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All Natural Romance (How to Write Realistic Relationships)

It is near impossible to put into words the emotional roller coaster that one takes when they fall in or out of love. That passionate connection from one person to another has brought about some of the most captivating poetry and vivid writing of our day. 646 more words


First Lines

I think almost every author will agree with me when I say that first lines can be the hardest thing to write. I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to start a story, known what I wanted to say, and just stared at the empty document because I couldn’t figure out how to begin. 1,271 more words

Books I Suggest On Writing Part

I’m a huge believer that you have to keep reading to be a better writer- and some of those books include books on writing- so today I figured I’d go into a few of the books I love most on writing, marketing, publishing, editing, and everything an author should know! 392 more words


The Letter of the Law

This is one of those Life Lessons that pop up in the course of going about one’s day, which perfectly illustrates a concept you have difficulty explaining to others: 1,237 more words



The greatest thing in the blogging world is not the comment on your most recent post. It is that comment on a forgotten thought that was written so many nights ago it has been buried beneath your blog. 59 more words


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Donkey Dick

We’ll end our mini-series on sex writing with what phrases not to use when writing sex scenes. For more advice, check out this post on how to write a sex scene and words publishers ban writers from using. 528 more words

Editor Joe

Are You Asking the Right Questions About Writing?

What lies beyond the tip of the iceberg?

All writers have been asked this question, been forced to think deeper about the implications of their prose. 1,059 more words

Meg Dowell