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Writer's Block

Get a group of writers together and at one point someone is going to talk about writer’s block. It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of the job and one of the least understood by the outside world. 322 more words

Where does your writing take you?

I went to film school, so I have a pretty strong background in dramatic structure. I do a whole outline, and as I work I get progressively more detailed.

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The Twitter Generation

*this is a parody*

UGH Twitter. Like I understand it’s pretty much a digital Lisa Frank diary, you know the ones with the plastic lock your sibling always breaks into, but seriously I know these people better than they know themselves. 614 more words

Thorough Thursday: Character Development

Thorough Thursday
Character Development

I know this moment so well –
You’ve got a great idea for your story. You have an idea for the plot, and probably have an idea for your main character(s). 610 more words


Giving Credit Where It's Due| Blog Boot Camp SA 2015

On the wintery Saturday morning of the 21st of February, I found myself at Blog Boot Camp hosted by the inspirational Katherine of Becoming You… 453 more words

Cape Town

Don't Read Neil Gaiman

Lots of people have read, seen, or heard about the article posted earlier this week on xojane by K.T. Bradford. Her challenge to “Stop Reading Straight White Male Cis” has been discussed ad nauseum in and out of writer’s circles. 752 more words

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          I am lying in a pile of my own bones. Flesh; vanished. I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. Killed myself. I look like the word hungry. 508 more words