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Freedom of a captive heart

And his love was the object of an exclusive love,

having resolved as he did to love her passionately, unrepentantly.

Desire was directed by a magnetism obscure… 43 more words

Writing Block

The Revenge gameĀ 

She was the beginning and she shall be the end for she is our destroyer.
She destroyed each and every one of us, every moment of our lives was destroyed by her! 557 more words


Writing Blues

Writing Blues. Gejala malas menulis yang memikirkan mau ngetik aja rasanya lelah banget. Gimana dong? Sudah semingguan mau ngetik, mau ngedit, mau apa pun yang kaitannya sama nulis kok ya zonk banget. 107 more words

Work Life

Out of the Old Rut

Whenever my writing cogs on a particular story are stalled, I jumpstart them with a holiday. Tossing the whole lot of lead characters under a Christmas tree, beneath a sparkling sky of fireworks or beside a carved pumpkin always gets the old imagination ticking again. 29 more words


A Society With No Absolutes Is Not A Society At All

It has become greatly fashionable to question fundamental presuppositions of right and wrong, to question presuppositions held by society for a long, long time. The generation that have adopted these positions (often unconsciously) have been marketed to again and again in popular fiction as well as by popular opinion. 206 more words

Writing Block

Write. Because one day, you'll be dead

It’s true. A little morbid, but true. I’m not talking about a legacy here, I’m talking about writing because you want to and need to. There’s a drive under your fingertips and ideas in your brain that won’t let you stop, I know there is. 201 more words


Stealing Inspiration

Inspiration to write can often be one of the hardest things a writer faces. There’s just nothing to write about.

For me, a blank word document, half-finished tea, and ‘never the right music’ have become staples of my ‘lack of inspiration’ periods. 458 more words