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voice 23: wonder.

Behold, the beauty of the world,
in the big and the small.
Gasp, the intricacy,
in the grand and the simple.

Always in search of a brink, 100 more words


voice 22: valor.

I have fire inside my iris,
burning the vision ahead.
I have danger inside my heart’s chamber,
hugging the death ahead.

I seek no end, 115 more words


untitled writing #3

it’s funny how a couple of midnights ago, i was thinking of how scared i am to lose my life, but now, it seems like it’s not the worst thing that can happen. 98 more words

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“So…did ya both drift apart?” Ina asked, intent on knowing more about their love story. “No. She cheated on me.” he replied gloomily (and to Ina’s disbelief), before continuing further: 436 more words

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voice 21: umbrage.

Don’t pierce your needle,
on my skin.
Don’t pierce your comments,
on my life.

I am allergic to the world,
the world you live in. 104 more words


Work of Art

I may be no artist
But let me draw you
With my own
Stroke of words
And color you
With the same passion
Running through my veins… 48 more words

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Ethereal Law - Pre-Order Now!!

I’m excited to introduce you all to Jas and Praid’s story, Ethereal Law.


What do you do when you realise your mate has been right under your nose all your life? 122 more words