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Write. Because one day, you'll be dead

It’s true. A little morbid, but true. I’m not talking about a legacy here, I’m talking about writing because you want to and need to. There’s a drive under your fingertips and ideas in your brain that won’t let you stop, I know there is. 201 more words


Stealing Inspiration

Inspiration to write can often be one of the hardest things a writer faces. There’s just nothing to write about.

For me, a blank word document, half-finished tea, and ‘never the right music’ have become staples of my ‘lack of inspiration’ periods. 458 more words


I'm Back

Phew, it’s been a while since I dared to check in here.

I’m still struggling with writing. Even my journaling has slowly petered off and ground to a halt. 288 more words


Writer's block

There are times when words are pouring out
Completely in resonance with my thoughts

I don‘t even have to put in much efforts

But there are times… 132 more words

Unintended Consequences

The inculcated sense of disempowerment, subjugation and victimhood however real or imagined carried in the minds of today’s generation has led it to adopt, on a large scale, slogans, references and notions about the individual, society and human freedom that it hasn’t (I believe) quite reflected upon. 269 more words

Writing Block

River of Words, Hindered Flow

I once enjoyed writing and looking up words in the dictionary as a way to add rich enhancement to my writings. Now, nothing is the same anymore. 242 more words


♒ How To Beat Bloggers Block ♒

We’ve all been there – that dreaded moment when you sit down to write a blog post and suddenly have no idea what you want to say. 761 more words