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Abuse the Muse

Do I have a muse? Hell yes. I have dozens of them. But who are they? The key is that it is not important who they are or where they come from — what is important is how I use them to help me articulate what is in my imagination into tangible product. 974 more words


Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictonary

When I started to learn Mandarin I mainly focused on traditional characters which are used in Taiwan. I was looking for a resource which allows me to both see the characters used in traditional and simplified chinese. 109 more words


Thinking about the act of killing

Before I start this blog, I want you to know it may be disturbing, and might even be slightly offensive. So, if you’re not familiar with hunting or the farming life, you might skip this one. 843 more words

Novel Writing

Creating Unique Personalities for Loads of Main Characters

I have a lot of different characters – I mean a lot. I have lots of different stories I’ve worked on over the years, but I have at least seven or so “main projects” going on right now, which means at least ten or so main characters that I need to at least partially differentiate. 1,028 more words


The ruggedly handsome rogue hero.

I suppose the ruggedly handsome rogue hero, is technically more appropriately called the lovable rogue, but I like my description better. I could try to write a how-to here, but that’s pointless, because there’s a lot of that out there and everything I’ve seen I generally disagree with to a certain extent. 597 more words


Writing characters, not symptoms: A gamer with autism discusses what our hobby gets wrong

Get the brand new Playstation4: Click for details. Stay Connected. Follow Polygon Now! The term encompasses a wide spectrum of disorders characterized by impairments in social, communication and imaginative skills that affects everybody who has them differently. 14 more words

To Capture A Mockingbird...

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” ― … 559 more words