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Finding Light within the Shadows

I’ve done it.

I’ve cracked the (simple) code to experiencing joy amidst our darkness. Darkness being anything that causes us pain or discomfort. Maybe its going through a bad break up, having a loved one diagnosed with cancer or even sweating profusely in the car on the way to the job you hate on a hot summer day. 1,238 more words


Insight #8

The dark invites, I am mesmerised.

All the people seem to fly away, like birds. I’m thinking, am I the only one left all alone? 212 more words


The Versatile Blogger Award

“Act well your part, there all the honor lies” – Alexander Pope

A zeal to build from the fury of my creativity.

Build what? – a virtual castle of amazement. 857 more words

It Carries Me Along


Millions of broken hearts

Beat, like yours like mine

Eyes that cry tears

Smile, every once in a while

Hope that has died

Breathes in out, so slow… 52 more words


The Photograph 

He looked at the photograph

That sits in his leather wallet.

It is the colour of dust

Wrinkled, like his skin.

The ink is dull and ageing… 268 more words



You say a word is nothing, but a combination of 26 letters.

To me, my words are everything. They string my emotions together. Give meaning to my thoughts. 161 more words