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I’m astounded at how my blog following continues to grow. I’m grateful for the loyal and continuous readers & “Likers”.

It was only a year ago I started this blog. 58 more words


A Month in Blogs - July 2015.

This month saw some good snowfalls in the Eastern States of Australia, and we were surprised to see that snow had fallen in our town. Years ago when we moved here, we were told it doesn’t snow – so this year the weather proved them all wrong! 129 more words

Debbie Johansson


This is the Behind the Page blog, where I’ll be showing you how I’ve gone about producing my breakthrough project called The Order Series, which is an urban-esque fantasy story set in St. 333 more words

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It's tough to be a #Blogger

How could you describe it?

A fun roller coaster ride? An exciting daily dose of the unknown? The most complex paradox of your known existence? A HUGE pain in the ass? 103 more words


On Writing for Blogs

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When I wrote On the Blogging Blues (April 27, 2015), I had no idea the level of comments readers would provide. After all, the post was about the importance of and the different levels of blogging breaks. 337 more words


How to write Powerful Blog posts

A fantastic insight into how you can write exciting, eye catching blogs for your blogging site.

See the original article here.


10 mistakes we ALL make as aspiring writers

Agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to here if any of you have ever fallen into the ‘aspiring’ writers traps.

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