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The Four-Draft Plan

Editing – a writer’s worst nightmare.

Sitting down and reading through the first draft of your manuscript and coming to realise that what you have written, what you previously thought to be a literary masterpiece, is absolute dogshit. 624 more words

Do I Start Another Blog?

Currently, I am writing a non-fiction book about baseball.

Part of me wants to keep all of content here on NotNowImWriting.  That includes research for non-fiction books and pieces of my fiction as well. 128 more words


Larry Correia: It's All About Getting Paid

Those who’ve talked to me about my writing philosophy cop an earful of Larry Correia quotes. Every time.

I think the guy’s awesome. That’s why I linked to… 155 more words

"One Writer's Method of Defeating Writer's Block."

From r/screenwriting, this is solid writing advice that is completely doable. Try it out for yourself.

“Though writer’s block can feel nebulous and indefinite and all-encompassing, 99.9% of the time it is a result of lingering concerns about a specific piece of the storytelling puzzle (character, plot, structure, theme, etc.) 129 more words


Writers - set the controls for the middle of the Sun

There’s no getting around it. No matter how good a plot you come up with for your story or novel, it’ll be dull, dull dull if you don’t wrap it around a character arc. 302 more words


George R.R. Martin on Outlining Before You Write (or Not)

It is Friday, and so it is time for a quote from a famous writer.

There are people on both sides of the outlining approach to writing. 460 more words

On Writing

Bestselling Non-Fiction Author Daniel James Brown Has Done It All Without Rushing

Daniel James Brown is the award winning author of three books of non-fiction including, most recently, The Boys in the Boat, which tells the underdog story of the 1936 American Olympic gold medal rowing crew that claimed victory over a rising Facist party in Berlin. 1,457 more words