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Public grief

Towards the end of the last Millennium I was a young whipper snapper who’d just started a job. A proper job, mind you. One where you actually had to do things and interact with people, none of this hide-in-my-room-with-my-imaginary-friends nonsense. 1,193 more words

Random Witterings


I love words. Going deeper, I love the way words are created, and how they are represented on paper or on the screen by a series of little squiggles. 550 more words


Isn't it Crazy How Life Turns Out?

I am in awe of the world that I’ve been able to create with the people I love. Most recently, we added Miss Ripley Gayle to the clan, and my lord how quickly I’d forgotten what a newborn in the house entails. 70 more words

Writing And Life


I have been an emu now for almost three years. (This comment would need considerable clarification if made in any other venue.) So I’ve had plenty of time to say the things I wanted to say about this space in the publishing journey between contract and actual published book. 518 more words

Writing And Life

Writing for Charity: Refugee Benefit Auction

The kidlit community is incredibly talented and endlessly generous, and when those two forces come together, remarkable things happen. In 2012, authors, agents, and editors donated to KidLit Cares (led by Kate Messner and Joanne Levy) and  374 more words

The Half a Cow Rule

At the Burbank Writers Coffeehouse this afternoon, Peter Clines was discussing the differences between suspense, mystery, and a twist ending.

I’ll touch on those in another blog someday, but wanted to relay a story to illustrate the importance of a payoff after pages and pages of mystery or suspense. 478 more words

Writing And Life

Loving Your Literary Litter

Here’s the truth of it: The manuscript you first write may not be the exact same manuscript that convinces an agent to represent you. The “I-got-an-agent” manuscript may not be precisely the same manuscript that the two of you sell to a publisher. 548 more words