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Letting Go

“I tried my best.. To not contact you.. But.. I just..”
He opened that chamber of my heart, the one that I had locked and kept away. 774 more words


Decision Paralysis

No, no. This is not a corporate jargon article. I’m talking about real life here.

Have you ever had to do two things at a time, and couldn’t decide which to do? 422 more words


Day 20 of Writing 101: What the Future holds

None of us know for sure what the future holds. We make guesses to shape the best possible approximations of what we think our future will be.  767 more words


Dear Time, where do you fly?

It’s been a while since I’ve even opened my blog! Life has been so crammed up lately, and it feels as if my time has become non-existent. 322 more words


5 Cardinal sins you SHOULD avoid!

I’m going through a round of presentations in my class these past few weeks, and it’s got me thinking on how to make the best use of the time that’s given to you on a stage. 388 more words

Food For Thought

Give And Take

Do you ever get that feeling that maybe you’re just not good enough, that despite putting in the effort with other people they just don’t care, that you can be the best person possible to them and give them support and guidance where you can but when it comes to your own life they just don’t seem care. 716 more words