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Getting Caught Up and Infinity Dreams Blog Tag

Whew! It was quite a week last week. I finally finished my first big edit of Deny: The Blades of Acktar Book 2. The good news is that the book is now in the hands of my editor, critique partner, and early readers so they can all help me whip the book into shape. 727 more words


A Month in Blogs - August 2015.

This month a touch of spring is in the air at long last, however, those winter frosts and rainy days refuse to give up just yet. 163 more words

Debbie Johansson

Smash Your Stories Or What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I follow Astrology. I am open-minded and feel there are many paths to greater mojo, so I like a lot of variety on the spiritual dial. 1,555 more words

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Blogging For Writers - Joined Up Writing #29


Keep sharing the show & please give us your feedback.

Remember, this is YOUR SHOW – keep tweeting us, leave your comments below, check out our… 123 more words


7 Things to Serve wth Seafood Gumbo

In the blogging world of writers, I’ve spotted a trend. Or maybe it’s a gimmick. Or perhaps a mantra.  Simply put — number it and they will read. 296 more words

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Great Tumblr Writing Blogs to Follow

I haunt Tumblr. Mostly for the entertaining content my dashboard presents to me (and I mean things that are genuinely intended to be funny along with a bunch of glorious images shared by artists so skilled it’s actually painful), but there are also a few writing blogs that I follow. 622 more words