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Love Letter From Me

Sometimes love is like a fist, it
can break through the veil of eternity

A faint feathery whisper that brushes
the cheek like the back of a hand… 64 more words

The Most Beautiful Lie

The most beautiful lie
is the one that
never feels like a lie

Sometimes there are no words
to replace what’s been lost as a… 102 more words


We thought we’d finally
found love. Our delusions
made us easy prey. Pray
that when this is all over we
will still believe. We
will still long to feel love… 47 more words

A New Birth

The miracle of
birth. Watching love give birth to
hate. Breathtaking lies.

Peace & Love,

Happy National Poetry Month, Day 15


Less than 24 hours ago, two sisters were killed by the husband of one of the women. Two days before that, a school teacher and one of her students was killed by her husband. 399 more words

Writing Day 7 | Camp NaNoWriMo 2017

Hallo, leute!So, I got out of my writing slump and I’m really glad that it was over and done with quickly! I hate being on writing slumps…The story of Stolen Score is really taking off, I think and I’m having a lot of fun with it. 161 more words

I'm in Love

They wouldn’t believe me if I told them
so I mostly don’t tell them a thing about
how I feel, instead I hold my words close… 224 more words