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Exercise 3 Results - Character Conflicts

On Tuesday, I asked you to write about conflicts facing your characters.

I gave you one example:

Character Goal: Flynn wants to be a good news reporter. 171 more words


Writing Exercise - Why Can't Your characters have what they want?

Last week, I asked you to write about your characters and what they want.

Now we’re introducing some conflict and setting things up for the real story. 437 more words


(Child)Freedom Song

Two weeks ago, inspired by Nick Hornby’s book of essays 31 Songs, I got my writing class to each write down a favourite song. At home I downloaded them all, and then last week I got everyone to write about their songs: what they liked about them, and if they associated the songs with any particular memories. 575 more words

Writing Exercises

Exercise 2 Results - What do your characters want?

On Tuesday, I asked about the desires of your characters. I hope you think about the people in your stories and the things they both need and feel like they need. 146 more words


Writing Exercise - Character Desires

I’m continuing my feature on Characters with these Write, or Else Exercises.

This week, we look at what your characters want.

Exercise 2: What do your characters want? 255 more words


Exercise 1 Results - Who Are Your Characters?

This Tuesday, I asked a pretty simple question:

Who are your characters?

Exercise 1: Who are your characters?

Here are each of the simple descriptions I came up with, followed by short sentences that tell you where they are at the very start of the story. 164 more words


Writing Exercise - Who are your characters?

I’m starting a new feature and putting up some quick writing exercises every week.

This month, I focus on Characters.

Exercise 1: Who are your characters? 273 more words