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Written and Photographic Snapshots

During my blogging absence over the past month I’ve taken an uncountable number of snapshots — hundreds of them — with my camera and iPhone. 521 more words


Hard At Work

Upon my arrival home from work I began the hard work of writing my novel and creating a few ideas for a superhero webcomic but as I engaged in these super difficult hobbies/interests I made the time for a little larking about taking photos of my idiot self. 755 more words

Comic Books

Roller coaster month.

What an up-and-down few weeks it’s been. A chronological-ish list of recent things:

—— I bought an AlphaSmart to help me with more focused drafting. It is my new favorite thing and I’ve named it Lyra: 915 more words


Writers: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Fellow writers are some of our worst enemies.

I remember way back when I decided I was going to stop writing Watership Down fanfiction… 1,072 more words

WEP: Gardens - A Flower Bed of Characters


Denise and Yolanda:  Welcome to Write…Edit…Publish (WEP), the home of the permanent bloghop. You are welcome to submit any of the following – flash fiction, poetry, non-fiction or playscripts to a designated word count– artwork and photographs welcome. 487 more words

Writing A Novel


Before I skewer my unsuspecting target with my sooper dooper LASERBEAM of DOOM, I need to get something off my chest. It concerns Crazyman, aka Donald Trump, who was actually the original focus of this post. 880 more words

9 Out of 10 Wannabes-Won't Be

When I first decided to write my novel, I was so excited. My thought was how hard can it be?  I had a great idea, all I had to do was get it down on paper. 418 more words