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Writing Basics: Headers for RPGs

Headers are the big titles of sections of books that tell you (roughly) what content is in that section. If you want a quick overview of what headers are, how to mark them in a manuscript (which, I should note, is actually “however your publisher tells you to,” though the and -style designations are pretty common if not universal), go check out Rogue Genius Games’ “ 1,769 more words

Game Design

How To Master Your Plot

The Plot Thickens

Picture it: You’re having one of the best writing days you’ve had in weeks. Your fingers are flying, words are bombarding the blank page with reckless abandon. 780 more words


Modifiers: Wherein Grandma, a Beer Can and Car Windows Get Mixed Up

Four proofreading tricks you will know after reading this blog

We’ve noticed that modifiers tend to give writers endless trouble. Throughout our editing endeavors, we continually stumble across modifiers modifying the wrong word or phrase, and sometimes modifying nothing at all. 1,291 more words

Establishing Goals: 3 Strategies for Following through with a Resolution

Hello everyone!

At the beginning of a new year, it is customary to make one or more resolutions for the upcoming year.  I have never accomplished anything by just making a resolution.  580 more words

Useful Articles

Come for the advice, stay to copy edit the hell out of me

“Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing” launched this week, which means a couple things:

  1. I’ll usually be posting at least once a day, Monday through Thursday.
  2. 348 more words

Firefighters fight fire (or how to avoid the obvious when writing a lead)

I got this message from a former student:

(My hope is that thinking of me did not push her toward her pro-concussion stance.)

One of our earlier exercises in our media writing class requires the students to review a standard press release from a fire department and write a four-paragraph brief. 496 more words