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Creating Unforgettable Characters

If you are a writer looking for some good resource books to add to your writing toolbox, think about getting Melinda Curtis’ new release.

Frankly my dear… Creating Unforgettable Characters… 413 more words

Shanna Hatfield

Boring Character Deaths

In a book I read recently, the main character meets a dude, falls madly in love, then the dude dies. We are supposed to be sad, but my thoughts were more along the lines of “oh well.” 99 more words


Boggarts- Character Fears

Spring break has come to my small town, and that means no social interaction and staying locked up in my home, anxiety free. That also means… 224 more words

Writing Tips

Writing Mental Disorders

Be careful when writing about mental disorders because unless you have personally experienced them, either through having one or through a close relative/friend, all the research in the world cannot prepare you for the hell they bring. 320 more words


Writing Powerful Characters

More than fiction

Hey guys,

This topic is written about and covered in multiple blogs but time and again, people continue to write hollow characters. The truth is, your characters need to be people you could see in everyday life- even if they are half goat, half dragon beasts. 317 more words


Depression and Empathy - the writer connection

Jill James, an author in the Authors of Main Street group I’ve been invited to join, has this to say about authors, and the source of the emotion in their writing–their own hearts. 44 more words

Why Books are Living Things

In contemplating what to write about today, I’ve decided to go a little off the deep end for the bewilderment of my readers. We writers can be a touch eccentric, and in order to perpetuate the characterization, I thought I’d chat about stuff I don’t know. 606 more words


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I have a button that says, 'Some of my Best Friends are Books.' I love this article by D. Wallace Peach on books as living things. -KJQ