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Necessary shitness

The first draft of anything is shit. Everyone knows that. But how far does that shitness extend? Is it just the first draft of a script? 517 more words

My Way


I have decided to take the plunge this year and try my hand at this phenomena called Nanowrimo. While the intent is to write an entire novel in a month, I do not share that objective. 98 more words


Hembras de Pluma

“When I grow up, I want to be a stepmom,” said no one. Ever.

And so begins “Mother Lode,” the short play I wrote and am directing for this year’s… 428 more words

Writing And Life


Now that I have started writing again, I am starting to view movies differently that I use to. After all, a lot of talented writers create the words behind these visual and audio masterpieces. 217 more words


Books Waiting for Titles. Titles Waiting for Books.

I’m thinking about titles this week because I just got word that the title of one of my books is going to be changed. I know that happens but it hadn’t yet happened to me. 297 more words

Writing And Life

The Emotional Response

I’ve been trying to find my way through an early draft of a new piece and have been reminded why going deep into character is so difficult, and so necessary. 326 more words

Writing And Life

Quit the Chicken Job, You Must

When I was 16 I got my first job with my first real paycheck, working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I only lasted for five months. It wasn’t the low pay or the terrible hours that drove me to quit, or even the fact that I came home every night smelling like poultry. 543 more words

Writing And Life