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Imposter! - Making Sense Of, and Combatting, Writer's Doubt

I don’t think I’m good enough – I don’t think I’ll ever be good enough. I feel like I don’t belong, like an imposter. How long until someone realises that I’m not like them? 1,121 more words


HOW DARE I? And also, Finding Your Voice in Writing.


So this is actually two posts in one. The first is kind of me circuitously addressing the topic, HOW DARE I, A NEOPHYTE NOBODY, GIVE WRITING ADVICE ON THE INTERNET? 1,905 more words


Three Disastrous Words You Should Avoid Like Plague

As many of my regular readers know, I’ve been recently working on my novel, “A Love Story?” It has been an exhaustive but satisfying process. For the last eight-ten days, I’ve been extensively editing my novel. 471 more words


A Writer's Guide to Background Characters

It’s easy to rely on stock personalities for background characters. They’re in the background, after all. Who’s going to notice that Guard #5 is the same guard from every other piece of media ever? 405 more words


The Mind of a Sleep Deprived Writer

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog while severely sleep deprived. I’d been working on a huge project for my day job as a medical editor/writer. You wouldn’t think such a job would require 3+ days of no/minimal sleep. 1,047 more words


Writing Tip -- Writing with Senses

Cyle Young’s article on how to write using the sense of smell has a great exercise to practice this type of description.

Writing about smell might be the most difficult sense for me. 452 more words

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