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How Shifting Perspective Changes Your Life

Do you have a tendency to mind-read? Or jump to conclusions about what a person said or something that happened? Does your mind-chatter have a tendency to go off the deep end sometimes? 154 more words

Stories Behind The Stories

Beyond the Basics: Dialogue and said tags

Though I am wont to disagree with most overly repeated writing advice, I do agree with the concept that ‘said’ is the superior verb for dialogue, and that adverbs (he said regrettably) are a signature of weak writing. 490 more words


Author Interview Series: Behind The Scenes with David J. Delaney

Everyone’s journey to publication is different and unique. In Behind The Scenes, I interview writers who tell us how they started and got to where they are today. 1,116 more words


5 Tips to Writing a Successful First Draft (Even if it Sucks)

To date, I’ve completed 4.5 first drafts. I say 4.5 because I have 4 manuscripts of novels that are at various points of editing and publishing, but I also have a fifth manuscript, a contemporary YA that’s on vacation. 891 more words


Plotting Your Novel in 10 Steps

As everyone who has ever read a story knows, there are three basic stages of a book:

  • a beginning
  • a middle
  • an end.

Yet for those writing the books, plot is a lot trickier than these three simple steps, especially if you look at it as a whole. 1,126 more words


Baring My Writer's Soul - Part 4

In answer to the question in my last post, “Why am I not learning?” I discovered an answer that is not at all surprising: resistance. 360 more words

Writing Toolbox

A Writerly Update 64.

Hey Everyone,

It’s been one wild week here. We had a massive storm on Tuesday that caused trees to fall down, damaging houses and cars, and power lines to come down cutting electricity to something like 100,000 homes, and it flooded. 304 more words