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The Writing Life: Real-Life Antagonist

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with an… 547 more words

The Writing Life

How Important is Your Antagonist?

What makes a gripping story? The main character? The setting? The plot? Minor characters? Unique events? The quality of writing?

All of the above? Sure, I’d take that answer. 1,084 more words


Academy of Villainy: 6 Things It IS Okay For Your Antagonist To Do

A couple of weeks ago I posted 7 Things Your Antagonist Should Never Do, and while thinking and researching for that article I also realized that there’s a long list of things that your antagonist CAN do, cliche or not, under certain circumstances. 360 more words

Writing Posts

Getting to know the villain of the piece--and Sunday #ROW80 check-in

I’m currently reading Donald Maass’ “The Fire in Fiction,” and one of the writing pitfalls he mentions is the stereotypical, cardboard cut-out bad guy or femme fatale. 607 more words

Denise D. Young

Know Your Villain Like Yourself

The other day, I saw a post in a writer’s forum. The writer wanted to know what the allure of villains was. She said she didn’t particularly like any villains, let alone the one she herself was writing. 257 more words

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 25

I’ve signed up for an online graduate humanities class as an elective for my history degree program. The class is pretty small, which means there will be no getting away from discussing philosophy — and its cousin — politics, with each other. 655 more words

Thursday Writing Prompt

Psychological Disorders as Writing Prompts?

I needed a better villain. So I did some brainstorming on my favorite villains …  Long John Silver, Voldemort, Darth Vader, Hanibal Lector, Dracula. Aside from the fact that most are male (no comment), most also happen to be CRAZY. 291 more words

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