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some kind of self-love

i have found to be
that love is not
as cruel as people
make it out to be.

that although
painful, it is
to have love. 61 more words

The Weak leading the Week

Hello everyone reading this!

So I still live somehow! This weekend was a reenactment event at a place down in Wales known as Conwy. The castle is rather large and a beautiful place, I would advise going to see it if you have the time and are close.  348 more words

Poem: Refused to Forget

He thought that he owned the world;

that everyone in it was his to command,

that the ground upon which he walked

should be kissed, 154 more words


Three Popular Writing Clichés and How to Make them Better

Clichés are the bane of any writer’s existence. We actively avoid them, try to rework our ideas to filter any out, and sometimes, maybe even lament that we can’t go with an idea we really love simply because it’s too cliché. 782 more words


Untitled Writing Project #2

I felt so positive after sharing my last 1000 words and was completely serious about doing it on a regular basis so here I go again. 1,175 more words


#WordOfTheDay - Guess what 'Complaisant' means...

It’s Wednesday and you know it’s time to learn a new word on The Sparkle Writer’s Hub blog :-) Are you ready?

The word we have for today is ‘Complaisant’. 104 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub


It’s interesting how old childhood habits manifest in one’s adulthood.

When I was little I would become silent when offended. The silent treatment was my game — often I wouldn’t speak for days until an apology was made. 178 more words