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“It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish.”

Just as one of my heroes, Sam Gamgi, said it. Just start it and good things will follow. But by God, it’s not that easy to do just that! 146 more words

First Year

In a room, against the wall (poem)

Where are you my love to tease me

in the greenest of spirits?

to tease me over for being aloof…

for those little things only lovers observe, then innocently mock. 53 more words

Writing Block

My Mother, an Inhibition

I’m starting to realize that my real struggle with this “journey essay” assignment for my Advanced Prose class is more of a result of an inability – or difficulty – to naturally write about my mother. 714 more words

Abusive Relationships

A child's eyes are wider (poem)

And to a child’s eyes, being wider to take

in the light of the world,

those images burned into the imagination

flashing, flickering.

On the cusp of eleven years, 127 more words

Writing Block

Head above water (poem)

In between the come and go

There are those who look but don’t know,

here today gone tomorrow, a city life full of sorrow.

Shopping signs win like land mines… 64 more words

Writing Block

The origin of evil

I have had a respect for the psychologist Carl Jung since I first read his work ‘the undiscovered self’ about two years ago, I think Carl Jung offers us some very profound insights into human nature, insights which do not demand scholarship or even any use of academic terminology (a type of language which often serves to exclude people outside of academic/scientific structures). 137 more words

Writing Block

Ice: A Block

What should you do when your writing is frozen like a big block of ice? You don’t know how to proceed. You turn on the computer and stare at the blank screen. 426 more words