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Writing Experiment


Writing Experiment

For this simple, yet fun experiment, I want you to choose 5 famous men and 5 famous women.

Make a list list for the men & women. 415 more words

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Dreams and Other Things

What is a dream? Is it something you keep in a cardboard box stuffed away in your attic? Or is it something you remind yourself of constantly? 540 more words

The German Surgeon

So me and wife are stood in the patio of our ground floor apartment. Its a beautiful afternoon with pleasant breeze, sprinklers going off in the vast garden outside, our cats running in and out of the house, enjoying the day; perhaps even more than us. 496 more words

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I have a long list of people who have influenced my writing style. My very first major influence was Elyne Mitchell, who wrote the Silver Brumby… 746 more words


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Bundts and Bolts, Part 3

            Of course I make a break for it, but I slam right into a the largest pair of tits I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. 742 more words

Writing Exercise

Game(Rules) Part 2

I nod, washing the oil and dirt away from my face. Waking up can be the hardest part but I got up. And I will have a piece of leftover ice cream cake as reward for level one. 743 more words

Writing Exercise