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Tragedy: The Reason to get out and vote

You don’t forget tragedy. In fact when tragedy strikes you find reminders of it all around. Sometimes when you think you’ve forgotten something happens, someone says something, and you remember all over again. 881 more words

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Internet, Social Media, and Relationships …..

Before internet you communicated with you friends and family in person or by the telephone. Even before that you would write them letters and hang out together. 388 more words

Writing And Blogging

Phantom--On the Occasion that You Catch a Whiff

Dear Lily June,

As we near October, please tell me, daughter–when will I stop smelling phantom poos in your very empty diaper?

Love, Your Haunted Nostril Mother… 33 more words

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what's on my mind #3

This year has been i dont know. I can’t even explain how these things go. It’s been a weird, crazy and a year full of ups and downs. 125 more words

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Felinian Chronicles Part 1: The Hunt

Her senses were heightened as she stalked eastward across the great wall. The Felinian was acutely aware of the recent proclamation by the dark emperor regarding the Porcellians. 1,095 more words

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An Artist's Soul

“Your eye sketches are mesmerizing. Why are you fond of drawing these?” He asked, utterly curious.

She didn’t answer. She just smiled—one that didn’t reach her eyes—and he suddenly found the answer to his own question.

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Impressioning perceptions

A really vivid memory struck me this morning.I remember being in 6th grade and had started reading history for the first time. For the very first time I heard about Kalidas’s Shakuntala. 296 more words

Writing And Blogging