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There’s piece of my heart now taken by a man. He has a part of mine too and for the longest time I had waited for him. 782 more words



We never got to talk

We never got the chance to acknowledge what we had

I never got to say I love you

I was never brave enough to look you in the eye… 72 more words

Writing And Blogging


Looking around

I wish for my soul to be found

Lost in an unhappy place

Depression is all I face

Regardless of the attention I get… 32 more words

Writing And Blogging

What does it mean to be a Croydon Community Leader..

Welcome all, to my blog if you haven’t visited before😊

I wanted to give everyone a little insight into an Initiative that Monique and I are launching in a few weeks. 255 more words

Writing And Blogging

Words of Honesty ! 

The truth in you remains radiant as the love of oneself , whether people believe or not .. That’s none of your business until & unless you’re not doing well !

Writing And Blogging

EU Mission to Mars; no thanks

The EU has many urgent needs. A mission to Mars is not one of them. Greece may need another bailout. The EU is trying to form an army. 256 more words

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Here is an interesting post by Calers, one of my favorite bloggers...who always manages to stretch my imagination. Like Kermit the Frog, I subscribe to the like of Dreamers and Lovers and all of the many songs about rainbows and the sheer joy of speculation and imagination that is an innate part of our Human Intelligence. Or as my late husband once suggested: maybe I am just "nuts."  

Nursery Rhyme commentary

Remember the Maiden All Forlorn?
Who kissed the cow with the crumpled horn?
Ever wonder what was her problem?

Was it the Man All Tattered and Torn? 122 more words

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