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Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 17

Love pasta dinners
I’m not so fond of all the
Dishes that need washed


I might cook more if
Cooking didn’t translate to
Sinks full of dishes


#NaNoWriMo Day 17: A Respite for Hero and Reader

Day 17
Word count: 33,508 words
Word count goal: 34,000 words
Mapping the Hero’s Journey: Reward: Seizing The Sword
Save The Cat: All Is Lost (old way of thinking dies/ false defeat) 591 more words


Mushrooms everywhere

Mushroom ick

Mushrooms here mushrooms there, why must they be everywhere?

Mushrooms on a pizza, mushrooms in a salad, why stick it anywhere?

One taste was enough and now I feel the mushroom ick… 79 more words

Writing Challenges

Bridging the gap

“I can take you to the doctor, if needed.”

This was his first sentence spoken to her after three months. The marriage was shaky. But, Tisha was not willing to give up so easily. 73 more words

Flash Fiction

Day 5 of 365: The Breakfast

So I kinda caught a cold or something and am totally wipe. I’m gonna shoot for 100 words max, these excluded of course.

It wasn’t the sunlight that woke me, the weight on my arm, or  even the soft groan beside me. 83 more words

Short Stories

Reena's Exploration Challenge #Week 13

Welcome to Week 13!

Working backwards is a tip and trick we have all employed at some stage in life. It helps us to fix jigsaw puzzles or put your business plans in place. 280 more words

Writing Challenges


A water nymph for sure but never one to tempt the river god
No Diana is this dark hunter with Medusan mandibles
Instead a candid, hawkish carnivore… 101 more words

Writing Challenges