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Whenever I spoke to writers’ groups, “Where do you get your ideas?” always came up. Like the unique platypus, the final story is usually a combination of odds and ends that somehow fit together. 860 more words

Basing Characters on Real People

My usual disclaimer, none of this is meant to be legal advice. Do not take it as such. If you want specific legal advice, hire a lawyer. 855 more words


Writing 101: Character

Hello and welcome everyone to lesson 3 of Writing 101. Today’s topic is one of the most vital elements of your piece: character. Your character is the driving force of your piece. 1,066 more words


Characters - First Impressions and Change

How do you show your characters’ personalities? How do you show they are good?

Or not?

No, really, think of the opening scene of any kind of fantasy/sci-fi book or show. 404 more words


Character Development - What are You so Afraid of!

Welcome to another writerslife Wednesday.

What are you characters afraid of? And I don’t mean they go, “Eek!” at spiders. I mean real fears.

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know I have OCD. 467 more words


Character Development - Legality vs. Morality

This is sort of a post on law, but I want you to read it in terms of how you can apply these kinds of quandaries to your characters. 495 more words


Never look back

In my novel, Michael is a character who firmly believes in leaving the past behind. So much, he’s christened his boat Never Look Back… 321 more words

Closed Doors