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Time to Write: Letter

Write a letter to your current protagonist. Talk about whatever you want. This is a fun exercise for you to get to know your characters a little better and maybe what they want to accomplish in your story. 9 more words


The Women of Criminal Minds

The writers of Criminal Minds have given us a beautiful gift; strong female characters. Good, strong female characters are hard to find.

“Strong” for a female character seems to translate into “bitch” or “masculine”. 844 more words

Writing Characters - Portrait of an ESFP.

I’m getting Psychic Undercover (with the Undead) (SDF book 1) ready to go for publication next week and one thing I like to do with my characters, either when creating them or after they’re fully formed like here just to get an idea of little details to throw in last minute, is to do the Myers Briggs personality test as them. 457 more words


What's in A Name? Assignment 1

We are going to shift gears a little bit for a new set of writing challenges. Building off our study of Point of View over at… 772 more words

On Writing

The First Biggest Mistake I Made in Writing

Hint: It’s talking about how you feel

Alternate title: A mistake I made in writing that I was made aware of before being aware of other preexisting issues with my writing such as clichés, overuse of commas, and not-goodness. 1,809 more words


Wrestling with Character

My current work-in-progress is a superhero story about a guy who hates superheroes and therefore becomes a villain. And I just today wrote the start of a scene that kind of shocked me. 481 more words


She won't be ignored.

Hello my fantabulous freaky friends,

Let me start with – sometimes I’m an idiot. Where do I begin…what had happen was…

I was sitting at my screen and I was ready to crash my head through it. 433 more words