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Comparing Transformers Characters

Most of us read, watch, or listen to some kind of storytelling media, be it books, movies, television shows, comics, original fiction, whatever. Now some people simply wish to be part of the audience; they know whether they enjoyed something or not but probably don’t think too deeply about why they enjoyed it or didn’t enjoy it. 965 more words


Thriving Within Metaphor

Part of the writer’s toolbox is means of comparison. The three most popular tools we use are analogy, simile, and metaphor. These are opportunities for writers to use their imagination and skill to conjure a movie screen in their reader’s mind. 857 more words


Twisting / a poem

Ray won’t behave.

She flaunts at me, skipping over the page.

I told her she’s a naïve troubled teen

but she sticks out her tongue – she is so mean. 305 more words

British Writer

Abuse the Muse

Do I have a muse? Hell yes. I have dozens of them. But who are they? The key is that it is not important who they are or where they come from — what is important is how I use them to help me articulate what is in my imagination into tangible product. 974 more words


Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictonary

When I started to learn Mandarin I mainly focused on traditional characters which are used in Taiwan. I was looking for a resource which allows me to both see the characters used in traditional and simplified chinese. 109 more words


Thinking about the act of killing

Before I start this blog, I want you to know it may be disturbing, and might even be slightly offensive. So, if you’re not familiar with hunting or the farming life, you might skip this one. 843 more words

Novel Writing

Creating Unique Personalities for Loads of Main Characters

I have a lot of different characters – I mean a lot. I have lots of different stories I’ve worked on over the years, but I have at least seven or so “main projects” going on right now, which means at least ten or so main characters that I need to at least partially differentiate. 1,028 more words