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Writing Devices: Pros and Cons of Connectivity

By Joyce Audy Zarins

Mobility increases productivity. Although you write B.I.C. (Jane Yolen’s famous rule #1 on writing: keep your “Butt in Chair”), that chair now has wings. 997 more words

Writing Tools & Tips

A W-A-T-E-R Moment in Communications

‘The epilogue of The Three Ages–Keaton calls it a tag–is in three brief period scenes: Buster coming out of his home cave, followed by wife and nine fur-clad kids; out of his home villa, followed by his connubial matron and five little togas; and out of his home bungalow, followed by wife and one Pekingese.’ 606 more words


NaNoWriMo Countdown: 5 - Why NaNo?

I shouldn’t be writing this post.

What I should be doing is reading my history texts, perusing my essay sources, formulating theses, writing those weekly summaries, reading that book for the review, and so on. 424 more words


Fireworks: Jumping Off a Cliff

We’ve talked about many different types of “fireworks” this month as associated with all things books: debut day, romance, etc. But I have to say that, personally, my most favorite of all the literary fireworks in general is the one that just goes BOOM and then leaves you hanging. 245 more words