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Painted Teal

As I sit here on a Saturday morning at 6:45am, I decided to go through my Ovarian Cancer files. I forgot how much of it I share during last September.  205 more words

Writing And Blogging

All I want to be,

all of it; is on the other side of the field of dreams from me. It is where gumption and guts live.

And each day is the stretching task of willing myself to being the person I believe I am meant to be… each hour and each moment, paddling to where I should stand… !

Stats are down, and I don't care… I do care! 

I care quite a lot, actually.

I remember a time, about four months ago, when I had a cult following who loved it when I used to talk random bollocks about energy drinks instead of breakfast, the sun, the rain, Coke, Pepsi and not being able to sleep at night. 156 more words

Musings & Personal

Whatever,Whoever, Wherever,Whenever

The experience of being able to do whatever,whoever, whenever and wherever you want is extremely exasperating but the best addictive adrenalin rush that one has to do every now and then. 230 more words



Dear destiny,
I have wings, i can fly;
I have dreams, they’re caged inside.

Dear destiny,
I have roads to walk and hills to climb; 191 more words


Under the dead skies of the frozen night,
within straws and mud, clothed in dirt we reside;
We are breathing.
An endless war begins as the sun rises, 125 more words


These masks that we wear;
those feelings we choose not to share.
Those thoughts we keep concealed;
those droplets of tears,
we choose to burry underneath. 127 more words