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Letters to Anthea | November 15th, We wake up to the beautiful autumn sun peeking through the leaves


Here is the second episode in the Letters to Anthea series, a letter written to R by Anthea in her lovely and warm Dorset cottage, to the sound of jazz and the smell of apple pie. 927 more words


Letters to Anthea | November 10th, Something is not quite right here...

Hi ! Today starts the weekly Letters to Anthea series. I really hope you like this little experiment. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the remote Bàs Island, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the appropriate music. 622 more words


Letters to Anthea

Hello there, I hope you’re having a beautiful day. Here the sun is starting to shine through the night and the top of the trees have the lovely golden glow of autumnal mornings. 442 more words


Famous Song Lyrics/Celebrity Mashup Parodies

Since this website has began I have written over seven hundred pieces around the internet. I take the craft of writing very seriously and feel blessed to have pursued my dreams to the point where they have begun to pay off. 1,021 more words


Night of the Care Bears – A Movie Mad Lib In Reverse

Last March I began a wonderful journey as a contributing author at CopBlock.org. During that time I have gained innumerable knowledge and skills. However, before that, I was primarily a writer of fiction and short stories. 1,428 more words


The Twitter Revision Experiment: Writer's Edition

Twitter has made me a better writer.

Sounds like clickbait, right? It’s totally not.

When I graduated with my creative writing degree, I lost a lot of involvement in the supportive writing community I had gotten used to. 724 more words

Creative Writing

Positive Thought Experiment: Writer's Edition

My writing life is a constant rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs, especially in how I feel about the work I accomplish. I am realizing how much the way I feel effects my writing, and at the same time, that the way I feel does not always match up with reality. 644 more words

Writing Life