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We’ve only been in our house—a big, charming Victorian—for a couple years. I like it and all, but recently I was getting the itch to move. 1,062 more words



My brain doesn’t want to work on a story, or a novel. Not even a poem. My brain wants my heart and my gut to be in charge. 456 more words

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“My Husband Doesn’t Like It.”

Among the many interesting comments heard in the world of retail, this one has to be my favourite: “I’m returning it because my husband doesn’t like it.” And perhaps this blog post will be written from a place of naivety, being that I’m single, unmarried and at the peak of my independence, but it always boogled my mind when I’d hear a woman fall in-love with a garment only to return later because her husband didn’t like it. 616 more words


Read For Weirdness..

I’m actually internally screaming. It just a internally screaming sort of day..wait no, year. Hey, just using my pain as humour.. nothing new here. Which brings me onto this post, a nothing new here special.. 421 more words

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If You Build It They Will Come

When I started writing this blog, I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was I needed to start a blog. One of the agents I had queried, told me I needed a platform, and while it didn’t guarantee a book deal, it would make placing my book with a publishing house a lot easier. 384 more words

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Late Night Talks

It’s pretty late..well it’s nearly 11pm, and I am bored out of my mind so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to write a post. I don’t have a main topic to focus on but a few that I’d like to just talk briefly (probably not). 508 more words

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Personal, Boring and Whatever Shit I Have To Say

I might as well just talk about everything in this post, no matter how personal or boring it is. It’s properly about time.

First let’s get what I believe is the boring stuff out the way. 431 more words

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