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The (not quite) Definitive Guide to Females in Fiction

So you’re writing a novel? Making a movie? A TV play maybe? Whatever type or genre of fiction you’re creating, the chances are good that you will be including female characters. 3,729 more words

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MUTABLE – liable or subject to change or alteration

This is the perfect word for today. It has been a mutable day. I did have plans, but due to other people’s plans changing, mine had to. 165 more words


Yes! There *are* Rules!

I was just wasting time on social media when I came across a post about the rules of a writing contest. And in the comments, this: 287 more words


The 5 Essential Story Ingredients

I love this Steven James article and am sharing it here in my blog. Here, he is breaking down the 5 ingredients of story-telling. Great stuff! 2,826 more words


How do you become a good writer? Do you have to be born with a genius to be a good writer? Or do you need to have the right mind set? 465 more words

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Freezing up the Protagonist, examples in how antagonists make life hard for Nikki Heat

Recently, our PeoWriMo group had a workshop on antagonists. We talked about the antagonist in the fairly abstract quite a bit and primarily used examples from sci-fi and fantasy projects since those are the fields Barb and I write in and pay the most attention to. 1,650 more words


Show Don't Tell - Super Basics in Creative Writing

Recently I shared an example of “Show, Don’t Tell” with a fellow student in my writing class. This was such a hard concept for me to learn. 306 more words