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How Important is a Platform for Writers?

One question I see come up a lot is: Do I really need a platform to sell a book?

Okay, so first let’s talk about what a platform is. 499 more words

Writing Advice

Literary Agents

  • Use word counts instead of page counts when saying how long your work is. Page counts can change depending on font, font size, and other factors, so your word count gives agents a much better picture.
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Writing Advice

Writing Tips Posts Coming Soon

So I’m a couple months late delivering, but the lessons I learned from the writing convention in May are finally going to be posted! They’ll be under the new category “Writing Advice”, as will be any other tips and tricks I pick up. 23 more words


Writing is a Composition Book, Not a Leather Bound Journal

Just finished listening to an interesting Dear Sugar podcast about artistic dreams.  A listener who calls herself Career Purgatory writes of a common dilemma: should she quit her soul-sucking day job to be a “real” writer or find time to write in her life right now? 518 more words


What To Do When You Have Writing Schizophrenia

I finished the (hopefully near final) draft of my second novel last week, and an interesting thing has been happening to me since then… 535 more words


The Challenge

Being a writer is hard. It’s hard to come up with ideas-either for novels or a history papers-hard to stick with your writing if you are working on that novel, and once you get that far, it’s hard to get published. 670 more words