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Finding Your Writing Voice

Many authors are in pursuit of a unique voice when they first start writing. They are in awe of the inexhaustible ways professionals write and desire to mimic that uniqueness. 578 more words


Good Questions in Science Fiction

It seems simplistic to say that “good” science fiction will pose a question, but I truly believe that. The greatest scifi books I have ever read has dealt with questions like “what would happen if…” 96 more words


The Hero Who Never Was

Man is born free yet he lives all his life settling for the comfort of the dungeons. Only if I had realized early that the only prisons we live in are the ones we put each other in, maybe then I would have refused to let you lock me. 428 more words


#WordOfTheDay - Learn what lief means

Hello and welcome to our vocabulary column where we learn new words and use them in sentences. This column helps us become better writers because words are every writer’s tool and the more words you know the better your writing gets. 86 more words

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Catholic School in Black and White

Picture this. My secondary school was single sex. Single sex and a Grammar school. Single sex and a Grammar school and Catholic.

We wore purple. … 216 more words

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Writing Masterclass: Character Archetypes

This week I would like to look at some of the most common character archetypes which will hopefully prompt you and inspire new and exciting characters. 541 more words

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The difference between enormity and enormousness

We are almost sure you have made this mistake over and over and again but not to worry, that’s why we are here.

You probably think the words in today’s topic are interchangeable but in actual fact, they are not. 155 more words

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