made.   314 more words

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