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Let Me Study You

Can I share one of my secrets with you?
I love you. Not the air-brushed kind of love
that looks real on the canvas till the colors… 285 more words

Love & Death

Love spent hours
staring at
the destruction he saw
in his own eyes
trying to understand
what could’ve gone so
terribly wrong, how he
could’ve so easily… 278 more words


Daydreams descend like waves,
like thick soupy clouds, sometimes
obscuring the view of what’s right
in front of you. Trapped
between what seems real and… 67 more words

Butterfly's Wings

He taunted me as
he took off, knowing I never
was fitted for wings
so I can never fly away.
And that’s why I stay – here.

Peace & Love,

A Lonely Flower

I found a lonely
flower in a barren field
then smothered it with
my love.

Peace & Love,

Save the Last Dance

Save the last dance for
me. My tears will stain your shirt,
my love stain your heart.

Peace & Love,

The Dream Conjurer

I finally realized
I must have dreamed you
into being, that you were
just another vivid dream
and I a dream conjurer.
And even when I knew all along… 58 more words