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Holy crap, I finished a draft!

I finished a draft recently and I’ve gotten really gushy about characters! Drafts can be a long, exhausting process. This one kicked around in my head for over a year before it was completely out in one long, full story. 853 more words

Writing Basics

Observation exercise for character development

There’s no getting away from the fact that your story will need people. You will need to invent characters to populate the imaginary world within your stories. 454 more words

Writing Basics

How Do I Write a (Non-Fiction) Book Proposal? (Part I: The Query)

So you want to write a book.

You dream of quitting your day job to haunt your local Starbucks, sipping lattes and tapping purposefully on your trusty MAC. 477 more words


Your Novel in ONE Sentence---Anatomy of Story Part 5

I used to try to teach from the perspective of an editor, but I found that my thinking was flawed. Why? Because editors are like building inspectors. 1,517 more words

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Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story---Part Two

Last post, I started talking about the dreaded topic…structure. I write these posts because I really DO want you guys to succeed and as an editor for far too many years, the single biggest reason most new novels flop? 1,864 more words

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Word of the day - Artifice


A clever trick or stratagem. A cunning, crafty device or expedient. Wile. Trickery. Guile. Craftiness. Cunning. Ingenuity. Inventiveness. A skillful or artful contrivance or expedient. 160 more words


Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story---Structure Part One

Writers must understand structure if they hope to be successful. Yes, it might take five years to finish the first novel, but if we land a three book deal, we don’t have 15 years to turn in our books. 1,788 more words

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