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How Can I Get My Book Published?

Today at “My Favorite Catholic Things” Dr. Carrie Gress interviewed me on this topic … be sure to stop by to check it out!

I’d also like to give a shout-out to some of the authors I mention in this interview … Kelly Wahlquist, Marge Fenelon, Sonja Corbitt, Michele Faehnle, and Emily Jaminet. You ladies rock!


Writing Basics: Headers for RPGs

Headers are the big titles of sections of books that tell you (roughly) what content is in that section. If you want a quick overview of what headers are, how to mark them in a manuscript (which, I should note, is actually “however your publisher tells you to,” though the and -style designations are pretty common if not universal), go check out Rogue Genius Games’ “ 1,769 more words

Game Design

How To Master Your Plot

The Plot Thickens

Picture it: You’re having one of the best writing days you’ve had in weeks. Your fingers are flying, words are bombarding the blank page with reckless abandon. 780 more words


Establishing Goals: 3 Strategies for Following through with a Resolution

Hello everyone!

At the beginning of a new year, it is customary to make one or more resolutions for the upcoming year.  I have never accomplished anything by just making a resolution.  580 more words

Useful Articles

Come for the advice, stay to copy edit the hell out of me

“Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing” launched this week, which means a couple things:

  1. I’ll usually be posting at least once a day, Monday through Thursday.
  2. 348 more words

Firefighters fight fire (or how to avoid the obvious when writing a lead)

I got this message from a former student:

(My hope is that thinking of me did not push her toward her pro-concussion stance.)

One of our earlier exercises in our media writing class requires the students to review a standard press release from a fire department and write a four-paragraph brief. 496 more words