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How to Write a Book in 3 Months

Yes, it’s possible. The first draft, anyway.

If National Novel Writing Month didn’t work out for you or was too rushed, try an easier goal of churning out a rough draft in 3 months. 1,227 more words


Mental Exercise for Your Writer’s Brain over the Holidays

Just because we turn off the computer to prepare for the holidays, it doesn’t mean we should or even can turn off our minds. We are blessed to carry our best writing tool wherever we go. 409 more words

50 Writing Blog Post Ideas

Maintaining a consistent writing blog can be tricky, especially when you’ve had one for a while and have to keep coming up with ideas for posts. 586 more words


A Short Story From A Writing Prompt

I’m feeling a little creative today and am in the mood to tackle something new and different. I searched for a prompt on Pinterest, and this is the one that struck my fancy. 597 more words

On Life

Now that's what I'm talking about.

At the moment I am watching a Thai drama called 2Moons. It’s different from what I usually watch, but I absolutely love it. Not all of it, though, there is this one thing I dislike about it. 289 more words



Since a lot of you joined lately, I’e updated and reprinted this from four years ago.

When readers open a book , they expect to enjoy it, or at least to FEEL something. 724 more words

Writing: For Fun Or Profit?

Writing Week • recalibration

I still like the idea of, at least, ruminating weekly on my writing — what I’ve done, what I’ve discovered, what I’ve focused on, what’s on my mind — but whenever it comes to the day to post (usually) Sunday, I feel rushed. 70 more words

Nights Of Heroes