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Writers Conferences: Doodling HippoCamp 2017

By Rebecca Fish Ewan

P.S. HippoCamp returns to Lancaster in late summer 2018. Details Here.


Rebecca Fish Ewan is the founder of Plankton Press (where small is big enough) and creates Tiny Joys & GRAPH(feeties) zines. 680 more words

News And Events

SCBWI WWR 9/2017

Me–prepping for the upcoming SCBWI Working Writer’s Retreat:

Fortunately I got in, thanks to iphone alerts, Alexa/Echo alerts, the wall calendar with a particular date circled so thickly in red it could never become invisible, no matter the million times I pass it in my daily life. 110 more words


My Kindle Scout Journey - Part 1 - What is Kindle Scout?

Reprinted from Kathrin Lake’s blog with her permission.

So what is Kindle Scout exactly and how are you, me and the proverbial lamppost supposed to use it to publish our books? 1,069 more words


Hello There!: Life Updates and What-Have-You's

Knock, knock.

(You say “who’s there?”)

Sorry, I originally made the picture smaller, but it was just adamant that it wanted to be this size. 513 more words

Random Ramblings

Conference Talk: The Importance of Student Sharing

By Rae Pagliarulo

Earlier this summer, I attended an exceptional writing conference, hosted by a highly respected literary magazine. The week-long event was scheduled meticulously, with several hours of in-class time each day, afternoon craft discussions, and nightly readings from our critically acclaimed faculty members. 1,070 more words

Business Of Writing

Conference Recap

I finally got the recap of the conference filmed and uploaded!

Until next time, word nerds!

Kate G Jameson

The Joy of Coordinating a Writing Conference

This past weekend (August 4-5, 2017), we held the second annual Taylor University’s Professional Writing Conference at Taylor University.

Last year, 2016, we did our first conference. 544 more words