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How to Keep Your Dialogue in Check

Being an author sounds like a pretty awesome deal, right? Pick a simple idea, type here, type there, and act like it all happened by magic. 520 more words

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How to Combat Writer’s Envy

If you’re a writer, you’ve all been there one time or another. You’re reading a book in your favorite armchair or preparing to critique your classmate’s piece when you stumble upon something that brings awe to you. 596 more words

Finding the Right Beginning

The first words you write don’t have to be the first words a reader reads. Not all writers write chronologically and even writers who do sometimes have an idea then realise that something needs to go before it. 548 more words


3 mistakes you must avoid when setting your writing goals

You have been told that you need to set writing goals and now you are pumped and can’t wait to start writing. So you pick up your pen and paper (or journal), and write away. 263 more words

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Say, Bob, Did You See That, Bob?

Welcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings! 

Did you ever read a book where the characters call each other by name in nearly every sentence? Yeah. Me, too. 531 more words

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Silly Sunday: I Totally Sort My Characters! (Wanna Join Me?)

Hey, guys! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday! Today is going to be a writerly silly post because I want it to be.

A lot of writers use MBTI tests to figure out their characters. 483 more words

On Reading Through the First Draft for the First Time

There’s this segment from an Ira Glass interview where he speaks about how creative types (and I’ll focus specifically on writers for this part because this is what I know) will get to a point in their creating where their taste for art of their medium is more refined and much more advanced than their skill level and capacity for creating that type of art is. 748 more words