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When is it okay to call yourself a writer?

You hear authors say “I’ve been writing all my life” or “I’ve been writing since I was a little kid.” But for many of us I think the moment we actually label ourselves a “writer” can represent a significant step in this journey we’re on. 536 more words

Writing And Life

2015 in Review: Six Word Memoir

We rang in 2015 in Deming.

Grandma China’s been gone eleven years.

We thought it was only ten.

Went ahead with the commemoration anyway.

K. cut three years of hair. 955 more words

Writing And Life

Life's Gravy

Somewhere between drafting, revising, submitting and waiting, a book was created. I mean an actual, bound book with a cover and a title. And a name. 457 more words


Balancing Writing and Life: A Break-Down of Priorities


I’ve had to come to a sad realization lately. Namely, that I can’t write full-time, work full-time, and still take care of my body. It sucks and I’ve been fighting it for the past…3 months? 801 more words


What I Learned Releasing Eight Books In One Year

The Challenge

In late December 2014, I had a thought, seeing I had written seven books this particular year, that I should try to release eight books in 2015. 821 more words

Some Memories of My Yesterdays

I have written just a few memories here in the form of an acrostic, using the above title. They are from my first thirteen years, and are limited by the letters I had available to me. 343 more words