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Endless chatter can be good...

The thought occurs often, as my fingers move on to the right keys and begin a new post—“hello?  Is anyone there?”    The latest of writings (should it be “typings?) might be about anything.  400 more words

This And That


Spiralling and spinning
With a smile
And wonderment
Is this what it feels like?
To fall this way
So quickly and in an epic fashion… 147 more words


She Who Writes

She who writes
About anything,
Almost everything,
That fascinates
Her senses—
Wonders how it would feel
To be a muse
Of someone else’s
Poetic piece. … 147 more words


Finally! Some good news for pizza lovers...in New Zealand

yes indeed….looking over the Washington Post offering this morning, there is actually some good news.   Alas, though…not for me here in Ohio, but if ya live in New Zealand—go for it!   271 more words

This And That

Learn To Get Along And Mingle Witout Getting Messed Up

“Sometimes people don’t get me, I just don’t get along and it happens so often sometimes I feel guilty about it. For example, sometime ago I was with family members at a birthday party and we were having a conversation about football, the conversation got heated and it dragged to a point it was hardly a conversation anymore, we could barely hear each other over our voices, even though I wanted my opinion heard, I would love to learn from the other person’s point of view because football is a game of statistics and numbers not opinions” Sometimes, this happens at schools, in the offices, at the market, driving on the road, having an innocent conversation gone wrong, it could be anywhere. 367 more words

Writing And Blogging

Fairy Ring

After the Rain….before the grass turned green again.       We call this growth of mushrooms a Fairy Ring.     This is a half-ring, with other parts in the semi-circle. 38 more words

This And That


Little one, I come to this place again

Where vines crawl like snakes to wrap themselves

Around the stone in which your name was carved… 97 more words