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Time to grieve

This is a post for producers and directors, or any note-givers really. It’s about how writers receive notes.

Or maybe it isn’t? Maybe it’s just about how I receive notes? 884 more words

My Way

On Not Being Creative

I think a lot of writers are inherently self-deprecating people. I’ve followed enough writers on social media to see the tweets and posts on how they are not writing enough because they are too busy, too tired, or too lazy. 898 more words


Writing, Twizzlers, and the Music

I write. I revise. I eat Twizzlers. I write some more. Recently, I realized there’s another thing I do when I’m in the writing zone, I listen and sing poorly to songs that inspire me. 513 more words


Love Batteries

I think we can all agree that as writers, we stress out a lot. The pressure to find an agent, the pressure to write a stellar manuscript, the pressure to have an editor buy that manuscript then turn it into a book that becomes an instant bestseller can make even the most stable and sane author crack. 581 more words

Writing And Life

I Just Want to Write

I’ve been writing since I was little. It’s the only thing I ever found that I could do all day everyday and still think it was fun. 670 more words

Writing And Life


For anybody who’s working and alive, work-life balance is something that will require some thought. Since we’re mostly writers here, writing is the work I’m imagining on one side of the fulcrum. 446 more words

Practical Obsession

I am sure I am not alone when I say I love office supplies. Post-Its, pens, Sharpies, folders — I love them all. But my favorite thing of all are notebooks. 548 more words

Writing And Life