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To Those who would bid me wait

If I were to in my dream-like
passions cease,
By measure would hapless gloom
steadily increase!

Were I to hurl a stone
into a lake, 81 more words

Writing Block

A passing whisper

This shallow, brightly lit postmodern world, promises so much, in fact it promises you everything, only to give you nothing….for everything is accessible, everything is permissible, everything is at your fingertips…. 18 more words

Writing Block

Poem written 3/12/15

The air hanging over this sub-urban demense

is a sculpted stillness,

with all the ineluctable elegance

of an elaborate, porcelain vase.

Surveying a foreground of indistinct homes, 45 more words

Writing Block

In a 'perfect world'...

Wow… writing block… I always thought that was a crock… Once again, I’ve been proven wrong.

Last year at this point I was writing everyday – the thoughts, words, and descriptions were rising up out of me like lava from a volcano. 406 more words


Writing Misery Loves Company

As a deadline looms on a new project, I have reached the end of the writing honeymoon  when the fun of creating turns into the slog of hard, hard work.   204 more words

Fear? What fear?

Alright…I have to admit fear has been a big factor and has kept me from writing my book and yes, even writing on this blog and my other blog Voice 4 Butterflies. 509 more words


It's Year 2015, and It Feels Great

I haven’t posted anything for more than a year. I had some issues with The Block and The Procrastinator, and sometimes it’s both. It might cripple my writing ability (if I had some.) At least I can say that I have posted in this blog every year. 51 more words