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Wedding Plans

“Amber…? Amber!”

Amber tried to hide the look on her face. She turned to face her sister.

“What are you staring at?” Lynne asked, her face all screwed up in that motherly grimace of an older sister. 735 more words


It's that time of year again

NaNo is coming.

When I was younger, it used to be Christmas we counted down to. Now, with a seasonal change towards Spring here down under, I hear the pounding feet (or is it heartbeat?) signalling the coming NaNo. 219 more words

Writing Challenges

Not For Me

I ask with  my smiles
I ask swinging my hips
I ask with hot meals and
Sweet desserts
I ask shyly
I ask opening my legs… 16 more words

Writing Challenges

Free Autumn/Spring MOOC Courses of Interest to Writers

Lifehacker.com has recently published the Lifehacker University Fall 2015 Programme, which in essence is a roundup list of links to free university and MOOC online courses available at this time. 720 more words

Writing Challenges

The Gull

For weeks I’ve been eating nothing but berries I find along the edge of the forest, their reds and purples calling out to me, teasing me with their possible poisoned fruit. 653 more words


Queen of the Introverts

Driven into exile by the chitchatting throng, I reign over solitude from this throne. I’m no longer some spluttering pawn at the party. In here, I’m nobility, flanked by open-mouthed yet quiet companions. 9 more words

Writing Challenges

Killer Words

Of all the weapons

Used for slaying enemies

I will choose the BIC


Continuing the challenge to grow some Haiku creativity skillz
Image an RL original