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Writing Realistic Characters - Part 1.


Everyone who teaches creative writing will tell you that it’s important to have realistic characters. They must be people the reader can relate to — even like — and the reader must be concerned for the protagonist. 781 more words

Understanding Your Characters: Creating a Character Profile

Your characters are central to your story. They don’t have to be liked by all, but they need to be compelling. They need something that makes them relatable to the audience: maybe it’s what scares them the most, what is keeping them from facing the truth that most resonates with your readers. 558 more words

Writing Advice

How to Show Character Flaws

All my characters are flat. I barely know some of them. They have no depth. I have no idea how they’re supposed to drive the story. 777 more words


Inspiration's Hammer

I watch my son, a talented young artist. I see his skill and confidence growing each day. He and I are similar in that we each have our talents. 863 more words


Why Readers Should Like & Relate to Your Villain

Consider the following villains: Darth Vader, Maleficent, Hannibal Lecter. What makes them so delightful to hate? These characters appeal to the audience for many reasons, which boil down to a simple fact. 306 more words


Writing Quote Tuesday

This week’s quote is from Stephen King:

“I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose.”

–Stephen King


Writing Quote Tuesday

Problems in the Middle

I’m a middle child, so it’s no surprise that I dislike conflict. According to Dr. Kevin Levine in The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are… 248 more words