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Writing Tip One, In Which A-causal Universes, While Still an Awesome Concept, Cause Mischief in Your Writing

Why the basics are for everybody

We don’t want to be mere freelance editors. At Premium Edits, we are deeply passionate about good writing. We want to see more of it out there in the self-published world, and we’re devoted to helping the cause along in whatever modest way we can. 1,139 more words


'Tis the season to kill these 17 holiday cliches that will land you on the naughty list and get you coal in your stocking

The holiday season brings a lot of things to a lot of people, including family, gifts, joy and faith. Unfortunately for journalists, it also brings a ton of horrible, well-worn phrases that sap your readers’ will to live. 745 more words

Peanut butter, Jelly and Storytelling.

By now you will probably now that life is like a box of chocolates, but did you also know that a good story is like a well-made PB&J sandwich? 452 more words


GAME TIME: A Halloween-theme AP style quiz!

(Be careful with AP style! It can really take a bite out of your grade!)

How well do you know AP style? Some rules seem eternal while others get added or dropped each year. 81 more words

Writing Basics: Why Your Characters Should Speak For Themselves

Take this moment and pause. I know you can hear them. The voices in your head. Talking to you. Telling you things. How others are thinking, feeling. 933 more words

Story Monday

Writing Basics: Finding Your Voice - The How and The Why

A while back, I started writing about foundational writing rules with my Writing Basics: How You Should Structure Your Story. Today, I’m going to continue with a subject equally foundational, maybe more so: 1,095 more words

Story Monday

Put your copy on a diet and give it a haircut: How to fix sentences that are too long and too heavy.

Consider this sentence from a sports story that ran Thursday:

Eyebrows were raised when Francona picked Bauer instead of Kluber, and the eccentric right-hander, perhaps best known for slicing a pinkie open while repairing a drone during last year’s postseason and bleeding all over the mound in Toronto, delivered a performance that started October just right for the Indians.

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