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Nearly 10 years ago, I wrote a book called Pilgrim’s Bay. I worked my ass off on it because I loved the characters as if they were real people in my life. 295 more words


SOUNDING OFF on Facebook

SOUNDING OFF on Facebook

As the final weeks wind down towards the US Presidential election, emotions are running high. More people, than ever before, are involved in the political process. 394 more words


Hey everyone, I did tell you that I wouldn’t  be uploading frequently, its been 16 days since I last posted…..what even?!??

Anyway, I have seen many bloggers do the 2016 blogger award thing. 52 more words

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Wordpress Discover editors' picks of the best Writing blogs--including this one!

Are you following WordPress Discover yet? If not, you may be missing out on a quick and easy way to find the best blogs on all sorts of… 202 more words

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It’s the steady patter of rain. Both kids going to bed tonight without incident or issue. It’s S.B. downstairs putting color into the world. And it is this small room in our old house where I am alone but with everyone I’ve ever known. 239 more words

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Not Frequent

Its been a short while…. because my phone broke. Worst thing is I cant take part on the Bloggers House Cup because I could only access it through my phone. 49 more words

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Storytime - The aftermath.

Hey everyone, this is the aftermath of my last post called storytime. So, let’s start.

I went to college but had to find let’s call him ‘Dave’. 185 more words

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