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Shanti sighed with frustration as she opened the doors of her fridge. The different sized Tupperware boxes that lined the shelves greeted her with a threat of collapsing at the slightest complicated hand movement. 313 more words


Some coins and a flicker of hope

“Get away from my kiosk!!”, yelled the shop keeper to the dirty, smelly homeless man who had stopped in front of his kiosk that sold coffee and bagels with fresh cream cheese (or so he boasted). 508 more words


The Journey Begins

A little kiss on his tender cheeks – “God bless you, my love”, she said

Next morning, her husband watched as the clothes and  shoes were chosen to match and the bag packed with love.  95 more words


#2: A Craigslist Ad

#2: Your partner writes a Craigslist ad to get rid of an item of yours that they totally hate. What does it say?


sos we cant breathe anymore this place is full of books omg books here books there books everywhere anyone who wants free books please come over and get them out of here we need space we cant move we cant do anything this woman is a hoader oh god god god my toes ouch please please please help us save us oh father oh lord oh please send someone here need someone who wants to take all these books away from here oh oh oh i cant breathe here is our addr

Writing Exercises

7 Writing Tasks For Seven Days

As part of our get writing every day point, we’ve come up with seven different writing tasks to be completed which can be completed in half an hour or so, to get you into the habit of writing every day: 90 more words


Writing Prompts from Everywhere

Writing prompts can come from everywhere – they can even come from your own writing!

Diana Wallace Peach, who has several books to her credit and blogs at… 347 more words

Notes On Writing

Creating Cohesive Characters

I like to fill my down-time with writing exercises.

This one is designed to create cohesion with your three main characters.

It’s easy enough to do: there are six main categories. 275 more words