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She can feel the beginnings of a nasty headache, steadily creeping in from the base of her neck, meandering excitedly into her overworked brain-she feels it traipsing it’s arrogant gait around the toughened walls of her skull, completely ready to thump at her unfortunate head over and over until she can’t function anymore. 227 more words


An Apology

I’ve been lost for a while now.

My life, from the outside, seems pretty amazing. And without a doubt I am more lucky than I can say. 330 more words


Blogger's Block? Busy? Lazy? Fear?

I have been gone for some time now and the guilt of not writing has gotten the better of me.  I could make lots of excuses but let’s face it none of them would be good. 835 more words

Broken pencil

A hand and a pencil. 2 elements that link on a piece of paper to draw letters made of lines and dots in straight and curvy fashions. 86 more words


Muse This!


My muse is cranky!

Here’s my sassy, little muse who has gone on a drinking binge instead of helping me write and finish my novels. 15 more words

Thoughts About Writing

Life springs its lessons upon you (poem)

No names, nor their works shall endure,

the quest for remembrance is itself impure,

for our sojourn here is all too brief,

acceptance of transience awards greater relief, 31 more words

Writing Block

A source of great evil (poem)

Around him all is still,

the air hangs quiet,

the four walls mock him

as they repel his well-rehearsed outbursts.

A face that would be a face… 48 more words

Writing Block