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♒ How To Beat Bloggers Block ♒

We’ve all been there – that dreaded moment when you sit down to write a blog post and suddenly have no idea what you want to say. 761 more words



And the dinghy creeps down-river,

on-top a water quilt sewn of golden, velvet green,

creasing as it hugs nut wooden edges.

The weeping willow hails the procession.

Writing Block

Absolutely Blogging Nothing

It was so tempting to publish this without actually writing anything…

But, I do actually have something to say about nothing.

My first ever blog post was written on the 29/06/2016 over 2 months ago, and the ideas have been pretty steady since then. 163 more words


A deeply distrustful generation

I am of the generation of globalized millennials, that is to say I am in my twenties, although there are many even now into their thirties with the outlook on life I am about to describe. 471 more words

Writing Block

Perseid, I Saw, Not.

by Will Song.

The boy looked out the window, mushed in his chair. He couldn’t see anything other than the stars, which shined brilliantly, almost as if they were messages from outer space life forms. 460 more words

Writing Block

52 Kards

By Will Song.

There are 52 cards in a deck. 13 cards in each suit, from A, 2, 3, to 9, 10, J, Q, K. There are four suits: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs (or Clovers), and Hearts. 845 more words

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