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One day in the city of roses (poem)

How nice it would be to spend springtime with you,

to walk together among trees wearing morning dew.

I’d wait outside your place…

for a glimpse of your face… 7 more words

Writing Block

Writer’s block is a bitch. But, inspiration when it catches you off guard–funnily enough with your pants down to your ankles and just as you’ve seated yourself quite comfortably for your morning toilet ritual–can put you through quite a hell of a time. 240 more words

Inward (poem)

A black tear runs down

the lip of the white teacup,

he chokes under the

lonesome morning’s air,

an air laden with regrets.

Writing Block

Bitterness, one of its forms

Bitterness, and the sweeping generalisations that spring forth from it can be understood as an unconscious response rooted in a person’s particular traumatic experience and a broader sense of powerlessness in life. 182 more words

Writing Block

Writing Problems

Here we are 15 days into the new year and I am failing miserably at the one goal that I usually consistently stay on top of. 229 more words


Self-doubt and the cure for procrastination

The well-known ailment of any artist, writer, illustrator, photographer, comedian, actor – anyone creatively inclined at all, in fact – is of course creative block. So often, this mental obstacle that seems to stifle our ability to think clearly about creative challenges is met with hours of another well-known symptom: procrastination. 1,031 more words


To Those who would bid me wait

If I were to in my dream-like
passions cease,
By measure would hapless gloom
steadily increase!

Were I to hurl a stone
into a lake, 81 more words

Writing Block