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happiness coaches

bringing stars down to earth

selling a mirage

yearning for peace misconstrued

as biz opportunity

Weekly Tanka Poetry Prompt Challenge


Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille

Writing Challenges

Eternal Truth


enkindled love

and romantic gimmicks

fictional whirlpools of romantic



minds and hearts

to form long-lasting bonds

drip, drown in love to emerge… 25 more words

Writing Challenges


carefully edited highlights

creative brilliance at play

cultivated mindsets

constructed persona

coming together

cattiness of




BrewNSpew Cafe 6

Writing Challenges

Mission (Im)possible

The yellow light is unmistakable, on those dilapidated structures, but not concentrated at a place. It is visible in patches of different sizes.

He pulls out the picture of the yellow UFO circulating in social media. 72 more words

Writing Challenges

What drives me?

what took me beyond

diving in deep waters,

tips of icebergs

I sprouted wings

to fly solo in dark skies,

explore unknown worlds

it’s a call from space… 23 more words

Writing Challenges


The panoramic view is literally breathtaking. I awaken to the fact that there is so much I had never seen or known. The proverbial tip of the iceberg is within sight. 33 more words

Writing Challenges

Maybe, he tried

The pink phone had dominated her dreams for long…. ever since she lost it. It was a setback at that stage, with mobile phones not having arrived yet, and the family landline phone locked with passwords. 17 more words

Writing Challenges