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Let it go, love

Let it go

I promise you

You are not alone

Little closer now

Little more

we’re closer to home now

Then we were before

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Times, They Change

I am reading an old copy of Graham Greene’s “Getting to Know the General.”¬† Unlike most of Greene’s work as a storyteller, this is a biography about a certain Osmar Torrijos, a Panamanian leader during the time of negotiating the ownership of the Panama Canal with the United States. 432 more words



Dear you

Yesterday was horrible, It was devastating and I don’t know how I lived through it but I did. I’ve never been good with crying, you know this better than anyone, a lifetime of a friendship and you can probably count the times you’ve seen me cry on one hand, with fingers to spare. 1,080 more words

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New me

New year new me

Two best friends down

Fucking hope I don’t make it three

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Rules for Disguise

I am fine
Don’t worry
Want to sleep
To just be here is good
Live happily
Sorry for troubling you
Love you so much
You are strong

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The Kalaghoda Art Festival

It’s that time of the year when the annual Kalaghoda Art festival hits the city of Mumbai. One of the most loved and most awaited festivals Kalaghoda is one you should definitely visit . 127 more words

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