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Writing Exercise #6 - Chatter

Writing Exercise

Write a story using nothing but dialogue. Try to describe the setting and emotions in a natural way but do not add narrative. 276 more words


Self-Care Creativity Day 10

Create an ode to your muse using the format that you are most comfortable with… or the one your muse tells you to use. 


Self-Care Creativity Day 9

What is your creative mission? What is your purpose? Are they the same? How can you express them creatively? Write a poem, story, or essay. Take a picture. 21 more words


Self-Care Creativity - Day 8

Explore a different perspective. Look at things from a different angle. Dare to allow yourself to come from a different creative space.


Self-Care Creativity Day 7

Turn a creative weakness into a strength.

How? Practice.

Need a different option? Use your creativity to convince someone who doesn’t know you that your weakness is actually your strength. 


Self-Care Creativity Day 6

Don’t just think outside idea of the box… create as if there is no box.

Step outside of the traditional structure of your particular form of creativity.


Self-Care Creativity Day Five

We have the best intentions at heart but ______ gets in the way.

What gets in the way of your creativity? Describe a few things. Visualize it. 18 more words