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Romance: “Love at First Sight” and the Stages of Love


Anonymous asked: I was just wondering what you think about love at first sight? Do you think it’s overdone or non realistic? I have a couple in my book who I know are going to end up together no matter what and I don’t really want to add a bunch of random conflict in their relationship just to drag out the inevitable.

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The Weekly Re-Motivator: The Fickle Finger of Fate

We are all touched.

The fickle finger of fate bestows on us through random chance a series of affinities, of likes and dislikes, of urges, of callings. 687 more words


Romance: Begrudgingly Falling in Love


Anonymous asked:

hi there, thank you for everything you do here! I have a romance question; so, A absolutely hates B but, due to B being a vampire and having bought A, A is forced to stay with B.

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Writing My First Novel: Plot Twists

As I sat here tonight working on the final chapters of my novel’s rough draft (Slumber Creek on WattPad, for those interested), sipping some wine and cuddling with my cat, I realized that plot twists happen while writing quite similarly to the way they happen while reading. 226 more words


Hijacked By The Snark!

Ever have a writing exercise turn into something so fun that it blossoms into a larger story?

I did. And therein lies a problem. 633 more words


W5 - Life of a writer series

I’m feeling a little blue this evening, processing the loss of Sir Terry Wogan. It’s incredible how someone you haven’t met, can still be part of your life. 1,025 more words

General Lifestyle Posts (hopefully Will Make You Smile!)

First Monday: February 2016

I am cold. As I’m writing this, it’s late Sunday afternoon, and the BF just started the fire (we use a wood stove to heat the house. 617 more words

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