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Week One Results and the Can-Do Attitude

I saw Inside Out this weekend and I can’t stop making references. I am POSITIVE that Week One sucked.

Week One: Results

Week One was all about Planning and then Writing. 707 more words

Monday Machinations

Writing Experiment: Day 14

Yes! We are back in business! I managed 280 words in the evening AND I crossed the 16k line. Slow progress is still progress. And I’m kinda allowing my gaming to distract me a little bit… I’ll try staying offline more on the weekend, to try and limit the distractions until I meet my goals. 78 more words


Writing Experiment: Day 13

What I feared the most happened. My streak is broken. :(

I didn’t write a word yesterday. Work was coming slowly and like a nose bleed, it was painful and I didn’t do half of what I intended. 128 more words


Writing Experiment: Day 12

Wednesday was terrible. I wasn’t feeling well and things weren’t gettng better even when I was on painkillers. So I spent the majority of the day on painkillers, then, at the last possible moment, I opened Scrivener (Beeminder, sent me a reminder I need to log the day’s progress, and I didn’t want to enter 0) and added a paragraph. 77 more words


Writing Experiment: Day 11

Today I managed two short sessions. One in the morning before work and the other one after. It resulted in 166 and 303 words respectively. It’s not much, but I’m right before the next big plot point, so tomorrow I should get much more words, since I’m excited to get to that confrontation. 81 more words


Writing Experiment: Day 10

Almost two weeks into writing Novel2, and I’m having another crisis. Well, okay, you can’t really call this a crisis, when I still managed to get words in, but I’m less than satisfied with the outcome. 130 more words


Three Writing Experiments (She Blinded Me With Writing!)

I haven’t written anything in my novel for two weeks.

There, I said it. Now the world knows.

Well, the world would know if the world read my blog. 833 more words

Monday Machinations