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The Pen is Stuck... – Seventh Journal Entry

Intriguing title, I know. Anyway, I wanted to spend this time here talking about a phenomena I’ve recognized a lot with myself, and I’m sure it’s something other writers have seen too. 755 more words


Source of Misery, Root of Evil.

Something that has the power to cause such fear and strife in families, gives birth to such envy and greed, tears lives apart in its relentless occupation of the human mind…this is a bastard of satan that ought never have been created. 80 more words

Writing Block

Writing on a Writing Blocked-Mind

Although today has been a beautiful day, full of sunbathing and hoping for the miracle of getting a tan someday soon alongside pondering over what films I’m going to make once I do get a new laptop for my birthday I realized I haven’t written for a couple of days…at least not something I’m extremely proud over. 134 more words


Writers Block Challenge 7

If a Jinn (Genie) granted you 3 wishes what would you wish for and why? What about your main characters? what would they wish for?


Who Are You Writing For?

When I have an idea for a blog topic, I often don’t know what to say about it. Take drinking, for instance. I recently quit drinking. 413 more words


How can I know what I think … ?

I haven’t written in a while, at least not for myself and not for this blog. I’ve been editing – actually, rewriting someone else’s book: his ideas, my words, a syncopated rhythm rather than a steady beat. 513 more words


Writing with a Block and a Handicap

Recently, I had decided to undertake a project that involves writing in a genre that’s different than what I’m used to.  For one, the project involves writing from first person, something that I don’t do very much since most of my fiction is done from a third person perspective.  347 more words