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What Do IGet Him/Her?-Blogmas Day 3

Hey everyone, welcome to day 3. Todays post is about :

What Do I get Him/Her For Christmas?

We have all struggled on at least one persons presents so I thought I would make it easy for you. 124 more words

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Essentials For Christmas Food Shopping - Blogmas Day 2

Hey everyone, and welcome to blogmas day 2! Yesterdays post was just a smidge of festivity… there is more in store. Todays post is:

Festive Food Shopping. 211 more words

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How To Decorate Your Room For Christmas! - Blogmas Day 1

Hey everyone, and welcome to Blogmas Day 1!!

Oh ┬áma goodness, its here! The festive-ness starts now. To get in the Christmas spirit….get up….. Go decorate your room. 129 more words

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Lets Talk About Christmas!

Hey everyone, its A. Welcome back welcome back. We all know you miss me? Yes you do, dont lie.

Anyway, today lets talk about Blogmas. Oh yes, the month where I blog everyday leading up to Christmas. 180 more words

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50 Facts about me

Hey everyone, even though I share my life on here I thought “hey, why not write 50 facts at 00:40 in the morning”.

Lets begin. 421 more words

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Night Routine

Hey everyone, I realised I havent done one of these before ive thought about it but never done it. So, I decided to share with you what I do. 370 more words

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Sometimes I just want to be my old, ugly ornery self. Use the old Woodstock typewriter Szatkowski gave me and drink whiskey and honey and write angry shit. 290 more words