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The joys of writing older women

EDITED TO ADD – I can’t believe I forgot about Plissa, the heroine of Protecting Her Heart, the third book in my science fiction romance series. 520 more words

Contemporary Romance

Where has the Time Gone?

The thing about being a writer who also has a full-time job, is that there’s not much time left for blog posts. Sadly there’s also little time for marketing or advertising or schmoozing. 623 more words

Writing And Life

The things you do for research

One of the truly great things about being a writer is the stuff you get to do for research. Some of it is research as you might imagine it – looking things up. 833 more words

Writing And Life

Letting life get in the way

When I teach the Year of the Novel course, the first part of the course deals with establishing a writing routine. This routine needs to be something that works for you and your family and your life, but that also gives you the time you need to achieve what you want to achieve within a reasonable time frame. 560 more words

Writing And Life

Getting back in the swing

I’ve started working on getting fit again. Since Christmas, I’ve tried to do something active every day. I’ve been using apps and a FitBit to create baselines of activity so I know what slovenly actually is and what being active is. 432 more words

Writing And Life



By Ruth Knox

First, since this is a new year and all, let’s clear one thing up. I may be passionate about books, and a good deal of my life might be spent in them, but I am not a worm. 2,066 more words

Life After 50