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My mind reaches for you

Do you notice me?

My heart beats for you

Do you feel me?

My soul calls to you.

Do you hear me? 16 more words



Wrapped up in so much complication I am frantically trying to unravel.

Sometimes it feels the more I try the more tangeled I get.

I need to step back and re-evaluate. 147 more words


Mint Moments - Safari Specials #34

“Illusion is sometimes the best disguise when it comes to Halloween in Safariland.” (© Lotti Leibnitz)

“Manchmal ist die Illusion die beste Halloween-Verkleidung.​” (© Lotti Leibnitz) 43 more words


On Reporting Truth to Power: George Neumayr, the McCarrick Mess, and Where Is Everybody?

A friend who is a priest recently wrote me. I had shared an article by George Neumayr on my socials. This friend laid out a very thoughtful rebuke of this particular article. 563 more words


Shadow Dancer

Is waking reality all it seems

Does Truth lie within your dreams?

 In your thoughts and in your head

The Shadow Dancer in your bed… 40 more words

Which is the best thought of the day?

We are living in the year 2018, so many people would have lived before us. Think about the awesome journeys they would have lived.

Everyone tries to find the meaning of life. 524 more words

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I’m closing doors to open windows

Choosing new avenues

Walking on my own two feet

Stumbling my way through.

Falling foward

Pushing on

Windows become smaller… 9 more words