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Creating a Protagonist with Depth:Part 2

If you haven’t read Part One of this series, you can find it HERE.

Now…on with the show!

In PART TWO of this series, we’ll be talking about  536 more words


Want to develop your character? Write a Dating Profile

Run a Google search for “character profiles” and you’ll pull-up lot’s of character worksheets and questionnaires. Some of them are really basic, asking your character’s favorite color or if he ever had a pet. 296 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Thinking HARDER about characters

After writing last night’s post, I felt pretty good about the place I thought I’d gotten to. However, when I woke up and checked my Facebook, I noticed a nice little bit of feedback on my post. 505 more words

Writing Process

Thinking about characters

A week or two ago, I decided to focus on finishing the first complete draft of the book* instead of going back and strengthening the main character. 879 more words

Writing Process

5 Mistakes killing your book

I’ve been reading some Indie novels in a GoodReads review group and I’ve noticed several common writing mistakes. Some of them seem very remedial for published authors, and I wanted to call them out on it. 417 more words

Creative Writing

Sometimes, You Have to Give Your Characters the Axe

By: Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

When you take ten years to produce a novel, it’s unlikely that the end result looks anything like the first draft. I remember when I was nearly done writing the first draft of… 201 more words


The Real People Behind The Character - Jessica Backman Revealed

With only 5 days until the release of my next book, ISLAND OF THE FORBIDDEN, I thought it was time to talk a little about my brave ghost warrior, Jessica Backman. 708 more words

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