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Keep Your Two Cents and Bank It

I have lots of writing projects I’m juggling at the moment. And the extra-long weekend gave me plenty of time to work on them. I’ve spent time writing and revising my short stories, I’ve added to the outline for my novel, I’ve “attended” my online writing course with James Patterson, and I’ve written some more material for a possible memoir/self-help book I’ve been considering. 914 more words

Is being an author written in your DNA like brown eyes and freckles?

After Wednesday’s groan-athon, where I attempted to turn whiny introspection into an art form, and realising that I probably focus on rejection way too much in these posts, I thought I’d write something rather more positive. 432 more words


Waiting on Winter

(But not really. Happy Magnetic Monday!)


How authors can overcome their lack of time to write

Greetings from ‘sporadically sunny, but when it comes down to it, pretty rainy and miserable, let’s stay in and have another cup of hot chocolate’ 175 more words


Don't touch that bottle

The weak light filtered down, somehow still strong enough to turn my normally pasty shoulders pink. There would be hell to pay…no, there would be stinging pain and an embarrassing circlet of rosy flesh, my price for ignoring the feeble English sun. 536 more words


Did a non-existent Ancient Greek write my novel?

Now, I’m no great believer in Calliope.

No, I don’t mean the steam powered musical intrument. I’ve seen some of those, heard their fluty tones, so I know they exist. 669 more words


Still not winter

Some magnetic poetry to start the week.