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10/12 A diary (Of sorts)

I want to be as happy as the blackbird catching raindrops on my lawn, the only bird to brave the storm, jumping through the unkempt grass, finding joy in the simplest of things. 268 more words

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Simmering Goodness - nothing to do with cooking

Shortly after I registered the domain simmeringgoodness.com, a soliciting email arrived, persuading me to use his “reusable codes” to promote my “cooking website”.

Having worked in technology (with a MSc) since 1992, that was HILARIOUS. 188 more words

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Talk to them

Surprised feelings, good or bad, it won’t help yout, ever. You’ll be wondering after years what if you had just told them, what if I had talked it all out when it bothered me, it wouldnt have came out all at once like tsunami and things might have been still be good between us. 25 more words


You never know what's right around the corner...

Do the right thing. That’s my best recommendation. At the same token, don’t expect others to respond in kind. It’s just not how the world works. 285 more words

Betrayal in Utah---a Sad Poem

Bears Ears—Listening in Pain

Sacred are the lands once protected
by more honorable men…
betrayal stings by smiling lies

Navaho gods are weeping,
for the fork-tongued leader…

66 more words
This And That

Old Habits

It’s that time of year again

You hang round like a cloud

I start to count the months

Since I saw you around

I know its troubled time of year for us… 108 more words

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Is there a Sexual Harassment Witch-hunt or is enough finally enough?

Note: This is my opinion and just a random thought.

Everyone feared that after Trump won it would be nothing but disaster. It’s not been good at all. 372 more words

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