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Unexpected Writing Day

Hello Readers.

Well, today didn’t go as planned at all. My boss forgot to bring wages to work so I had t wait for his wife to bring them in at three, and thus I couldn’t go for my random walk outside of Falmouth (because I’m a bit skint at the moment and couldn’t afford the travel) so instead I went for a wander along the beach. 572 more words



Tomorrow, a Wednesday in late July will be my first day of writing, an entire day for writing, in…..an immeasurable time. I used to write on Wednesdays and Saturdays as a regular schedule, and often micro sessions in between, before having a kid. 258 more words

In Progress

out loud: 102/365

I’m in Provincetown doing what I do best–shutting out everything except for the essential in order to complete a project–a hopefully final read-thru on my novel.  199 more words

1 True Thing

Ice Shoes

501+ story words.

Nothing else to say.


We're going on a cave hunt... Writing Caves # 5

Okay, people, we’re nearly there now.

We’ve sat for a while in my dining room, popped into the overcrowded, body-odour scented, eccentrics-magnet that is public transport, drank over-priced, over-sugared hot chocolate at a… 656 more words


We're going on a cave hunt... Writing Caves #4

I love being in bed. Not like that, saucy!

I just enjoy that soft, warm feeling that only hiding in your bedroom brings. Not that my bedroom’s anything glamorous. 597 more words