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When Characters take Control by Mae Clair

I’ve been thinking about my characters a lot lately and how more than a few have surprised me. For the most part these are secondary characters who demand a bigger role or—at the very least—venture beyond the part I intended for them. 432 more words

Mae Clair

The Non-Jungle Book: Recapturing Your Story from a Plot Gone Wild

So, the outline of what began as a simple-enough story inspired by a tidy potent emotion has become less a sturdy structure and more of a jungle, complete with tangled vines. 1,060 more words

Editing And Writing

A to Z Awards Show

Because everyone loves statistics (when someone else compiles them), we present the final tally to wrap up the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge on this blog: 541 more words

John Davis Frain

Dead Shroud of the Sun

Day 211

THE SUN ROSE. Or at least, he knew by the sudden alertness of his body that it should have. Dense cloud cover blotted out the sky; the only sign that anything had changed was a gentle white haze blossoming on the cold, hard ground. 58 more words

Adbat Writes

Beautiful People 17 ~ May 2016

Once again I am linking up with this wonderful writing aid known as Beautiful People for Writers together with Cait and Sky. Thanks for this you guys, every time I get to know my characters a little better! 744 more words


Keurig Cups and Characters on Aisle 12: Avoiding the Interchangeable Character Trap

You could call it the Modern Family curse (feel free to insert the title of your once-loved but run-too-long sitcom of preference). The watching world (WW) once was adored it, with its sharp timing and its character-driven comedy and its Ed O’Neill. 904 more words

Editing And Writing

A to Z Challenge: O


Dwight had never heard of Larry Sullivan until their first meeting. The ombudsman had gotten a call from a reader and wanted to know about Dwight’s sources for a few stories, including the series that earned Dwight the Pulitzer nomination. 196 more words

John Davis Frain