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You are priced,


I’ve paid for you in thoughts.

The candle of my heart has burnt for long

The embers in my sould charred… 139 more words

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Analysis of Peek My Room

I bet some of you are enjoying yourself as you take a peek of what my life is all about. Y’all have minds of your own just as much I analyze and observe in mind. 292 more words


Strange muse

I gulp down words

Of loneliness, pain and sorrow

Soft sighs that escape my lips

Silent, as I walk down this empty road

May enter you, your blood… 246 more words



I left the door open to my mansion for you, but I never said it was a nice house. – NF Mansion
Some people say men’s brains are like storage rooms full of boxes. 277 more words



Millions of broken hearts

Beat, like yours like mine

Eyes that cry tears

Smile, every once in a while

Hope that has died

Breathes in out, so slow… 52 more words


Another Quote

I tried not caring once, and I lost the love of my life. – Unknown



This is the anime counterpart of Beauty and the Beast although not exactly. This is a story of a college student who fell inlove with a mysterious student who turns out to be a wolf. 256 more words

Writing & Blogging