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There’s piece of my heart now taken by a man. He has a part of mine too and for the longest time I had waited for him. 782 more words


Empty dinner

Emptying jug fills overflowing glasses

Conversation flows in giggles and blank stares

Dishes and comments are passed around

Loud voices from the crowd fill the silences… 140 more words


The playlist shuffle tag

So I was not tagged at this at all but I saw it on chocolatenwafflesblog and it sounded pretty cool so why not?


#1 List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipsies) … 328 more words


My experience with Singer Wynberg machine repair shop.

I took my sewing machines, a janome jfs which was not backstitiching and empisal celebrity which needed a wider embroidery stitch width to the Singer sewing repair shop in Wynberg. 286 more words

Once Again, For The Thousandth Time

Once again I squinted to right,

Stared at screen,

Brought phone in sight;

Once again I took it in palm

With a storming mind,

Maintaining it calm; 485 more words

Writing / Blogging


I say this as kindly as I know how but Food, Hygiene and Health is a sensitive thing for me, so excuse me as I’am a little pissed off right now. 322 more words

On road

On road.
I often feel Reelax on my first home The road
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