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Don't Take It Personal

My advise today is simple, take nothing personally!

You can make tremendous progress and have great success if you have a forgiving heart.

Our choices and actions, good or bad will always create conflict or be misinterpreted in some quarters. 84 more words

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Making Money

Him that seek, will surely find what he seeks.

Him that ask questions will increase in knowledge and understanding.

She would create a lasting wealth if she is determined to find the HOW of wealth creation. 52 more words

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What's Your Excuse

I know want I have faced, I was abducted once against my will for three days. Broke my ankle while i escaped and many more but what I have faced can’t be compare to the young boy in my post. 233 more words

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Diversity: Perspective

We can’t look the same or behave the same way but what we share in common are deep within us and that’s what make us brothers. 132 more words

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Hard Truth: Be Prepared

Its not enough to just desire, have the will to get what you desire – Bota.

On my quest for wealth creation and a life of impact. 140 more words

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Be Happy: Don't worry

Life can be sweet and very fulfilling.

You can live a stress free life and constantly do things that refreshes your soul and gives you joy. 81 more words

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Happy New Week: Desire Is Not Enough

The secret I am sharing today is COMMITMENT TO CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT.

I discovered that so many people have the desire to succeed but lack the will or intent to succeed. 78 more words

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