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Pantone on Ice. Nothing like Disney!!!

Annually Pantone Incorporated, who have created the Pantone Colour Matching System, nominate a colour of the year. ¬† 2014 was Radiant Orchid. 2015 is Marsala. Lauren and Naomi wanted to offer some alternatives… and here they are!

Finding your Writing Zen

As writers, we spend a lot of time buried deep inside our own minds. We spent countless hours, if that is an adequate manner in which to accurately quantify the statement, locked away in the confines of our own minds. 598 more words

Alex Laybourne

While writing a blog selection of right topic is very important

Blogging is an art; it comes through lot of practice and hard work. A Superior blogger knows how to promote a blog. Now we will learn how to become a superior blogger. 477 more words

Guest Bloggers

Writing skills: Learn the basics by writing non-fiction

By Dennis Mellersh

When aspiring writers first start out on their dream of becoming a writer, many turn their efforts towards writing fiction.

And this is natural. 275 more words



“In a row?”

It has been a week where numbers rule. Some have been good, and others were simply good for me.

Our world revolves around numbers! 9 more words


Writing a blog is work.

Building a blog takes much more of your time and other resources.

You have to think about your headline, the introductory part, the main message, and the conclusion. 883 more words



The task this week was to respond to the word “Texture” in images. So we did!