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Monster Blues - a Round Robin Writing Snippet

The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) had some round-robin writing fun! We each wrote a sentence or two and then passed the paper to the next person who added to it and passed it along to the next person and on down the line. 163 more words



Burn copal over coal in ceramic incensario, smoke skin in badlands
perform limpia, cleanse,
through sweet basil, pepper trees—

Burn copal over coal in ceramic incensario, white water… 43 more words


Writing for liberation exercise: self observation

A common writing exercise is to go somewhere – say a park – and write what you see, based on the five key senses – sight, smell, sound, taste, and texture. 200 more words

Writing Exercise

How to Store Ripe Fruit

Look, I promised not to kill anyone this year, and I’m going to keep that promise. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t wait until next year.  676 more words


Interviewed by a Madman

Q: What is your ultimate horror?
A: In the light it’s easy to think that I have no fears. In a comfortable, air-conditioned office, the thunk of the cleaver, the spray of blood, the un-named body part skittering away into the dark corner seems not to loom, but to sit comfortably on the desk like a plush rabbit. 308 more words


Haiku Watercolor

A few years ago I challenged myself to write an average of one haiku a day in the month of April as the end of March was at hand. 84 more words


Not a Lesson

I wonder how people create plots. I do it too, but oftentimes I find myself starved for a plot twist or an unexpected corner to turn; because if I can think of it, surely the reader has predicted it too? 253 more words