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So familiar but yet so foreign

They say you’re never ready, there’s always something new to learn. Something can be so familiar but yet so foreign.

I love learning new things. 314 more words

Writing Challenges

Teacher observation: Happening Truth/Story Truth

The Loving Brunette

Her eyebrows are arched with little and delicate hairs as if Leonardo Da Vinci himself painted them onto her forehead with a dark chocolate color using a liner brush. 1,406 more words

Writing Challenges

The Things I Lost

Colon, Espinar, Panama. 

               The 18-karat gold earrings that my father gave me when I was two:  in 2011 on a swimming practice after school and forgot to take them off. 309 more words

Writing Challenges

Observations: Happening Truth/Story Truth

The Teacher I Dance With

Each class when I enter the classroom, she is seated in front of her computer focused on what she needs to do with a cup of coffee on her side. 775 more words

Writing Challenges

The Things I Carried

  • My favorite swimsuit with the red stripes and the shiny sparkles that reflected with the sun and the logo of “speedo” across the top in a bright baby pink…
  • 1,419 more words
Writing Challenges

The Things I Carried

  • A big smile
  • My love to dance
  • Pointe Shoes

For every ballet class I carried my pointe shoes. I’ve always prefer using pointe shoes instead of the common ballet slippers, since I have to work harder and I feel that I make a lot more effort than using the ballet slippers. 2,225 more words

Writing Challenges

The Things I've Lost

  • I lost my teddy bear (the one my grandmother gave me)
  • I lost my glow in the dark bracelets
  • I lost my favorite pair of exercise shorts…
  • 945 more words
Writing Challenges