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Writing and Characters

I have a love hate relationship with writing. I enjoy writing stories and making characters, but when it comes to class assignments, even when they are my own choice, I hate it. 368 more words

Consumption Objects

NaNoWriMo Tips: Reverse Things

Your character is afraid of their own shadow. They creep through life trying to never disturb the dust of living, yet life still happens to them. 138 more words

Writing Tips

Making People In My Head - by Gaie Sebold

Someone asked me recently, “Which comes first for you, character or plot?”

“Oh, character,” I said. “Character every time.”

And having said it, I realised that it might be… 764 more words


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A fun and interesting look at writing characters from Gaie Sebold.

The Mother of All Character Checklists

Here are 89 exciting character traits to help you create more realistic fictional people than ever before! I’ve been adding to it for the past year or so since I started my novel. 391 more words


Donald Trump Is A Big Orange Bag Of Supervillain Tropes

If I wrote Donald Trump as a character, he would never fly outside of overt satire. “He’s too one-dimensional, too absurdly over the top, too poorly conceived. 910 more words


She Means Well

Assignment 1: University of Iowa Free Online Course How Writers Write 

I offer her a cup of tea, because this is what her type expects. Of course, she refuses in the way that people do when they want something. 1,915 more words

Writer's Digest Conference 2016: How to Write Compelling Characters

A few more tips from the Writer’s Digest Conference, this event was a literal gold mine for myself and as I keep going through my notes and working on my stories I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned. 484 more words