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Finals Preparation

Take a deep breath, we have one week left of school and then FINALS. You know what this means- studying until yours eyes can’t take it anymore. 777 more words

The Trickster and the Everyday Writing Center | 010

In my discussion with my small group (involving Liz, Jenna, Tessa, and Ruobing) about the second chapter inĀ The Everyday Writing Center, we unearthed different ways about thinking about the”trickster” involved in the title of the chapter and what it could mean. 373 more words


Case Study Synthesis

This semester I have been exploring how different theories allow me to explore the writing center as an object of study. Different theories allowed me to look at different aspects of the writing center, helping to approach big picture issues or more narrow foci depending on the theory. 3,709 more words

Grad School Explorations

My Teaching & Consulting Philosophy

I have been a Writing Center Consultant for almost a year now, which is very exciting. As I reflect on all that I have accomplished this year, I can say I still feel the passion for helping students improve their writing abilities. 952 more words

Texting-Talk: The Future of Language?

There is a sudden debate on whether or not texting-talk is evolution of the English language, or simply laziness. Texting-talk is basically shortened English words or phrases that started off beingĀ utilized with the use of technological devices or mediums such as email, AOL messaging (IM), and texting from a flip-phone. 739 more words

International Education

How can international students make their education in the US successful?

The deep thoughts that a lot of students usually have within themselves when they sit on their study tables or just before they retire to bed of achieving that great GPA usually pushes them to work harder. 409 more words