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Writing Dual Narratives

Gone Girl, How to be Both, Instructions for a Heatwave: everyone’s at it – using dual or multiple narratives to interweave two or more stories often from different time periods. 919 more words

Our Endless Numbered Days

Guest Post: Author Eleni Gage's Four Fabulous Tips For Writing About Someone You Know—And Surviving!

You’ve read the title of this guest post and I feel the universal cringe! If one of your fictional characters is inspired by someone in your real life, either a lot or a little, you’re bound to wonder WHAT WILL THEY THINK? 1,215 more words

Women's Fiction

If at first you don't succeed, it's because you didn't write an outline

“I don’t use outlines, I just like to write and let it all flow out,” my 13-year-old cousin said this morning.

We were on the phone brainstorming her essay for a contest and I had to laugh when I heard what she said. 287 more words

Lessons Learned


Emotional Music mixes or dramatic music mixes on youtube are lifesavers! These mixes are made of music that is meant to help you concentrate on whatever task is at hand. 53 more words


Write Right Where You Are

Because my husband and I are always moving, trading one “hometown” for another around the continent, we frequently pick up local newspapers to see what’s happening while we’re in the neighborhood. 610 more words

Writing Advice

The Number One Tool You Need to Write Your Book

Although I know this to be most ardently true (note: isn’t ardently a great word? I only use it because it reminds me of Mr. Darcy. 475 more words

Aspiring Writer

What’s Wrong with Mad Max: Fury Road?

Redemption  noun. –

1. an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed.

This is for you, George Miller. 541 more words