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Being happy

I sit down in front of this piece of paper, pen in hand, the calm wind through my hair and deep feeling of restlessness in my heart. 544 more words


Time change still confusing! 

This is either pretty standard or just me, but today has just flown by… and so did yesterday…. and the day before! I think it’s the clocks going forward, it’s usually always pretty disoreintating for a week. 41 more words

Musings & Personal


The continual grief in my heart is undeniable.

Undeniable. Yes. But not unbearable. Thanks to my Master Potter who always take hold of me. Molding me into something — whether for honor or dishonor. 206 more words

Simple lessons

You ever have one of those days when you don’t want to tackle something whether it be a task to complete or even a conversation. 302 more words

TV Interview Analysis

So last week we had David Cameron and Ed Miliband taking turns to be grilled by both Jeremy Paxman and a studio audience and I thought I would give my general thoughts on their performances before the seven-way debate in a few days. 734 more words

David Cameron

High street connection! 

Have you ever noticed when a high street shop closes, it is only ever replaced the same things? It’ll either be a charity shop, a betting shop, a bakery or a pawn shop, I.e. 68 more words

Musings & Personal

Getting back into shape

Spending two whole months romancing voluminous and unattractive books, I’ve had little time to move around.
By that I mean I haven’t moved. As in, not the working out move but the getting up to pee move. 143 more words