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How to Reroute your Story For A New Twist

When I started my novel We the Damned my outline was no longer than a paragraph. All I wanted to know was the premise, the players, and the conflict. 1,408 more words


A Question of Chapters

I have always been a questioner. Know that four year old child who always asks “why?” Mom and Dad tell themselves it is just a phase and the child will eventually grow out of it. 886 more words

Writing Advice

Writing Devices and The Cult of Writing

Hey, guys! Sorry I’ve been away so long…I’ve been working pretty hard on Little Bird, and a new sci-fi story in first person present which, as my boyfriend requested, has both war and aliens in it. 851 more words


Flash Fiction - Writing in Second Person

Sometimes I feel I’ve reached a rut in which I’m only writing about the same old thing with the same old emotion. When this happens I try and spice it up a bit by writing in second person. 353 more words

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Writing Is A Bad Habit: Just Lie To Me a.k.a. The Unreliable Narrator

A key element to creating intriguing fiction is to have an air of mystery and the unknown during the plot.  It works on the basic premise of human curiosity.   515 more words


Writing Devices: Pros and Cons of Connectivity

By Joyce Audy Zarins

Mobility increases productivity. Although you write B.I.C. (Jane Yolen’s famous rule #1 on writing: keep your “Butt in Chair”), that chair now has wings. 997 more words

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NaNoWriMo Countdown: 5 - Why NaNo?

I shouldn’t be writing this post.

What I should be doing is reading my history texts, perusing my essay sources, formulating theses, writing those weekly summaries, reading that book for the review, and so on. 424 more words