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10 Weeks, 10 Prompts, 10 Minutes #9 (Prompt Me Special)

The purpose of these writing exercises is to take a prompt a week for ten weeks and allow myself ten minutes to expand on it. All the prompts are taken from my writing prompt eBook: … 440 more words


Fundamental human journeys (tip 73)

Michael Scott has written novels, films, and plays in a variety of genres for adults and children and teens. He’s learned that it doesn’t much matter what sort of story you’re writing, or for whom your writing it: “A good story is always a journey. 650 more words

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“Shhh…you might wake her”, said Maya happily pointing at her bed.

Sanjay and Anita looked confused. “Look! She is right there on the bed. She was very tired and wanted to rest.”, insisted their 6-year-old.

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Late last night, I read this interesting post about insecure writers or rather writers that suffer from an imposter syndrome. I realized that this definitely ailed me and  that I was guilty of everything mentioned on the list!

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It has been an incredible first week of August! For once, I managed to participate in a blogging marathon and complete it. In fact, I was pretty sure that this might turn out much like other writing marathons that I attempted in the past, meaning that I would not be able to do much after a day or two.

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Kumar was sweating profusely within the confines of his dingy cell. He had woken up to someone throttling his neck. The nightmare had felt real.

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Samira was married  the moment she completed her graduation. She was 21. Her mother had  married her off to the first eligible bachelor that she could find.

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