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Picture Triggers

This week I took in my box of pictures (culled from a stock photos magazine found in an op shop) and invited students to pick out up to three, then write something incorporating the images.  309 more words

Creative Writing

Poetry Tasks That Don't Suck

When I went to creative writing class and my teacher mentioned the word “poetry” everyone groaned. People didn’t want to write poems. They want to see epic stories. 572 more words


0118 - Turning Flash Fiction Into a Published Work

Back on post 0115 – Free Flash Fiction Writing Course, we find an opportunity to learn more about writing flash fiction. Granted flash fiction isn’t for everyone and honestly for me I really only participate in it as part of my warm up before writing 1,600-2,000 words in an hour. 208 more words

Writing Prompt

Forty-one and fighting.

I wrote this exercise for my Write Club group a couple of weeks ago. I call it I am born and it’s simpler than a two times table or the sky in a child’s painting or… other random things that are also quite simple.  830 more words


various experimental motes, notes, vocalize...

music to my ears, a bird song…

a child babbling in the bedroom, fingering her toys,
a bird warbling, hidden within the tree branches…

adults bickering over a child, 25 more words


Random Character Development Points

There are a whole tonne of character development posts on this blog, but there’s always room for more! As I’ve said before, character development has always been something that I’ve needed to improve when I get work back from beta readers, so I would consider myself something of an expert in finding new ways to develop characters… 489 more words


Writing Between the Lines: Gesture, Dialogue and Subtext

This week in class I reprised my gesture and dialogue exercise from last year. We talked about subtext – how people rarely say exactly what’s on their minds, and how much information can be communicated through characters’ words and actions without their ever explicitly stating it. 232 more words

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