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Hippocamp 2016 Round-Up

Gentle Readers, I come to you from Amsterdam Schipol, my second-favorite airport, where I can get a haircut and some tulip bulbs and eat hagelslag… 599 more words

News And Events

Authorial Intrusion: Attending a Writing Workshop (Part 1)

I’m just coming off a terrific week. I attended a writing workshop, my first in more than a decade. I was nervous at the outset, but soon the week settled into a nice (if tiring) rhythm. 559 more words

Authorial Instrusion

7 Tips about the Basic Needs and Stressors of Introverts

Thank you, Jesus—I’m home again!

A few weeks ago, I found myself surrounded by extroverts, enjoying their confidence as they absorbed energy from all who surrounded them at a publishing event for Christian writers. 476 more words

Writer's Life

I Didn't Give Up

I’m so excited about my publishing contract with Anaiah Press. Since signing the contract a few days ago, I’ve been thinking about the years that led up to this happy event. 473 more words

Christian Faith

Finding your tribe: How to find a critique group

This blog probably doesn’t have enough room for me to count all the ways in which my critique partners are wonderful and amazing, and I absolutely couldn’t do what I do without them. 658 more words


The Persistent Author

I wrote a book, something I’d yearned to do since childhood. I naively thought I’d start at page one and proceed in a logical fashion to “The End.” Instead the story came together in fits and starts with a whole lot of organizing, reorganizing, writing and rewriting—much of it done at night when I suffered from insomnia. 529 more words


Details 4: Surprises Reward Close Observation

For this week’s challenge, try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach . . . zoom in on details in unexpected places.

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