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WHO SAID THAT? When Characters Speak, They Should Have Something to Say

Dialogue gives life to our stories. It speeds up the story and adds spice and action. We learn a lot about the characters from how they speak to others. 1,289 more words

Where Fear and Love Collide

Fear, love, fireworks? You may think you know where this post is going, but don’t be too sure.

Today I taught 15 middle school students about creating characters for a short story. 212 more words


Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #88 - Yet More on Characters

What are the most important things to consider when you write a book? The story arc and character development. Today’s tip is simple and it’s going to help with the latter. 74 more words

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Why I Don't Give My Characters "Flaws"

Greetings, All. In the video below, I explain why I’m not a fan of giving my characters flaws on purpose. Check it out and let me know what’s your take on it.


Beautiful People #26 - Author Writing Process Edition

Paper Fury has done it again with another lovely Beautiful People post – even if I was a bit late in getting to it. Just under the wire! 557 more words


NAMING CHARACTERS: Rose May Not Smell So Sweet

“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” That may be so in Shakespeare’s world, but not so much in our writing. Imagine reading the classic novel, Gone with the Wind, if the heroine was not Scarlett, but Pansy. 868 more words

Okay, so I’ve not posted in a while. Sorry about that. Mainly I’ve been spending all my writing time battling to get the first full draft of my next novel done. 74 more words