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Mint Moments - Safari Special #14

“Vexing misconceptions in Safariland happen more often than one would think.” (© Lotti Leibnitz)

“Irritierende Verwechslungen gibt es im Safariland öfters als man denkt.” (©  23 more words


THE ACTOR'S WIFE : Chapter 26

“Jack, I think I wanna work.” she spoke her mind, as they sat to eat one night. “Sorry…ya wanna…what? ” he asked, not hearing her, as he finally finished checking his texts/email and put aside his phone. 408 more words

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THE ACTOR'S WIFE: Chapter 25

“Jack, d’you ever think about, ya know, startin a family? Havin a baby? ” Ruth asked anxiously, browsing through the millions of photos that Mrs. O’Donnell’s shared. 205 more words

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THE ACTOR'S WIFE: Chapter 24

“Hey, Mitch, d’you wanna run lines with me? ” Jack requested to his co-star who was busy multitasking- tapping away on her phone screen while munching on a tuna sandwich in her trailer. 298 more words

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THE ACTOR'S WIFE: Chapter 23

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Feel free to follow me an’ read/like chapters o’ The Lovable Death Eater- my Barty Crouch Jr fanfic there (I’ve a thing for bad guys, I guess! 321 more words

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A Jungle road

A jungle road.
This road was found by my grandfather.when he was drive a bus and he always said ….

” Road were made for jounery not a destination”. 22 more words


And I tell myself I want some time for myself but you just come back to my mind and then when I persist I simply feel like crying. 643 more words