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Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

I’m not good a riddles, so I don’t know the answer (and Google says that it’s still debated as everything from an actual riddle with an actual answer to a joke with no real answer at all). 486 more words


Today's office...

Ostentatious AF but I needed to pick up a new bullet journal and so decided to settle in at the Starbucks next to Indigo Books. So there you have it, Canada’s not all pine trees and prairie grass.


Today's office...

The heat has driven me back inside to my grandmother’s writing desk today. When the mind starts to stray, I love to play Archaeologist, digging through the shelves of the desk; I find something new and enchanting every time. 60 more words


DIY Homework Station Desks

My Latest Project

As I mentioned, I have two kids and both girls will be at the same school next year (yay!). My oldest will be in 3rd grade and my youngest in Kindergarten. 538 more words


In Bed With Roald

It was freezing in Tasmania last week. Determined to be warm not cold, I channelled Roadl Dahl and took to my bed with the electric blanket set on ‘toast’ and my work balanced on a tray before me. 638 more words


Writing Place

I can write anywhere—coffee shops, planes, waiting rooms, standing in line. I usually carry a journal with me in case I’m stuck somewhere, waiting, and then I type what I’ve written later. 521 more words