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Breaking a Goal Down into Manageable Pieces

Some goals are best broken down in reverse order; others in a natural progression.

Examples: annual┬áincome you want to achieve; fitness goals you want to achieve… 481 more words


New Year, New/Revised/Rebooted Plans

As 2016 came to a close and  I flipped the page to 2017, I reflected on my goals and dreams of 2016 to summarize the year. 490 more words


Try Something New and Take a New Step Forward

It still amazes me how often I hear people not only say they are afraid to try new things, but they actually avoid trying new things. 507 more words


Grammar-ease: Those Words That Are Spelled the Same, Sound the Same...

It’s been a while since I’ve done a grammar post. As I’ve been writing lately, my fingers have been coming up with their own spellings of words that pass spellcheck but aren’t correct. 299 more words


How Do You Manage Your Personal Library?

No matter how many times I downsize my library, it still seems I have an abundance of books to read.

Not that I mind at all, of course, but space is an issue. 382 more words


It's Thanksgiving Week - What Are You Grateful For?

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and many people have the day off (and some even have Friday off for a 4-day weekend).

For the most part I’ll have the 4-day weekend to do what I want, including working on my NaNo novel (National Novel Writing Month). 341 more words


Building Confidence As a... Writer (9)

Sorry for the lean week of posts last week, readers! We’ll be better this week.

I’m going to call this series a wrap after today. The past 8 weeks have talked about building confidence as a writer, with posts covering: … 463 more words