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Picture Triggers: Damp Deckchairs

This week I took my box of pictures into class. These were the ones I chose to write about: 

The flat sea gleams dully in the early morning light. 255 more words

Writing Exercise: Disasters

This post is inspired by the massive flooding which took place in my area this week. Take one of your characters and throw them into the middle of a disaster, man-made or natural. 93 more words


Zadie Smith’s ON BEAUTY: telling the story through sensory detail

In this video we look at two descriptions of the same place, which appear at different stages of Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. Although the place is the same, Smith is able to advance the story just by changing the sensory details on which she and her characters focus. 906 more words

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How to troll a coder

I met up with my writer’s group last night for the first time since August.

We tried this new writing prompt we got off Reddit… 272 more words


Paint Swatch Name Game

Late last year, I took my envelope of paint colour swatches into class for a second time. The students always get a kick out of the outlandish names, which often bear no clear relation to the colour.  561 more words

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Write Me: Seventy Word Story

This seventy word story came about by accident when I was writing last week’s sixty word story. I was happily typing away, when I realised I had missed the sixty words mark. 149 more words


Writing what you remember: Sourcing your life


1. Winter memories
Whether winter is your snowy wonderland or you tend to go into hibernation, the cold dark months of winter can provide inspiration for writers as backdrop, metaphor or even as a character. 601 more words