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Writer's Block - What's the Big Deal?

People will tell you writing is work, you must treat writing like a job, no serious writing ever came from treating it as a hobby. Basically, you have to commit. 616 more words


In Fiction, Simplicity is Usually the Best Policy

Throughout this year I’ve seen posts on several websites and blogs telling young writers to change their writing in a number of ways in an effort to improve it. 667 more words



A strict diet of books read and pages written will keep your writing career as healthy as it can get.


Writer Resources 4: Writing Excuses

The podcasts are broken up into episodes, sectioned by seasons (they’re currently on the 11th), with the later seasons focused on a certain area of writing. 66 more words

Worldbuilding Week Day One: Languages

Welcome to the second annual Worldbuilding Week at QSF. We’ll talk about all aspects of building a world for your story, including languages; alien/magical races; history and timelines; culture and politics; sex, marriage and reproduction; and tools and techniques. 49 more words