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King Challenge 2017

Last year I did my own writing experiment. I didn’t know if I’d be able to accomplish my goal, but I knew I wanted to try. 535 more words


The SAD Project - Day 1 - GW2 World Exploration

To whatever readers I have left:

After this long fallow period of “I feel like I have nothing to say”, this is your forewarning that the next 35 days on this blog will be (hopefully) spammy, to the point of being annoying and necessitating your own version of filtering me out. 629 more words

Guild Wars 2

Poetry Shenanigans - Lifesaver

I thought I’d play around a little bit more with style and formats, so here’s a poetry experiment for Wonderful Wednesday. Hope everyone is doing great! 382 more words


From John to Maggie - 30 January 2017 (Voicemail transcript)

Call #1: 21:05

Maggie? Maggie are you there?

Maggie, I’ve been calling you all day. I think I have an old number for you.

I’m sorry, I know … I know you’re on holiday and I wouldn’t call you unless … but… 41 more words

Creative Writing

From Max to Juliet - 13 January 2017


I read your letter.

I have to say, an apology is a refreshing change coming from you. However, it is too late. I know you didn’t ask but before you do let me make myself abundantly clear: whatever friendship existed between us can never be again. 140 more words

Creative Writing

From Juliet to Maggie - 15 December 2016

Hey Maggs,

I’m alright, I promise. Right now I have a few things that I need to do. I can’t talk much about it right now. 62 more words

Creative Writing

From Maggie to Juliet - 14 December 2016

Dear Juliet,

The last time we spoke, you said that you had an important decision to make. I was taking out the trash and feeding the kids and preparing for class this morning when I realised I never heard back from you again. 242 more words

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