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Building Confidence As a... Writer (2)

Last week was the first in a series of posts about how to build confidence as a writer. I use the ellipsis to show that the tips can be used in almost any area of life, not just the writing portion. 398 more words


Patreon for Writers - A Fascinating and Evolving Space

Making a living as a writer is not easy. In fact, for the vast majority of people, earning their keep with nothing but words is nigh impossible … a pipe dream … a long shot. 890 more words

Writing Life

Building Confidence As a ...Writer

Building confidence as a writer involves mastering the writing craft, sure, but it isn’t all about writing. And building confidence can be applied to all aspects of your life, not just the writing side. 283 more words


Changes Aren't Made in Our Comfort Zone

Ah, the comfort zone. It’s cozy, isn’t it? We know what to expect, when to expect it, and can enjoy the freedom of no surprises. 441 more words


How to Handle Overwhelm

Getting overwhelmed can happen to the best of us. It can happen when we least expect it, but most often, I think, we at least have a glimmer of when it’s about to hit us. 503 more words


Take 2: Thinking About Being a Self-Employed Writer?

This is a reworked post from almost exactly a year ago. The question is evergreen and the conversations it started were quite helpful then, as I think they will be now. 519 more words


Downtime - A Necessity to Getting It All Done

Downtime? I don’t have time for downtime! I have a business to run!

From Merriam-Webster,  the definition of downtime

  1. time during which production is stopped especially during setup for an operation or when making repairs…

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