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Find Your [Writing] Focus

I went to coffee with my friend Suzanne this morning and talked with her about trying to find my focus for my writing.  I’ve been taught that in order to find your focus, you need to know or find your audience, and I’ve had a lot of trouble doing that.   627 more words

On Writing What Interests You

The biggest mistake I see new writers making is writing about what is “popular.” People get confused when they hear the advice that they should only write about what is going to get the most clicks, or some variation of this advice. 526 more words

Writing Tips

A Murder Story For Children?

That’s not too hard to write. I’d simply take out the blood & gore and swear words but keep the dead guy, well, dead. 364 more words

What You Want to Write About vs. What Other People Want to Read

You have been told time and again that writing for a specific audience is the key to writing content that resonates with a certain group of people. 909 more words

Meg Dowell

Learning Your Audience: The Benefits of Submitting to Literary Journals, Grants, and Residencies (Even If You Don’t Get In!)

by Rachael Warecki

Two years ago, I decided I needed to focus my submission process. I’d received acceptances from some wonderful journals, but I’m ambitious as hell and I wanted to take my writing and submission goals to the next level. 1,034 more words

Closing The Gap