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Finish It# 31 - Few quivering moments

The earth was trembling. Not sure what to do she grabbed her little girl, hoping her son and husband were safe. Within no time, the worried mother of two rushed toward the patio to see his son. 279 more words

Writing Challenge


She approaches. The trees change their attire in deference, casting small sacrifices underfoot. 6 more words



a flangiprop is that thing you’re always thinking about that’s on the tip of your tongue but can’t get it out. it’s contagious, virulent, when you have a flangiprop problem, the people surrounding you inevitably get a flangiprop problem. 133 more words

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I Have 2 Reasons To Smile on World Smile Day!

Happy Smile Day!!!

Reason Number One:

Oh!  I am in a Coffee Prince mood today! It’s all coffee, cuteness and cuddly feelings. Never have I found a tv show with great writing, solid casting and a romantic trope that does not suck! 305 more words


NaNoWriMo Prep Season

That’s what they call the month (or months!) when you start trying to figure out what you’re doing for your novel.

November is going to be crazy for me because not only am I going to be getting started with editing for… 471 more words


assembly required

had I known assembly was required
post-mortem marriage
I would have left our hateful love story to
the books and the
romanticized notion of ever after and I… 202 more words

Writing Challenge

Share Your World 2015 - Week 39

Here are my answers to Cee’s weekly prompt Share Your World – Week 39

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under? 344 more words