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As we follow Ellen through her impending journey of spirituality, we are met with multiple figures of focus. Pieces pulling together to begin conceptualizing the ideology of faith. 561 more words

New Feature: Where I Write

C’mon, admit it – you love to see where other writers write. There’s nothing wrong with wondering where other writers spend their time working their magic! 231 more words

Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

Mankind has always been a curious creature. It’s thirst to know more has led it down the path less trod upon. On one hand when you have obscure questions such as ‘Do aliens really exist?’, On another hand, you have deeper questions such as ” Does human existence have a point.” Though the deep abysses of the existential quest are limitless and between the vague to the deeply meaningful is another set of questions. 474 more words

Pet And Wildlife

Alphason Launches The Albion, Arizona & Aspen Light Oak Desks AW2100 AW2110 AW2120

Alphason has launched a new range of Light Oak contemporary desks. Being designed and manufactured by Alphason, you can be assured that they meet all safety and security standards; and that they constructed to a robust standard, enabling many years of use. 35 more words

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