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The Road Less Taken.

As he saw his


Galloping away,

Far in the distance,

Far away,

He stared at the trees,

And the creek gray,

Bidding him farewell, 36 more words

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Fashioned with the essence of her feelings, a new color she had made. Dipping the tip of the brush that was her self-respect, she had made him portraits of her heart. 266 more words

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Die kleinen Philosophien eines ganz alltäglichen Lebens: Safariland-Krise oder wie Verzweiflung funktioniert

Kurz vor Ende des letzten Jahres bis hin zum diesjährigen Frühlingsanfang (also Heute. Aber gerne auch diskutierbar) hat es bei mir über mehrere Wochen ge-krise-lt. 1,354 more words

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The nonsense behind the smartphone apps

Like everything “smart” we witness a lot of lack thereof in these products, from the pacer, to the cars, to the shopping apps, to basically everything, really. 881 more words

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Never again.

There’s something

Like a broken glass

Inside of my chest

Which hurts when

I move a certain way.

It’s a thousand

Little pieces with

Edges jagged… 32 more words

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