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Writing Day: 8/18/2017

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: AMOF

Word count: 74,306
Today’s WC goal: N/A

So…long time no see! I haven’t done a writing update here in quite a while, and since I last posted I have finished my “first” draft! 407 more words

Writing Day Recipe

Prep time for this recipe is to clear one day of your calendar free of any social obligations.

Take your obligation-free day and add a light rainstorm to the weather, just enough to gray out the skies and emit a calming pitter-patter on the windows and roof. 136 more words


A Day in the Life of Mary Mae Lewis

Thank you to my latest guest Mary Mae Lewis.

First of all I want to say I only consider myself a writer now I have a book published! 354 more words

Guest Blogs

Writing Day: 7/25/2017

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: #GayAdventureStory

Word count: 63,233
Today’s WC goal: 2,000

I wrote roughly around 3k words on my last writing day, so I’m up-ing my goal to 2k words today. 299 more words

Writing Day: 7/20/2017

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: #GayAdventureStory

Word count: 61,575
Today’s WC goal: 1,000

Recently, I read a thread on Twitter that had me thinking about my WIP and how I would like it to be perceived when read by people that aren’t me. 403 more words

Writing Day: 7/18/2017

So ever since I started this blog, I had the idea of documenting my writing process and when/where I write. This is mostly for me to have some sort of incentive to take my writing seriously and get stuff done. 275 more words

Love Letter From Me

Sometimes love is like a fist, it
can break through the veil of eternity

A faint feathery whisper that brushes
the cheek like the back of a hand… 64 more words