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Elastic and Eulogies

I just took down my review of Bleeding Violet, because I think it was something I shouldn’t have published to begin with. It was messy, it was probably offensive, and given the specific issues with that book – much as I really do adore it in many ways – offense is the last thing I want to cause. 1,576 more words


The Evolution of The Cogsmith’s Daughter: From First Draft to Final Product

Join me in warmly welcoming Kate M. Colby, a talented author whose first book, The Cogsmith’s Daughter,  will be available this Thursday. I’m very excited to be part of her book launch blog tour. 1,134 more words

Writing is a Dream Job. Or is it?

If asked, many people say that writing full time is their dream job. Who wouldn’t want to be able to live off their writing? However, for the vast majority of people, making enough money from their writing, or making any money from their writing, isn’t going to happen. 535 more words


Three new releases, and other awesome things

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with you three new releases of mine!

The first one will be of interest to the people who have been following this post for the advice I give in it, and have been prompting me to gather it all up in one place. 319 more words

Writing A Novel

Fun with Rejection

Is there really anything fun about rejection? ummm, nope. But if you’re a writer pursuing publication, rejection is going to get as familiar as a dog is with its own butt. 92 more words


The Best Writing Advice Anyone’s Ever Given Me

So I got this idea from the Confessions Of A Writer Tag I did last week. The tag was created by my dear friend and fellow blogger, … 619 more words


Foreshadowing - Part One

Foreshadowing is an indication, a sign, or a warning of what is coming in the future. It is an author’s way of introducing a later event in a story that might otherwise appear to have popped up out of nowhere. 1,177 more words