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Para mi.

Para mi el amor ha sido nada mas que una preocupación, una que ha hecho mis días un poco mas tristes, no mucho, pero lo suficiente para hacer que un día soleado se convierta en una tarde llena de recuerdos grises, no quiero parecer una víctima o un personas cliché de novela, tal vez soy el antagonista en mi propia historia de “amor”. 67 more words


Desert me

I don’t see or hear from you anymore, I don’t know what to think. I suffer from extreme confusion, my questions are wandering without answers. 27 more words



Once in a while i feel so empty, like a ray is missing from lightt. Or maybe a sugar free cake. That just won’t do justice to the desert. 27 more words


Monday Smiles - 4/20/2015

This post has been buzzing in my head for a week or so, and today, it is determined to get onto the page.  If this wasn’t a Monday, the post would be titled, Art for Art’s Sake, not a very original title.  375 more words

Feeling Older


Mommy i want
Mommy i need
Mommy i hope
Mommy i bleed

Mommy i hurt
Mommy i care
Mommy i cry
Mommy be there

Mommy where are you… 58 more words

Fiction And Poetry

It was ever thus and thus will always be~

What a beautiful movie! This quote from The Dead Poets Society made my day. <3