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There’s a certain feeling you get when you’re supposed to be at home at 2:30, and you end up home at 9:30. If I were a vampire my skin would be burnt to a pile of ashes that would scatter in the wind, lighting an inferno wherever they may scatter. 148 more words

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Hey, did you know I have a Tumblr?

I made it to point people towards this site, where I’m publicly writing a sci-fi fantasy novel, for free, with commentary on my writing process, writing advice, writing tips, and more. 41 more words

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More Than A Writer

There’s more to life than being a writer. Sounds heretical, blasphemous even. How can someone who blogs about writing and claims to be a writer herself say that? 452 more words

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Easy and Simple Aren't the Same for Motivation

Recently someone asked me how she could motivate herself more. That’s not a rare question. Many people ask themselves how they can be more motivated to lose weight, run faster, eat better, get that job promotion, finish a novel… I’ve asked myself countless times how I can be better motivated. 279 more words


5 Ways to Make The Young Adult Book Community More Inclusive for Teenagers

I’ve been an active member of the Twitter young adult book community for about a year now. And in that year, I’ve noticed something surprising: adults dominate the community. 5,918 more words

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Save Every Word You Write

When I got into art journaling last year, I found myself hungry for new media. I had some craft acrylics leftover from old projects, I had plenty of paper and fabric and yarn, but I wanted more. 353 more words

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Link It And List It!

There is something I’ve been wanting to bring up about writing. It has nothing to do specifically with writing a manuscript, novel or book. But about how chapter stories are posted on blogs. 1,525 more words

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