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Hey Gals!

How’s your Day? I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday!… So, here is my new blog 😁 This about CHIARA FERRAGNI, my TWIN SISTER… 117 more words


When I die

Good morning to you, my network here is horrible so I’m just hoping this post will be uploaded. Now don’t get my title wrong, I’m not suicidal but I can’t help it. 398 more words

Writing And Blogging

A letter to the one who pretended loving her

When I agreed to your decision of saying goodbye but none of us left I still thought of myself as yours and you as mine. 209 more words

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Birthday Cake

So it’s my birthday. A quarter of a century, oh how time flies. I don’t mean to be a sourpuss but now that I think about it my favorite thing about birthdays is the cake. 114 more words

Writing And Blogging

Something intense

I must seem like the biggest doom bunny right? But I write about what I feel and what I think about when I have space to hear my own thoughts. 447 more words

Writing And Blogging

24th November 2015

Hi! Days have passed since your 21st birthday.

Too bad I wasn’t able to at least make you feel that I remembered you on your special day. 184 more words


She wore no clothes

I like to think of myself as very outspoken, but there are injustices my tongue trips over and my mind fails to comprehend. Some guys when offering excuses for sexually abusing ladies use the excuse of the “indecent clothing” the lady was wearing. 177 more words

Writing And Blogging