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Hair Cutting - Day 18

By the title it is quite a big one…for me anyway. I haven’t cut my hair in 4 years.

My hair is ombre and very long, I don’t do anything with it because it gets really tangled really easily and its just unmanageable. 107 more words

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2 quick steps to write better

We all yearn to write. And to write better.

Often we have a jumbled mess of thoughts in our mind, which is desperate to find its way to a sheet or screen. 502 more words

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Monthly Stats - Day 17.

I haven’t done one of these in what feels like forever so, to finish off August let’s bring it back.

I don’t actually know why I started this or when but apparently its something I do. 9 more words

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The Reality - Day 16.

I see books about a girl with a secret blog, for some of us that is reality. And its fun, not going to lie blogging is fun.. 122 more words

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Everyday Blog - Day 15.

Welcome back.. I don’t have a plan for this post really..

At least I don’t have to worry about the title..well actually I do have to know what day it is.. 116 more words

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Everyday Blog - Day 14

Hey everyone, okay I just want to talk about something here.


Firstly, its over £400 for a shoddy course and I have to get 5 A*-C . 18 more words

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Everyday Blog - Day 13.

Hey everyone, welcome back to Everyday Blog where blog everyday for a year.

And today I want to talk about….

GCSE Exam Results.

I am actually writing this before I get my results, also have you noticed that its Day 13, which 13 is unlucky which means it guaranteed I will do bad. 186 more words

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