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Keurig Cups and Characters on Aisle 12: Avoiding the Interchangeable Character Trap

You could call it the Modern Family curse (feel free to insert the title of your once-loved but run-too-long sitcom of preference). The watching world (WW) once was adored it, with its sharp timing and its character-driven comedy and its Ed O’Neill. 904 more words

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A to Z Challenge: O


Dwight had never heard of Larry Sullivan until their first meeting. The ombudsman had gotten a call from a reader and wanted to know about Dwight’s sources for a few stories, including the series that earned Dwight the Pulitzer nomination. 196 more words

John Davis Frain

A to Z Challenge: N


When the light flashed outside Room 8, Suzanne and Mary played a desperate game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. Losing, Suzanne begged, “Two out of three” only to watch Mary wave and stroll the opposite direction. 280 more words

John Davis Frain

A to Z Challenge: K


The family gathered on the front porch, their niece laughing at the stories Aunt Pearl spun, pleading for one more before bed, giggling the words out: “Tell the one where you guys first met.” 246 more words

John Davis Frain

A to Z Challenge: I


Investigator Zambrano shifted his weight in the chair, striving for comfort in an uncomfortable situation. Worst part of the job.

“No easy way to say this, ma’am, except to tell you we located your car, and the man inside, in the driver’s seat, he was killed. 248 more words

John Davis Frain

One of my characters changed, and I'm upset

People talk all the time about writing characters, and they speak as though they can change their characters. Speaking like that is very silly.

You can’t tell your characters what to do; they do what they like, and sometimes what they do is upsetting. 138 more words

Some Tips on Writing Voices

Voice – that elusive element of writing that can make or break a piece. Good voice authenticates the character, gives them a personality, an identity. It makes the text a character in itself. 1,626 more words