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Free Writing Experiment-09/14/17

began a free writing experiment to see how much I could get out in the two days I have off from work before starting a new job. 2,001 more words

66 Days to Create a Writing Habit: Week One

Actually, it’s been a little over a week but details, who needs ’em?

I am here with an update on my progress with this little experiment I have going. 582 more words

Personal Experiences


She wakes up as the alarm clock rings manically. As she is lying in bed trying to get her bearings, her boyfriend phones her, as last night she told him to wake her up in the morning. 135 more words

Writing Sprints Experience

This July, I challenged myself to finish a book I was writing and write 6 pages a day. I treated them as separate goals, considering I know I wouldn’t be able to write on one subject alone for a month straight. 803 more words


Writers Horoscope August 10: A change of scenery is in order.

Face it–waking up to a sea of pixels and liquid crystals is hardly a warm, embracing welcome to your creative urges**.
So, mix it up. 70 more words


King Challenge 2017

Last year I did my own writing experiment. I didn’t know if I’d be able to accomplish my goal, but I knew I wanted to try. 535 more words


The SAD Project - Day 1 - GW2 World Exploration

To whatever readers I have left:

After this long fallow period of “I feel like I have nothing to say”, this is your forewarning that the next 35 days on this blog will be (hopefully) spammy, to the point of being annoying and necessitating your own version of filtering me out. 629 more words

Guild Wars 2