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Visit Hillwood Today!

Come join us in Hillwood during Common Hour today (Wednesday September 21st), where we will be available to answer questions you have in regards to the Writing Center. 24 more words

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A letter from an alumnus: A.J. Rivera


My name is Adrian Rivera (though I go by A.J.). During my time as an undergraduate I worked at the Writing Center. Specifically, I worked there for three years, with two and a half years of that time being as a lead consultant. 743 more words


Strategies for Supporting Student Writers, From a Supplemental Instructor

Whenever I tell someone that I am the Instructional Support Specialist at Middlesex Community College (MxCC) and then briefly explain what that means, I brace myself for their response: … 1,841 more words

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Do you even revise, bro?

Writing is a process; it’s messy, it’s sometimes tedious, it’s unique for each of us, and it takes TIME. Revision is a vital part of that process and believe it or not, it’s ongoing. 901 more words


"The Writer" by Richard Wilbur

Writing can be a challenge. Richard Wilbur’s poem shows someone who understands the struggles that may occur throughout the writing process. Give it a read, and then set up an appointment at the Writing Center. 283 more words

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Come Join Us!

Interested in learning more about the Writing Center? Join us in Hillwood during Common Hour on Wednesday September 21st, so that you can discover how we can help you with your paper. 48 more words

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Starting a Writing Center: A Risk, a Recipe, and an Invitation

Vulnerability–in life, in writing, in yoga class, you name it–is really tough for me, so you can imagine how moved I am when another teacher in this amazing community is willing to share a challenge in the classroom, a well-intentioned project gone slightly askew, or a new endeavor in its wobbly-legged infancy. 963 more words