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Don't Get Over Your Problems: The Importance of Conflicts and How to Write Them.

No story is complete without a conflict. You can’t have a story without a conflict. Even the most bubbly, friendly, happy-go-lucky story has a conflict, though it might not be too good. 1,184 more words


Journey - In Between

We’ve gotten several looks into this world I’ve opened up in this blog from the short stories I’ve posted, and now I feel like we can begin to dive into the depths of it. 388 more words

Short Stories

Transience of words: in blog writing

I’ve read a few blogs about blogging and how good it is to blog and things like that. I wanted to blog because I sometimes really need to write and I sometimes really like to. 420 more words


5 ways to keep your blog posts and social media updates engaging and inspiring

Putting together an editorial content calendar can seem a daunting task. This is when you combine your blog posts and social media updates on a monthly, ongoing basis, to ensure you interact with your customers on a regular basis. 890 more words


I Don't Care That He's not Real, I Love Him!: Characters and What they Do - Part 2

In my last post I talked about why we need good characters and got a bit into how to write them well, so now I’ll talk about how to make them real and believable. 1,193 more words





writhing in my skin,

the words cemented in my gut,



crawling under my skin,

the words heavy like sodden grass,

my mouth jammed packed with dirt, 10 more words

Never Open The Door Again - Chapter 2

Agatha estimated even running at full sprint there was no way the boy could have traveled from the front of her door to where he now stood. 2,863 more words

Short Stories