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Tackle stress and its mess

Hello all you people!

How is your Sunday going? I apologise for posting this really late. I got suddenly busy and couldn’t get time to write this out. 799 more words

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Who do we love?

Who do we love?

Love they neighbor,
love them all.

Fill your heart
with joy.

Don’t listen to your

Listen to your heart,
your soul. 14 more words


What Do You Wish You Had Done?

I knew my surgery for cancer was going to be extreme and dangerous and I was genuinely worried I was going to die.  I bought one of those – this is my life books to fill in so my children (who were only 2-years and 11-months at the time of my surgery) would have some of my memories should my worst fear be realised. 389 more words

Cancer & Me

Boredom takes a new turn

There isnt much to do on a particular saturday or sunday especially at a time when all of your friends and flatmates make a beeline for home and your the only one left.Not a very good situation to be in but that was the exact situation i was in,with the weather outside being hot even though its the monsoons here in Mumbai but there was no trace of rain in the last couple of days,so stepping outside and visiting a new place or meeting new people seemed a little out of bounds.And to be a music lover seemed cool only till the time when you start feeling exhausted listening to the same songs in your playlist.Yeah there are millions of EDM artists and pop songs out there that would lift me up but due to something it just didnt feel that way.So browsing the net,reading random articles,i came across an instagram pic of someone i follow dedicated to a band called ‘Haste The Day’ (in pic.).To be honest i never had any idea about the said band before so there you go,i decided why not try listening to it.Looked it up on google, it was listed as a metal band, ‘Christian Metal’ to be precise.Although i have been a fan of bands like ‘Linkin Park’,also  ‘Nirvana’ & ‘Green Day’ for years which glorified Grunge Rock & Punk Rock,i never really focussed on the differences in genres namewise cause they all sounded Rock, sure Punk Music sounded more like thrashing and destroying a bin and Linkin Park combined Rock with Rap,it was there for all to see and enjoy.Now the point is Metal Music, they are rock as well, just a sub-genre.And ‘Haste The Day’ was a band i wanted to check out.Downloading and listening to their first LP album ‘Burning Bridges’ felt really awesome.If you wanna hear some meaningful lyrics your in the wrong place cause its not about the lyrics,the lyrics are just short and simple,the usual ones about regret and pain and fear and goodbyes,its nothing new but the music was cool,extreme,the bass,the drums.The songs by ‘Haste The Day’ are defined more by the latter and the lyrics are just a calming influence.The sudden changes in mood are noteworthy as well, its typical in almost all of their songs which i have heard till now, noteworthy ones like ‘American Dream’, ‘Song Of Faith’, ‘Ros King’, ‘The Last Goodbye’.Their best song at least in my opinion is ‘When Everything Falls’ released in 2005.Now the band is unique in the sense that after 2005 their line up changed so the songs i have heard till now was sung by lead vocalist ‘Jimmy Ryan’, his quitting lead to ‘Stephen Keech’ picking up the microphone as evident in the album ‘Attack Of The Wolf King’ which i am yet to download.The album has been listed as arguably their best.So one side has been done with, the other line up is pending which includes ‘Haste The Day VS Haste The Day’ which comprises a comparison of both line ups and also the just released ‘Coward’ which includes songs worked on by both line ups,its never been more unique,and i have never been more interested in trying out a new genre.Sure metal music puts out a lot of people who criticizes the lyrics,thrash music but screw it! 284 more words

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Chain Me

The strange feeling,
That gnaws my nerves,
That cracks my brain,
That burns my heart,
A monster in me,
Pushes me through.
Chain me off trouble, 19 more words

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I kept drifting,
From shore to shore,
Looking for my horizon.

Never knowing that,
It had always been.
Where my heart was.

– Fictionatrix


The Quaintrelle's Blog: 4th of July Outfit + Hair Ideas

Hello everybody! So today I’m gonna be telling you five 4th of July Outfits + Hair Ideas. I know this is kinda late but whatever, it’s 4th of July. 185 more words

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