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Dying While Existing

Have you ever felt like you’re dying? That, it seems you don’t have anything to do with your life? These past days, I felt like it. 224 more words


That crooked smile.

She was supposed to be dead.DEAD.She wasn’t supposed to be roaming free in the streets as if she didn’t have a care in the world.That’s what they had told her.She had, supposedly, died in that gruesome car accident.She wasn’t supposed to be living a normal life.She wasn’t supposed to be alive.Period.Why was she here?WHY?!! 298 more words

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when the days are long and your husband isn't home

I have heard the cries.

I know the cries.  The cry of the wife drowning in her God-given vocation.  The death that comes from living with all the sin in her life.   426 more words

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In love, everyone needs to be "masculine" & "feminine"...

I had always been extremely extroverted, an overachiever, a triple A+ personality type, extraordinarily (materially) successful (even in my early twenties), blah, blah, blah… I was very “yang”. 1,110 more words


Pennies & Teeth

Subtract twenty
Lose them for good
Formerly prized
Copper and white
A relic of a time gone by
Artifact, memento, souvenir
Out of sight, mind, behind a veneer… 49 more words


Voices in my Head

Is it possible to be ethical as well as moral? Or do we live in world filled with impossible ends and unsatisfied moans? Are our decisions guided by angels by our stead, demons under our bed, or simply voices in our heads? 661 more words