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One Last: The Final Post of the twytte Writing Experiment

The final post. That seems so surreal to write. Actually, it should be “the final post of the experiment.” Today, is the 1 year anniversary of the first post, so today is the day when the writing experiment comes to a close. 261 more words


Artichoke III

Dead-headed queen

inflorescence grounded

your fibrous globes

cut loose from glaucous leaves

Weight of bract and choke

overthrown by cultivation

sacrificed for budding usurpers

with no ceremony… 17 more words




crownless in a devastation of hay

endeavour decapitated

thick timber uprooted

from fresh leaves

Wisdom’s rattling weight

cast down for budding usurpers

Your fallen head… 16 more words


Bench poems

I’ve been inspired to try a little experiment after a recent visit to a Frank Auerbach retrospective. Auerbach famously revisits the same subject matter time and again in his visual artwork. 481 more words


Happy 11 Month Anniversary! 1 Left... And Then What?

It’s almost surreal to think that a writing experiment that started mostly on a whim is now a month away from completion. And realizing that I’ve written a new post (a new bit of fiction) every single day of those 11 months makes me want to take a nap in retrospect. 288 more words

Em T. Wytte

Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 38)

Then the silence ended. Somewhere in the distance an ocean crashed against rocks; salt carried on the air filled my mouth and birds swooped and dived above me crying like children to each other. 990 more words

Exploits Of A Midnight Traveler

Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 37)

“I need to think. I need a rest. I need peace.” I sauntered through the people orchard barely taking notice of the eyes that watched from the keeper’s shed nearby. 564 more words

Exploits Of A Midnight Traveler