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Writing a Letter to Someone You Love

Within all of our contemporary realm of computer systems, smart phones, laptop computers, and pads, we now have forgotten about the emotion and thoughts that are sent through a hand composed love page. 598 more words

Writing Basics

Multiple Viewpoints: to use or not to use

So I’ve truly gone back to the basics today, focusing especially on the Creative Writing Coursebook from the University of East Anglia. I must admit, it has been really quite interesting (and it’s made me realise I probably should have done all thisĀ  400 more words

Tips to Successful Letter Writing

Page writing is an art that has to be perfected to create effective letters. In terms its just a couple of statements to help hold across your point but in real terms its alot more beyond words. 416 more words

Letter Writing

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Men and women move away from what exactly is perceived as archaic, after that whenever expected to do some thing that is reasonably old fashioned, they forget exactly how precisely to construct. 527 more words

Letter Writing

The Lost Art of Letter Writing, and How to Write a Letter

Numerous many years ago most individual letters, after an extremely formal salutation, began “I take my pen in hand.” We do not see that after all nowadays, however the character of that saying still lingers. 929 more words

Letter Writing

Teach Your Children the Art of Letter Writing

Utilizing the convenience of Internet marketing and sales communications, letter writing has become virtually a lost art. But there are times when a handwritten note or letter is more appropriate, and more appreciated, than a mail. 576 more words

Letter Writing

Dialogue, more than the words characters spit out

In an effort to improve my overall writing, I’ve been doing what every good writing book will tell you–I’ve been reading. And reading. And when I thought I would take a break, I’d crack open another book. 946 more words

Writing Reflections