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You Are a Writer and You Are Powerful

It’s a common enough occurrence. You’ve spent the day at work, an hour in the car, thirty minutes in the shower, daydreaming about all the shocking plot twists, scintillating dialogue, and sweeping descriptions you’re going to write once you finally sit down in front of the laptop. 386 more words

Writing Advice

Monday Makeover 9/26/2016

Today, I wanted to get through a scene with several knots.

I needed to get Gilda and Wilgnu free from their leashes so they can do magic. 633 more words

Not Writing Advice - A Writer's Advice on Writing

I guess I should get this out of the way first since this is the first post in the series…What the hell is this series? 639 more words


Does your protagonist behave sensibly?

When writing a novel one of the first things we do as an author is think up a main character and imbue this character with certain traits. 917 more words

What to do?

I love a good dilemma. The moment in a story when a character must choose between two impossible choices. It is in that when I really dig in. 897 more words


Your Guide to Creating, Collecting and Showcasing Online Writing Samples

The first step to establishing yourself as any kind of writer is to write and, hopefully, publish something. Whether you know it or not, the next step, after you’ve been published, should be to create a portfolio to “show off” your work. 1,229 more words

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The Books that Taught Me the Most About: Plot

So I started writing a post about the books that have taught me the most as a writer. And I’m not talking about the “How to Write a Novel” books… 608 more words