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I published my first novel innocently, by which I mean I wasn’t fully aware of most rules surrounding fiction writing, as expounded by editorial and marketing experts.

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The Fire In Fiction

As I start to write a new novel, I ask myself: Who is at the center of my novel? Is he/she a hero, or a villain? 245 more words

Creative Writing

The Writing Circle • WRITING PROGRESS

The Writing Circle is very important to me in terms of writing progress, but it’s something of a curse that has followed me around since I first started writing when I was 11. 516 more words

Novel Writing

Nice people write lousy fiction

I suppose that better fiction comes from people who are messier, who don’t mind wading into a scene where there’s conflict.

Because that’s what messes up my plotting. 377 more words

How To Write A Book

That Darn Back Blurb

So you’ve written nearly 100,000 words. You’ve revised the manuscript 100 times. You’ve had 20 people read for you, then you revised it 50 more times. 178 more words

On Writing

How Long Did it Take to Write the World’s Most Famous Books?

Let’s be honest, Lord of the Rings did feel like it took 16 years to write, but I was surprised Stephanie Meyer took a whole 3 months to write… 6 more words

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