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Finally. What a relief. With a deadline looming very near, I finally put the finishing touches on my latest article for Conscious Living Journal.  It’s a subject I’m passionate about – forgiveness.   320 more words

self-doubt and science degrees

One year has passed since I graduated; since I left university with an Honors rolled up in hand and a very well received major in my cap. 488 more words


To blog or not to blog?

Blogging. Not everyone’s cup of tea, eh?

It takes your life blood and sweat and what not. To start is not easy, to keep going is even tougher. 321 more words


The Writing Center: dodging writer’s block and upcoming events

By Gianna D’Argento
Contributing Reporter
Photo by Gianna D’Argento

Writer’s block: we’ve all been there. Students find themselves pulling all-nighters, their hair and losing their minds over term papers—but we students aren’t alone. 371 more words

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Yeah, I know how the title sounds and no – it’s not about the Ice Queen. Actually it’s not about winter or anything related to that at all. 807 more words


Life and Blogging

A few weeks ago, on the heels of a very unmotivated year of blogging (actually, probably more accurately, an unmotivated eighteen months at least of blogging), I posed a question to myself: 832 more words

Self-Portraits (in Words And Images)

Freedom of a captive heart

And his love was the object of an exclusive love,

having resolved as he did to love her passionately, unrepentantly.

Desire was directed by a magnetism obscure… 43 more words

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