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"Mobile" Photo - Day 5

There’s a movie about the Backstreet Boys. Usually that’s not something that I would watch in the cinema, but hey… I’ve been a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys for most of my life now, so it was logical that I would make an exception just this once. 14 more words

Writing Challenges

Futile Battle

Flash! Friday bit o’ fun, with prompts of: Man vs Nature, and…

“Bring me another, would ya?”

Stu didn’t take his eyes from the metal—it was as flaky as his grandma’s pie crust. 188 more words


Think Skating Rink


Come skate in my brain

Crafted words solid as ice

It was either this or trains

Too late to think twice



Activity 1 : Gusto Kong Magsulat, Period

Hello mga neenjas! Magandang buhay. Nabasa mo na ba ang previous articles ko? So far tatlo na yun eh. Naku pag hindi mo pa nabasa ang mga yon, eh baka mahirapan kang makarelate sa writing activity na ‘to. 532 more words

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Day 9: My wish: landscape, found poetry, Enumeratio...

I want to be free like a bird
and the wind
and the leaves,
that fly and whirl
and live in the lap of nature… 35 more words

Revolving Mad Thoughts..

the critics

Captivated moths singed their wings just to be near her brilliance. Alas, her luminosity also attracted leeches. They sucked out every ounce of satisfaction. Courage siphoned, she snuffed out her own flame lest she shrivel away. 41 more words

Writing Challenges

Friday Fictioneers: Riding the Rails

Over at the Addicted to Purple blog, Rochelle has challenged us to write a story of ±100 words based on the photograph below. 116 more words

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