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My first Liebster award

Do you know what is ray of hope? It is getting a liebster award when you think you are useless as an old newspaper.
A month ago  when i failed one of my competitive exams and wrote an article to alleviate my pain. 1,033 more words



Although my blog contains personal information regarding my feelings and thoughts I will never name people in my life. Perhaps it’s a way to hide or I’m not comfortable having the names out in public or I feel like they need some protection because some are innocents and others may not be comfortable with the world knowing them completely. 682 more words


Wednesday Night TV line up Review 

  1. Wahlburgers: let’s state the Obvious. Gronk and Edelman should just stick to football. I don’t think many people would like a New England Clam Chowder Burger.
  2. 404 more words
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A Career Guide for Nigerian Students; Great Achievers.

I write this because of an increasing challenge I see in our secondary schools of which many of Nigerian graduates are a victim of. The school system, especially the private secondary school have made the matter more cumbersome. 472 more words

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Denver Broncos Preseason Update

Does Manning really have another year left in his Canton bound arm? If he doesn’t, the AFC West is up for grabs!


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July 2015 Faves Beauty & Fashion | Coffeecupcloset

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Its almost a month since my last post. Always had the intention to update this blog everyday but I have rough time in keeping myself motivated and being optimist. 585 more words



I went to a place that left a riddle inscripted in my head. I can still remember when that man said, “There are two types of problem. 177 more words