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How to Reroute your Story For A New Twist

When I started my novel We the Damned my outline was no longer than a paragraph. All I wanted to know was the premise, the players, and the conflict. 1,408 more words


How to Beat Writer's Block

I¬†remember my second grade teacher… whenever a student would complain about getting writer’s block, he would pretend to pull a Jenga block from their ear and hand it to them. 1,205 more words


7 Tips for Staying Motivated

Yes, it is time for the obligatory writing blog ‘here’s how you stay motivated!’ article. You know how it goes. Floundering, trying to stay motivated when writing is starting to feel like a chore. 775 more words


Technique: Submitting to an Editor

(These are my notes and thoughts in relation to the Writing Excuses podcast Season 1, episodes 12 and 13. I will also disseminate this information to the topical sections of my resource section). 340 more words

Writing Techniques

Channel Your Characters

by Franklin Kendrick

There are a lot of books and articles that talk about the craft of writing good characters, their motivations, how to give them personalities, etc. 693 more words


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I wanted to share this post because my characters have always had music to help me get right inside their heads, and it's a subject that I've seen few writers ever bring up. You can see some of the music that has helped me shape my characters on my website HERE: http://www.stephethornton.com/musical-chairs.html :)