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Words were fired and the tearful arguments had exhausted us.

Our friendship had been threatened and we knew that the only way to fix this would be to embrace the silence that enveloped us. 8 more words


Mischief gone wrong!

We were kids in primary school and it was dull afternoon during the summer holidays. We were at our aunts and had run out of ideas to entertain ourselves. 454 more words


Today I will....

Today I will write something! But I need to clean these dishes first….
Today I will start reading a book. I just need to vacuum the house… 73 more words


0122 - Pictures to Write By

Warning: A picture of a carcass below. If you get grossed out don’t go down to image #11.

I’m currently on vacation and captures some images as I was: 332 more words

Writing Prompt

Writing Exercise: The Villain's Spawn

Here is a writing exercise found within the pages of the Writer’s Digest (I highly recommend this magazine!) though this one was for a contest at the time. 130 more words


0121 - A Writer Needing To Practice What He Preaches

I’m in the final week of accelerated summer school courses and realized I haven’t posted in nearly four (4) full weeks. Decided to come take a look at the blog site and re-read the title and sub-header: 179 more words

Writing Prompt

What's cooking?

Today,  this little piece of fiction is based on my experiences with annoying male colleagues in the early 2000s when WiFi was unheard of, cell phones still a luxury, not all office had entrances protected by secure swipe cards, international onsite opportunities were a big deal  and women were treated a bit like dirt at the workplace, especially some IT companies that decided a persons worth was based on what time they left the office (not what time they got in, or what they did during their day at work) 344 more words