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I think it's time to serialize...

I’m a writer…or at least a self-proclaimed writer. Though I’m not sure when the appropriate time to call oneself an official “Writer” is. Is it when you’ve been published? 575 more words



Under the facade of sarcasm and insults
Hides an insecure girl who is trying to hide her most recent wounds.
They are fresh, gaping, bleeding. 295 more words

Writing /blogging.


Well it’s been ages since I wrote something here. I have written so many posts in my head, when I am stuck in traffic or when someone says something strange to me. 129 more words

Writing / Blogging

A Prayer of Strength

My heart it yearns,
My soul it aches.
I await the day,
When you reclaim this place.
Purify my perception,
For deception still lingers.
Eradicate my doubts, 35 more words

Writing & Blogging

Nanowrimo Challenge (Post A Day): You Are What You Eat

  • TITLE: You are what you eat
  • LENGTH: 30 sec – 1 min
  • PRODUCT: Whopper
  • WRITER: Har+new

This is a dual column screenplay where the description of the action would be on the left and the dialogue on the right, but since I don’t have that feature (some plug-in) in my post editor so I’m going to utilize the horizontal line. 298 more words


Don't beat yourself up!

Here’s a thought that I had many years ago that I haven’t shared until now…

Success is like working out.

What is the point of weight training? 135 more words

Perils of Time

Tick tock the clocking is racing,

while everything around me is fading.

I walk up to the corner and shut the damned window,

through which the cold breeze kept… 155 more words