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When in Doubt Pull Your Finger Out!

I haven’t written anything in a little while. In fact, the last time I published anything on this blog was 12 February, which was well over a month ago now. 436 more words


The One That Got Away

I tried writing a poem once about a running joke. It was just ahead of me as the best poems are. I sprang off my writer’s block and ran after it with my butterfly net and my blue bucket of hope; but I was out of condition and this one really had legs. 18 more words

After that hiatus

After a long period of not really writing, not immersing myself in writing, I become shy around it.

I’ve spent two months with other people’s writing, other people’s ideas, while making very little space for my own. 337 more words


Write...or perish?

This title is an analogy to the famous (academic) quote (and reality) ‘Publish or perish‘, which emphasises how much vital it is for scientists to publish if they want to ‘survive’ in the academic world. 722 more words


4 Ways To Break An Anxiety Block

I wasn’t having a creative block, let’s just get that out of the way off the bat. I was having a Showing My Creations To Other People block. 1,826 more words


Losing Faith

The words do not come naturally anymore,

Ideas of the mind get lost in translation on the page,

A shambolic mess of idle ramblings

desperately clinging to any sense they have, 61 more words


Writer's Block-Fact or Fiction?

Yesterday was the anniversary of my father’s death.

You might be wondering what that has to do with the title of the post…writer’s block.

After my father died I went through a writing drought. 445 more words

Writing Life