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What's in a Name?

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We were musing about names the other day (“Why I Rob Banks,” 1-25-16), which got me thinking about character names and I made an interesting discovery. 283 more words

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The Personality Pickpockets: Putting Yourself Into Your Characters

So, some writing advice. Because I thought of it and it’s been a while since I did any writing advice articles on here.

Here ya go. 768 more words


Why I Turned Off My Car Radio

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Sharp observation skills, like every muscle in your body, atrophy without use. Conversely, you build and sharpen your observation skills through daily practice. 299 more words

John Davis Frain

Venn Diagram of Basketball & Writing: an Eclipse

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Two people live in the same world. They go through a remarkably similar experience. Yet, they react to it in starkly different ways. 399 more words

John Davis Frain

Writing a Book Review: 10 Things I Learned In 79,497 words

After 79,497 words, 144 A4 pages, 424,977 characters all put in to one 325kb Word document, I have finally completed my first ever first draft of a novel. 1,757 more words

Writing A Book

Why Your Protagonist Isn’t Special (And Shouldn’t Be)

Characters drive stories. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a romance novel or an action-packed thriller; the key to drawing readers into your narrative is developing interesting characters that grow with your story. 403 more words

Writing Tips

How to Create Memorable Characters

[I]t’s not a good idea to try to put your wife into a novel. Not your latest wife, anyway.

~Norman Mailer, quoted in Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Third Series… 1,261 more words

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