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5 Things I Learned From Writing My First Novel – A Blog Series

My friend Righan asked me to write a blog post sharing “what you wish you’d known” before writing a novel. She recently started writing her first book, and remarked that it feels like “learning how to fly by smoking a joint and swan diving off a cliff” (which is probably the best description of the creative process I’ve ever heard.) 810 more words


Birth and Pregnancy in Literature, Part Two

This Monday, we looked at the general state of pregnancy in literature, and today, I wanted to highlight two examples that I felt did an amazing job of keeping their focus on the pregnant women involved in their narratives. 824 more words


Some of The Best Writing Advice I Have Received

During my writing career I have been fortunate enough to meet, as well as work with some really accomplished journalists, news directors, editors, professors and authors. 175 more words

Teresa Madaleno

On writing for an audience

“Writers are often told not to think about their audience, but I think that advice can be difficult to use. The audience then becomes something vague and amorphous. 850 more words


Tips to Fuel Your Writing (And Your Stamina)! by Mark Magro

I realized a long time ago that I’m a pretty serious pessimist. While most see this trait as a negative one, I like to think it stems from an innate desire to be prepared. 1,739 more words

Write on, Wednesday: Interview with Paula Hawkins of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN

By Leslie Lindsay

When I closed THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (Riverhead Books, January 2015), a nearby freight train rumbled through my Chicago area suburb. It was as if the characters in Paula Hawkins’s debut thriller had surreptitiously made a visit to my living room. 1,030 more words

Leslie Lindsay