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Succumbing To Societal Pressures

In honor of Father’s Day and Pride Weekend in Seattle this weekend, I wanted to Republish this very meaningful piece.  Go forth and be kind to one another!

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Through the looking-glass, they saw darkness.
All they saw was black, thick and opaque.
Her eyes were a different story.
What she saw was the beauty that is dark. 59 more words

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She wanted.

She sat still on the windowsill
Looking down at the street below.
The mother of 4 juggling the groceries,
The mad man singing about getting killed on Friday, 95 more words

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बचपन बेताब है..

नापने को आसमां रस्सियों पर, बचपन बेताब है;

नई उम्मीदें , नई आशाएँ, नए – नए ख्वाब है|

पंख भी नही है,और उड़ना बेहिसाब है;

झूलती हुई ज़िन्दगियाँ, मासूमियत की किताब है|


-पंकज मिश्रा

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Your Eyes

I’m again very much conflicted with this feeling, with this longing. You know, somehow I crave to know when this all started. I want to know. 91 more words



They returned to the dark apartment, walking back in awkward silence. “I can’t believe this…My goody two shoes brother has a thing for the bad guy! 809 more words

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Cameo by David Morrissey as Richard Cardinal
“You’re usually the life of the party. Always gettin your flirt on an’ what not!” his concerned sister reminded as they headed home from a night out. 594 more words

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