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you are like a fly that buzzed in,
flying all over the place
wreaking havoc on the mortals, kingpin to hell.
i am like a fly that tries to buzz out… 16 more words

Writing Capsule

refusal of removal

every day that has led me to this day has been important. no matter what, i would not remove even one second, minute, or even hour. 32 more words

Writing Capsule

i am

i thought i am
with my moods and tones and colors
but so are the others
with their words and songs and bothers
my unique is still a common… 28 more words

Writing Capsule

bring me summer

when have i ever told you that
you brought winter with you?
so audacious to assume!

you brought spring,
the flowers,
the breeze, the sound of laughter. 76 more words

Writing Capsule


the ripple of water in a small container
is still a ripple,
just like a voice you don’t stop hearing
is still the voice that says… 26 more words

Writing Capsule

thin ice

being with you is like treading on thin ice
how long could i walk on it?
i’ll keep my distance for now.
for if i slip, you’ll break… 11 more words

Writing Capsule