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Dreams and Other Things

What is a dream? Is it something you keep in a cardboard box stuffed away in your attic? Or is it something you remind yourself of constantly? 540 more words


I have a long list of people who have influenced my writing style. My very first major influence was Elyne Mitchell, who wrote the Silver Brumby… 746 more words


Short Story: Jewels or Information

In this story, I experimented with writing a story with a serious tone but that came off as humorous. I’d like to think I succeeded. 1,382 more words


Bundts and Bolts, Part 3

            Of course I make a break for it, but I slam right into a the largest pair of tits I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. 742 more words

Writing Exercise

Game(Rules) Part 2

I nod, washing the oil and dirt away from my face. Waking up can be the hardest part but I got up. And I will have a piece of leftover ice cream cake as reward for level one. 743 more words

Writing Exercise

Bundts and Bolts, Part 1

            Bundts and Bolts is the name of the bakery downtown that’s been getting a lot of hype lately. It almost went out of business not two years ago, back when it was known as… 905 more words

Writing Exercise

A Mind is a Terrible Thing, Part 2

            The voice sliced through the chaos like a hot knife through butter. Madeline stiffened up, whipping her eyes all over the cafe. No one was looking at her, safe for the little poodle tied up to a lady’s chair outside. 734 more words

Writing Exercise