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My New Year Starts Now

I tend to look at my writing goals by quarters. Also I look at the writing year kind of like a fiscal year in business. My year starts in October, for NaNoWriMo preparation. 290 more words


How Write With A Newborn

  1. Ink up. Babies are not naturally inky. Most of what they produce is clear or milky and not conducive to writing on paper. That which is of colour is not recommended.
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Writing Advice

Anti-Intellectualism and The Case AGAINST Mediocrity

In one of my previous entries I wrote about how mediocrity can be inspiring– in the sense that it can fill you with the confidence to at least match the quality. 907 more words


Surviving the Dreaded Elevator Pitch

I posted this meme about how writers eloquently arrange words on the page, but when faced with the question, “What is your book about?” we turn into bumbling fools. 649 more words

Writing Advice

Advice to My 22-Year-Old Self as a 22-Year-Old

There’s a calendar on my desk that I never use. Well, that’s not completely true–there’s a calendar on my desk that I never use anymore. January was great. 509 more words


Three Tips to Spice up that Fight Scene

I would be hard-pressed to say that creating a fight scene is one of the most effective ways to convey a conflict in a story. It is far too easy to dismiss combat scenes as being the most direct form of increasing tension in your tale, but I find this to be far from the truth. 1,434 more words



Since Ariel is the closest thing I have in my photo library to a penguin (if you read the article you’ll know what I’m talking about), she will do nicely. 425 more words