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My Journey Writing a Novel: Part 2

We’re all writers here, in some form or another. And, I’m sure, many of us aspire to be novelists. I see a lot of advice on the internet, a lot of what-to-do and what- 519 more words


A different kind of a year.

So my number of external publications is slowing. Down to a few factors.

First: I’m focusing on novels, so I’ll be writing fewer short stories and novellas. 225 more words


Finished The Book, Now Begins The Rest Of The Adventure

A story I’ve been working on for the last 5 years now came to a close last week. I finished it. I wrote it all down, got all the characters straight, got the story I wanted written done. 537 more words


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In her recent post, Leslie Hodgins conveys the spectrum of feelings associated with finishing a novel for the first time, and the scary step of putting something so close to the heart out into the world: "Getting others to read it, judge it, and seeing it on a shelf with my name on it, that’s scary."

5 pointers on writing a love story

Even if it’s a subplot or the main deal knowing how to pull on the heartstrings of your readers is exactly what you need to do in creating a relationship for readers to care about and care where these characters end up taking their life, together or apart.   672 more words


Why Having an Idea Isn't the Same as Actually Writing the Story

As a maths student, I go through months where I have a lot of work to do and very little time for actual writing. Whenever I do take some time off, it is always amidst nagging thoughts of “I still don’t know every detail there is to know about Functional Analysis and probably never will”, “There are about 50 unread emails that I have to reply to but I’m too scared to open them because one of them will tell me whether I got that internship or not” and “I shouldn’t be doing this, I should at least be tidying my room but I don’t know where to start”. 278 more words


Writing Prompt - Character Development

While I was feeling very uninspired to write a blog post (the couch and netflix sounding much more interesting), I remembered I’d downloaded a sweet little ebook filled with writing prompts that help in moving my novel along. 392 more words

The motivation for your writing!

There are a billion things I could do to  ‘take a break’ before writing. I eat, I cook, I listen to music, watch old youtube videos and refresh facebook for the millionth time that day! 669 more words