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Sonnet 138: Remastered

In this experiment, I attempted to re-write each line of Shakespeare’s sonnet (bold) into my own words (normal). I hope you like it! I’d love feedback. 273 more words


From Max to Juliet - 17 November 2016

Dear Juliet,

I must admit I was quite surprised when I got your letter in the mail yesterday. At first, I didn’t know what to do. 213 more words

Creative Writing

Murder by Duck: Gertrude's Fall

There had been many theories about how she had been murdered…

…but no one for a moment thought it was the duck that did it. The other ducks knew of course but they couldn’t tell the investigators or the police because who ever heard of ducks having conversations with humans? 889 more words


The Rebel's Prelude

Happy Friday one and all!

Hopefully the week has been a reflective one, and has treated you all fairly decently. Yupp I’m back at it too apparently. 996 more words


One Last: The Final Post of the twytte Writing Experiment

The final post. That seems so surreal to write. Actually, it should be “the final post of the experiment.” Today, is the 1 year anniversary of the first post, so today is the day when the writing experiment comes to a close. 261 more words


Artichoke III

Dead-headed queen

inflorescence grounded

your fibrous globes

cut loose from glaucous leaves

Weight of bract and choke

overthrown by cultivation

sacrificed for budding usurpers

with no ceremony… 17 more words




crownless in a devastation of hay

endeavour decapitated

thick timber uprooted

from fresh leaves

Wisdom’s rattling weight

cast down for budding usurpers

Your fallen head… 16 more words