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How do I write a novel?

Sometimes, when I tell people that I’ve written a book, they get this “wonder struck” look on their face. (Not all people, mind you. But some.) They say how fantastic it is that I’ve finished a book, and how they’ve always wanted to write a book. 496 more words

Writer's Woes

The Real Meaning of NaNoWriMo

If you’re anything like me you have at least a dozen of unfinished manuscripts wasting away in your drawer or on your computer. All complete with their own world, inhabited by interesting creatures waiting to finally live their story. 349 more words


Tweaking Reality: Should you rename locations in your novel?

Last time we looked at the art of morphing the reality of real locations to suit your story. Sometimes reality gets in the way and it’s easier to make stuff up. 1,071 more words


Is it a Comedy or a Tragedy?

“It’s been an awful year,” I said to my brother Andrew. It was 11:30 on New Year’s Eve 2016, just outside of Seattle, and we were the only ones in the house still up. 1,070 more words


Today while (stalking) researching agents for queries, I read that a certain agency I was (stalking) researching only requests fulls on 1% of their submissions received. 361 more words


Writing 101: Writing Romance

Hello everyone and welcome to part 4 of Writing 101. This part will focus on writing romance. I mostly write romance and mysteries so they will be the two genres I will cover over two parts in Writing 101. 1,352 more words


5 Tips to Get Started Writing!

So you want to write a story- but you have no idea where to start. Here’s five tips to help you out!

**Disclaimer, these tips are just easy guides. 527 more words