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How to Handle Criticism

As a budding writer or author, you will suffer through a great deal of criticism. Everyone’s a critic, and everyone criticises art. That means you and your work will be a big target. 611 more words

Writers Life

Creating Loveable Characters and Character Profiles~ Writing Tips From The Inexperienced Fantasy Farmgirl

Ok so I am inexperienced. I have been writing on the same novel for nearly 4 years now. (it’s so close to being done!) I have written several short stories and have them sitting in my room waiting to be edited so I can publish. 865 more words


The last character I’ll discuss from Soul Conquest is Courtney. She was older when she was abducted and comes to the gym as terrified as the rest of the slaves had been, but her age and personality help her navigate her trial differently. 359 more words


What Will Inner Conflict Do for Your Story?

I can already see you clicking away from this page as I give this next advice, but stick with me: all good stories are character-driven. 965 more words

ON WRITING: Knowing Your Characters

Firstly, shoutout to Aimee for writing this amazing blogpost that finally tided me over into using page-breakers! If you’re looking for ways on how to better improve your posts, definitely check out the post she wrote! 948 more words


Developing a Character’s Fatal Flaw

Flaws are one of the important aspects to develop in a character. And also can be tricky to get right. So, here’s what I have found works. 548 more words


Reaching for the Characters

In all the years I’ve been writing – learning, honing, experimenting – the biggest challenge I’ve faced is to stick to writing a novel. There have been many failed attempts for sure. 605 more words