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Writing Prompts to Keep You Going

I always associated writing prompts with getting started. Used to spark new ideas or stories. What I didn’t realise was that prompts can be used at any stage of the writing process (and at any skill level). 230 more words


Advice for the New Writer

Hello, lovely writers!  I know many of you are time-honored pros – those who have spent years honing their craft and working towards their goals.  But some of you may not be!  1,356 more words


My Character Building Method

Hey guys! I’ve talked about writing specific character types in the past, but I realized that I have never talked about just character building on its own. 644 more words

Make Your Own Luck

Recently I was asked to speak to a group of undergraduate students about my freelancing job as a writer and editor, answering the usual “How did you get your first project?” and “When did you know you wanted to write?” sort of questions. 1,011 more words

Meaningful Living

MondayBlogs: Making it up as I go along

I’m kind of hit or miss with twitter, just as I’m kind of hit or miss here. But sometimes I say things that I feel are a bit profound and might make a good graphic. 787 more words


Vocabulary and Word Choices

The other week at work, I heard an announcement for a Miss Ginger Lee to meet her party at a specified location. I thought about the announcement for a moment, then turned to a co-worker and told him I thought it might be a prank. 827 more words

Writing Techniques: Stuck

What is one of the ultimate nemeses of a writer, and the occasional downfall of their productivity? That’s right; Writer’s Block.

There are writers out there who don’t “believe” in Writer’s Block, and while I understand that perspective, I don’t agree with it. 549 more words