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How to Format a Book Manuscript for Submission to Editors

If you’re planning to submit your novel to a literary agent or an editor at a publishing house, it should be in as meticulous a condition as… 1,180 more words

How To Write A Novel

Writing Fantasy - World Mapping

Mapping Your Fantasy World

When we write fantasy stories we need to decide where the story takes place. This is called ‘mapping’ and can be an artistic rendering of the world where your story lives, or it can be a topography of the terrain drawn like an actual map with all the hills, valleys, rivers, roads and towns. 608 more words

New Authors

How to write a novel...

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Sorry, folks, but I’m not giving you the answer. I am, however, curious about books that tell you how to/help you write a book/story/novel. 1,113 more words

Research can take you there!

There are so many touchstones that I come across in my research. Small poems, articles, images or videos that connect me to my story.

In the spirit of my promise to not make my every blog post lengthy, I want to share more of these poignant and emotive links to a past that somehow I am irrevocably joined to – if not through story, some unexplained connection. 227 more words

Writing Inspiration

Sometimes you just have to slog on through...

I imagine most people have heard the quote, “The best way out is always through.” I don’t know how many people agree with it, but it’s true for me as I muddle with decisions over renovation materials. 648 more words