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List Your Fears

Today’s 500-word topic: List your fears.

So I fear that I’m not going to finish this January 500 word challenge.

I fear that I won’t finish the projects I’ve started and that Jon Acuff will send out his procrastination police to drag me in front of a vicious, closed minded tribunal that will throw me into a dank, dark motel room on the outskirts of Bumwiddle, Wisconsin in the middle of winter and force me to finish all my started projects. 438 more words


Food Crisis in Room 13

One of the challenges issued to us this month was to assume a different writing voice.
And to not bother with editing. Oy.

Here is my attempt. 519 more words


Stardom denied...part II

Our team
The gun? Just for show.
Who’d have trusted this group with live ammo?

Feeling masochistic? Here is      Part One

And so, with all these strikes against us, you might be thinking that this will evolve into a story of personal redemption, of rising up against the odds to turn around a lost season. 646 more words


Stardom denied...

We were a formidable collection of athletes–pole vaulter, sprinter, hurdler, shot putter, discus thrower. Versatile. Dedicated.

One problem: All us tracksters comprised a large part of our summer of ‘70 Colt League baseball team. 614 more words


Nothing to Write About

Well, Jeff Goins has suggested we write about hope, as in, “I hope I have something to write about.”

People often suggest regaling readers with images of the past. 617 more words


An Un-Career Retrospective

Today, I’ll be taking on one of life’s great mysteries:

Why didn’t massive multinational cash-spewing corporations gut their entire marketing, research,–or custodial–staffs to hire me a few years ago. 629 more words


Play takes over...

Another tip from 201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity.

Alison Motluk on New Scientist suggests:

“Be more playful. Horsing around may be better in the long run than hunkering down.” 41 more words