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Blackface & London, England

When I landed in London, I took the Southern train from Gatwick Airport to the closest tube station. Naturally, as a commuter, the first few things I noticed were: … 396 more words


3:30 Pm: A Poem

Off-white heat



the familiar landscape.

Like an overexposed Polaroid.

As if frozen,

sun-glazed trees

barely rustle in

a non-existent breeze.

White-washed pavement

imperceptibly rumbles… 40 more words


Your Creative Writing Degree Matters!

When you have a Creative Writing Degree, there’s an unspoken and unjustified shame we all share. Moments  when at Thanksgiving you announce you’re getting a Creative Writing Degree and all you receive are twisted stares, or when your relatives start taking a personal interest in your writing life and riddle you with questions like: ‘where will you work?’ ‘Do you want to be a teacher?’ ‘If you don’t get a Masters, you won’t make any money.’ This sucks. 530 more words


Should I look for a publisher before I finished my manuscript?

If you aspire to be traditionally published, there are many rules you need to follow to be accepted into the literary community. Self-publishing has enabled thousands of writers who do not wish to adhere to the at times rigid rules, to bypass them in order to distribute their work. 559 more words

#WriterSpotlight - 'If you’re serious about writing – as a life skill and not just “I wanna be popular” just write, and read and write some more.' Atoke

Hey Sparkle Writers! Guess who we have on #WriterSpotlight today? It’s Atoke! If you have not heard about her before (where have you been really), be prepared to be blown away because this is by far one of the most refreshing interviews we have had in recent times. 2,094 more words

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Day 5: God as . . .

In the bible, God describes Himself as the I AM, people have interpreted it to mean that God can be whatever we need for Him to be in every season for our lives. 678 more words

How To Stay Motivated to Write (Even when you're busy!)

So, you’re a busy high school student with tons of AP homework. But, you really want to keep working on that new novel you decided on at 12AM. 330 more words