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It’s said it was released on black friday
same struggle storyline unscripted
no premise or illustrated narrative
just one lead whose his own ensamble
supporting actors fail the read through… 78 more words

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To the best mom.

“Wag ka ng umiyak, tanggapin mo na. Malulungkot siya kapag ganyan ka”.
People always remind me to stop crying or that I don’t need to wake up from this nightmare I’m into because this is the reality, i have to accept things and be fine. 454 more words

Writing And Blogging

A little more courage

Mists have descended on the hills, blanketing my garden and refusing to leave. Autumn leaves are scattered and still, as if they weren’t expecting winter to come and turn them white. 574 more words

Writing & Blogging

Build a home in your memory

Did it make sense

When I fell apart

The last time

Never unwound my heart

From the last one

So I’ll live in the past… 141 more words

Writing & Blogging


Darkness erupts, a world sent to the place without lights. This blackout as night descends bringing out the things we’ve tried to hide. Secrets hidden deep begin to fester. 566 more words


Nakhane Toure - Blackened and Bruised

“I never thought I would find what I found in you

Amongst the roaring crowd, you saw me too

And now I know I love what they hated in you… 16 more words

Writing And Blogging