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I look at my reflection in the mirror. Twirl that strand of hair which always falls infront of my eyes.

I look at my reflection in the glass pane of the window. 233 more words


The Boat That Rocked

If the title of this post seems quite familiar to you, then take no more time to confirm that it’s indeed a movie name.

For those who is still staring while their daemon searches through the memory – well kill the process. 980 more words

It Carries Me Along

Red scarf

Looking at all the photographs
Someone clicked over the years
Leaves me amazed.
From shy children
We grew up to pretty ladies
But the photos don’t show history… 206 more words


Another night, Another day

Incoherent words you whisper
In your deep slumber
Your eyebrows knit in worry lines
I see it is as worrisome signs
You start rousing from the peace… 144 more words


Readers I ask you now...

Readers I ask you now, do you not wish to learn or is it just a “thing” to act incredibly arrogant to not learning?

What has the world come to? 436 more words

I always find “That Awkward Moment” movie soothing when I need, I don’t know, something distracting. There are other movies too that I go to for certain other messed up feelings, like when I really need a good, inspired cry, I watch Beauty and the Beast, when I need a summer love kind of scenario there’s Dirty Dancing, when I need an empowerment as a woman, I watch Divergent, when I need magic, of course, Harry Potter, when I’m feeling lonely romantically I watch New Year’s Eve, 50 first dates, When in Rome (the dude there is so hot), How To Be Single. 60 more words



I wonder whether I would,
Find a place that ,
Rains flowers and the
Cool breezes smell of;
Blossoming Lavenders.

Where there’s no one , 42 more words