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What Makes Writing Great?

Writing: Hard Work Isn’t Everything

Well, it’s a good question.

I’m not talking about proficient writing. Proficient writing can be accomplished easily–well-defined characters, a working plot, scenery described as much as it needs to be, a satisfying denouement. 1,134 more words


Weekly Quote #10

“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” (Saul Bellow)

This week’s quote I found over on… 150 more words

Aspiring Writer

Lose the Writing Filter

Humans worry too much about how they are viewed by others. This leads many writers to censor the genuine thoughts that run through their minds. The world is so wrapped up in political correctness (a.k.a. 697 more words

Writing Advice

A Creative Writing Degree: To do or not to do?

Many of the most exceptional writers have not been educated at degree level or its equivalent (Ray Bradbury, Maya Angelou and H. G. Wells are a few examples), and… 599 more words


Concrete Words Exercise

The following is an exercise whereby I chose an abstract word (for instance, the first line is for the word “beauty”) and created a concrete image. 92 more words


The Hard Questions

I was recently asked two questions. I wanted to address them here, because I often see these questions answered by authors, and it always interests me. 282 more words

Lisa Morrow

Project Laughter 02/09/2015

I had fun with the writing this morning. It was a surprise what happened but it moved things along.
I’m always learning in the moment. Away from the page I think about the craft and how it applies to me. 60 more words