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New office aesthetic. (Writing-related update!)

Recent major changes to my work environment prompted a request for pics, so I’m here to oblige! I’m on version 5 – my fifth office change over the last 14 months. 517 more words


64 Word Short Story

On my walk, I must not awaken the Beast.

I move through the darkness, aware of the moonlight filtering

amongst obscurities unidentifiable to the naked eye. 39 more words

Short Story

#GrammarSeries - Abbreviations and how to use them

Hello Sparkle Writers, we know you have heard of abbreviations and you’ve probably used them a number of times but today we want to school you on the proper way to use them. 185 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub

it's 11:somethingP.M. and i wrote a thing

i have tendencies of
simply disappearing.
if i don’t want to be seen
by you, i will make that happen.

sometimes, i feel like
i’m just a facade. 52 more words

Dear Writers, Here's How You Can Transform Your Life in 6 Minutes a Day (2 min read)

Some writers invest hours on these practices, but here’s how you can do it in one minute for each — or six minutes total — to see extraordinary results. 433 more words


You Are Where You Live: Why Home and Surroundings Define Your Characters

One time in class we talked about how, even if you’re in the same small country, the way people act can differ in so many ways depending on where they live. 1,880 more words


Moving the (rugby) posts

Apologies for the long absence – it’s been a year of change so far, adapting to life post university. But I’m starting to get back on my game with writing, and discovering new interests. 450 more words