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Letter to Myself

Can I write about craziness in fiction without a narrator? Perhaps I’m afraid I won’t be able to tolerate the fear of failing alone. A narrator becomes someone to blame. 305 more words


Ignoring Ignorance

Ignoring ignorance, sans ignoble intention

still ignominy brings to the simplest action

for ignorance ignored wears away traction

builds dissatisfaction, drives egregious reaction

ignites future wars between faction and faction… 8 more words


Coincidental Circumstances (Part 6)

I redrafted the entire opening. I needed to sprinkle in the ingredients of an explosive beginning. Plus, I needed something to ground Miranda and establish the stakes.  83 more words

Writing Experiment

Committed Creative Conspirators wanted for a Round of Relay Writing!

EDIT: Come on creative buddies out there…..is nobody interested in a little experiment? 

I’ve had plenty of like so far but nobody willing to take the leap with me! 353 more words

Coincidental Circumstances (Part 4)

For three days I toiled with the greatest case of writers block known to man. Maybe it was the girl in the red truck. Her hair. 437 more words

Writing Experiment

Coincidental Circumstances (Part 3)

I slowly panned my view all around me as if I was in a Michael Bay film, hoping to spot my gum benefactor. This was no mere coincidence. 364 more words

Writing Experiment

500-Word Challenge: The Final Day--A 'Conversation' with Jon Acuff

A Conversation with Jon Acuff

Today’s Challenge Prompt from Jeff Goins is about finishing this 15,500 word adventure. More than likely more than that.

And so I chose to bring in a guy who is currently on the forefront of finishing, Jon Acuff, who published… 689 more words