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Writer block analogy & The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

I haven’t written anything fiction related for a couple of months now and not due to block, but university assignments and readings. However I’ve come closer to understanding writer’s block through my assignments/essay questions that I have to write up and answer. 267 more words


It is easier to see differences (poem)

Tears make their way down his face

while in solitude he trembles,

having been deemed ‘other’, the boy

was excluded from the human experience.

Something runs through him, a questioning… 67 more words

Writing Block

0110 - Pushing Through the Obstacles

Sat down last night with every intention to do one of two things: work and writing

Did neither. Couldn’t focus. This morning discouraged.

I’ve taken up running and am up to twenty miles in a week. 165 more words

The Writing Life

There are two paths in life

There are two paths you can take in this life, one of fear and one of fearlessness.

The first path is very like the existence of a control freak who is so afraid of anything outside their delicately constructed understanding of reality that they will hold on to this world they have constructed at all costs, anything perceived as different, as being outside their construction is a threat. 190 more words

Writing Block

Making blogging mistakes

I just wrote about my blogging history when I realised I’d rather write about making mistakes. More specifically, what happens when you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes as a blogger. 343 more words

Writers Block

I’m Hosting a 10kWritathon!

Finally! I’ve always wanted to host one of these, but haven’t quite had the time (or, if we’re being honest, the motivation) to write ALL DAY. 250 more words

“It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish.”

Just as one of my heroes, Sam Gamgi, said it. Just start it and good things will follow. But by God, it’s not that easy to do just that! 146 more words

First Year