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Randy Ingermanson

Randy Ingermanson still helps me when I least expect it. I found his website a few years ago and read some great writing tutorials concerning the ‘Snowflake Method’ and ‘Writing The Perfect Scene’. 284 more words


Writing Fiction

More specifically, writing fiction for dummies – It’s for smart people too. Randy Ingermanson is someone who really helped me build a foundation with which to write from. 78 more words


Learning Experiences

In life we’ll have billions of learning experiences, in career fields you’ll have around the same amount of learning experiences. In my opinion there are careers of many where you are constantly learning something new. 353 more words


The Power of a One-Sentence Pitch: How to Write and Sell a Billion-Dollar Story like Harry Potter

If you want to build your readership, your pitch is your best line of defense. Your pitch is how you convince that wonderful first reader (who you’ll love dearly for the rest of your life) to pick up your book, and it’s how that first person convinces another person to read your book and how that person convinces ten other people to read your book and how those ten people . 1,697 more words


Book Recommendation: Techniques of a Selling Writer by Dwight V. Swain

I thought I would recommend one of the best writing books today. This helped me realize what the missing element to my writing was, how to keep the reader turning pages, how to evoke strong emotional response. 272 more words

A Little Night Magic

Scenes: 2 types, 7 tools

A little advice from Writing Fiction for Dummies.


Authors Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy categorize scenes into two types – proactive and reactive. 341 more words


Writer's Block, the cause and the cure

I’ve been through a writer’s block lately. It’s depressing! Not where your fingers freeze and you aren’t sure how to word a sentence, that’s not writer’s block,  it’s when after weeks you can’t find another story plot, you feel like you’ve lost the noveling touch (if you ever had it)….yes, depressing. 313 more words