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Writing Center News: We're Hiring!

This year, we’ve hit some big milestones at the Writing Center — 21,000+ views on our blog, over 700 views on our new Instagram account, and more than 3,300 appointments and drop-in sessions!  92 more words

Writing Center News

Whitman and His Artists

As the outreach intern for the Montana State University Writing Center, I occasionally have the opportunity to meet with some extremely interesting people. Recently, I met with Jim Dolan—the artist behind MSU’s new statue of Lincoln and many of the other bronze sculptures around campus—at his studio to learn about his personal relationship with Walt Whitman’s work and his motivation to recreate him in metal. 827 more words

Incomplete Thoughts About: The Things WC Students Say

The frustrating thing about writing is that there is no one right way, but there are a multitude of wrong ways to go about writing a sentence. 502 more words

Creative Biting, or How Meeting with Some College Students Sparked Something

REGULAR READERS of these missives — all three of you — will recall an almost 15-year history of on-again, off-again blogging. There have been fertile periods, the occasional collaboration, new focuses and themes, and — no small point — friendships made. 343 more words


Eliminating Fluff

“Wordiness” causes a whole variety of negative consequences. Efficiency can make your reader feel entertained, welcome, educated and most importantly, engaged.

Active vs. Passive Voice… 548 more words

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Why You Should Read More in College

By Sarah Mosser, Professional Writing Tutor, Adjunct Faculty

I always read avidly. In high school, I would fill half my bed with books. I’d have to shove them all over just to make room to crawl in at night. 607 more words