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Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! And today I want to just have a casual chat to you all.

Soo, what been happening in my life? 387 more words

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Blogger Interviews - Ft. Abbymarie

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! And as always on Fridays its Interview time!! Where I interview your favourite bloggers!
This weeks guest is…. Abby from Realism and Cookies. 512 more words

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Should I be a tragedian?

(2nd Part: Poetic Choice)

A crossroad I’ve reached,

where three roads meet,

which lead to three directions

with many different diversions.

Beauty, Tragedy and Satire, 160 more words



Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!
Today I wanted to talk about friendships.

At some time in our lives we have had a friendship and whether that friendship has continued for years or its a close connection for a short period of time.. 296 more words

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There are only

so many

big, heavy moons


in the dark

morning sky

that you’ll see.

Only so many times

the stars will show… 77 more words


Serious Talk

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! Today is a pretty serious post.
Lets talk about eating…

Recently, I haven’t been eating as much as I should and lately I’ve been seeing my ribs show more and more, and that scares me. 139 more words

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Let me sing my natural song

Lend me thy ears;
have mercy on my tears.
I’m a lonely old bird,
now in a cage,
a beautiful cage, made of pure gold… 171 more words