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Strong, Clear, Concise Writing

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It is easy to recognize bad writing and to identify why it is bad.  However, it is harder to explain why a piece of writing is good. 478 more words

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Why Not Self-Publish?

As a Catholic non-fiction acquisitions editor, I hear it all the time:  “If I have to do the lion’s share of the marketing and selling of my own book, why do I need a traditional publisher? 1,175 more words


From A to Z: Who are you, anyway?

From A to Z is an occasional series on ChiYAwriters.com that examines the nuts and bolts of the writing (and publishing) process.

I recently submitted an application for a volunteer position that included a prompt for a brief personal essay: … 975 more words


Editing tips for novelists

So you’ve finally finished your novel? You’ve typed those immortal words, ‘The End’ and you feel on top of the world. After weeks, maybe months of toil, no social life, and too much coffee, you feel wonderful. 3,500 more words

Writing Basics

5 Things Every Story Needs

When starting to write a story, there are FIVE aspects that must be either thought out, drawn out, or have some kind of idea for each before you start hitting that keyboard or uncapping your pen. 1,001 more words

Writing Basics

The Art Of Writing: Lesson One

Let’s face it, there’s no cut-and-dry method of writing. In fact, writing is more than the traditional mainstream novel. You know the one. It’s the novel the guy in Joe Mugg’s is trying to shove down your throat when all you want is a sweet mocha frape. 1,149 more words

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