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I've changed as a writer.

I started this blog when I was yet to finish the first draft of my book. The first draft that had been waiting, forgotten and imperfect, in my documents for years. 529 more words

Take charge already!

People need to do stupid things for exciting things to happen. Sometimes that stupid thing is overlooking the obvious and falling for deceit. Sometimes it can be as simple as making the wrong call or judgement. 927 more words


This Is Horror Episode 120...With Outtakes!

This is the second  part of the two part interview with This Is Horror. We discussed Gamut, rejections, and fairytales. Also, exploding Coke Zero bottles, selling organs on the black market, and about ten minutes of outtakes.  104 more words


I'm So Evil Because...

As with your protagonist your antagonist needs some serious motivators beyond, ‘I’m evil and I want to rule the world’. A convincing protagonist should have more motivation than ‘I’m good and I want to save the world’, for some reason I imagine them skipping through the field throwing petals from a basket. 413 more words


35 Questions to Ask When Critiquing a Novel

Are you beginning the editing stage of your novel? Did someone ask you to critique their novel or are you asking someone else to critique yours? 480 more words

Creative Writing

A Quick Note On The Vulgar Subject of Money

I’m British, and I was brought up to belive that it’s not polite to talk about money. But I will make this quick point, in response to a company that popped up this morning on my Twitter feed. 311 more words

Writing Advice

Resources & Links for Writers

Welcome to the resources page for writers where you’ll find links to advice, articles and inspiration to help you write and publish your work. These are some of the sites I’ve found most useful… … 525 more words