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5 Quick Ways To Get Your Business or Blog Noticed Online (For Book Bloggers & More!)

1. Use social media to do more than just sell your product or service.

Social media is the best way to get your business noticed online, but be careful. 470 more words


How to Fix Your Writing: Tone

Hey everyone! Welcome to part 1 of my “How to Fix Your Writing Series”! If you want to read the introduction and get a quick overview of the topics this series will cover, click INSERT LINK HERE. 935 more words


Over My Head

Like many writers, I get tired. I lose faith in my abilities and quit when things begin to get hard. I lose focus, constantly becoming distracted with less enjoyable tasks. 354 more words


On the Cusp of the Seasons

You were a summer rain
Relaxing in the cooler air
Waiting for the sun to shine again
Cold lemonade in your hand
Fields of flowers to run through… 404 more words


I Don't Deal In Absolutes

The entire world
Is shades of grey
Gradations of color
Scaling up and down
Across horizons
We may never reach

Shadows dance with light
In corners of every life… 179 more words


Like The Sun Kisses The Moon

I don’t want to kiss you
Like a soft summer breeze
Here for a moment
Before I disappear
Or like an autumn rain
Deep, churning… 197 more words


Celestial Bedfellows

Unbuttoning your blouse
Waiting for the blossoming
Of the flowers beneath
Your flesh, tender and sweet
I’m so thankful for the bees
Would you dance with me… 64 more words