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The Rose Warrior: The Prince

The prince, Ferna, sent his explorers and warriors to explore the planet. That is when they discovered us and the continent Mu for the first time; it was under the rule of Ferna. 362 more words

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A little here, a little there…summing up to a bunch of NONSENSE!

I sat on my table, placed my legs on my chairs and I couldn’t help laughing at myself simply because I don’t know what I believe anymore, did I just say simply? 475 more words

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Cold Company

Trees young and old shiver naked in the harsh cold breeze
The sun, a weak reminder of the promises you didn’t keep
Numb from this cold winter, I look all around… 168 more words


Two Creation Stories?

“God said, ‘Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.'”

– Genesis 1:26

  1. My first question is why the pronoun us?
  2. 232 more words

R.W. Emerson & Transcendentalism: Part 8

“Light and darkness are our familiar expression for knowledge and ignorance.”

This reminds me of Einstein saying God and evil is like Light and dark. Dark is simply the absence of Light and evil is simply the absence of God. 144 more words


The Rose Warrior: War and Truth

The war between my people and the Foreigners started off barbaric. Clashing ideologies resulted in millions of lives being lost in the most violent of fashions. 1,016 more words

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Nothing more...

We have said it all. We have said it in all the languages, images and videos possible. But there is no point in it. There never was because we live in a world where black is white and justice is vengeance, where wrong is right, and mercy is for the convicts, where labels are put based on selective information, where the brainwashed are the loudest in their claims that they are not brainwashed. 210 more words

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