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Hattydaze turns 4

The day is almost over and I had almost forgotten: it’s the blog’s fourth birthday.

I knew today was a day to celebrate, the reason was just eluding me till I glanced at my Filofax and remembered (there’s nothing wrong with having a Filofax). 210 more words

Milestones & Celebrations

Who is my Audience?

An interesting challenge! I have been asked to identify and write a post targeting my targeted audience.

so ……. Who is my audience? ……. Easy! 540 more words


Love Shack!

Lauren suggested rust as the subject for this weeks post and Naomi instantly started singing an old B52’s song!  Rust can be a horrible thing if it is in your car or your garden shed, but the colours of rust can also be divine.   13 more words


Yaaaaay! It's my Blog-entennial!

Or my Blog-centennial. Or maybe my Blog-in’-tennial.

No matter what you call it, this is my 200th entry on my blog. That’s right. Two. Zero. Zero. 258 more words


That Awkward Moment When People You Write About Read Your Blog

I’ve written a lot about the benefits of blogging, but not as much about the uncomfortable situations it can cause. One frequent dilemma goes as follows: Should I write about this very personal or adult topic when I know that some of my readers are a) my grade school siblings; b) my boss; or c) the subjects of the post? 306 more words


Audacious: (adj) showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

I am very curious exactly how many miles one would have to run with a stick before actually tripping, falling, having the pointed end of the stick lodging in the eye. 345 more words

A Words

Urban Art

Lauren suggested Urban Art as a subject to shoot this week.  The subject is incredibly broad and there is so much diversity in what we consider to be art.   71 more words