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How to Write Better Characters 

From our last post, you found out that the characters in your work need to be well thought through. But how do you actually make them real? 152 more words

Writers Notes

Why Characters Matter 

Your characters are the ones running the story – not you. I’m sorry but your story is theirs, you can’t always control what happens. Sometimes the characters need to decide for themselves. 214 more words

Writers Notes

How Pieces of You and People You Know End Up in Your Characters


Luckily, for some people I know, I don’t write a lot of villains into my novels. As I do in real life, I try to not let nasty, uncaring, judgmental, ridiculously competitive and fake people seep into my world too often. 767 more words

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Bearing Gifts: Chrissy- Chapter 1

Feel free to leave a comment regarding what you thought, suggestions, questions, or even to point out typos! Thanks for reading!

Chrissy tried to smile as Omaira pushed the tupperware container of kulcha khatai cookies into her hands.

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What do ya mean "not real"?

The writer’s life is not for everyone. Beyond all those pesky concerns about, ya know, eating and where you’re gonna live, there are the voices in your head. 540 more words

Science Fiction

I am working on my patience.

I absolutely tore through the month of April when it came to my writing. I was on fire, setting daily goals and “winning” Camp NaNoWriMo right on schedule, to my deep satisfaction. 766 more words

Bringing a Story to Life - The Life of a Character

My books usually end where they began. I try to bring characters back to a point that is familiar but different because of the growth that they have gone through. 889 more words

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