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Ebbing and flowing

Colour me black, colour me white; colour me yellow with sprinkles of pink.

Colour me bright with an array of sparkles

It taints not the grey within, Eeyore has nothing on me,  I smile, bright as the sun. 127 more words


Swimming past barriers

Do it afraid, they said 

They forgot to mention how long I would stay afraid 

How close the snapping jaws of my tormentor will stay on my heels. 13 more words

Short Story

Eyes on the money.

Congratulations Andy, never doubted your abilities for minute,

WELCOME back to the team.

“I’m sure you didn’t, too busy celebrating my ‘unexpected’ professional demise, were you? 24 more words



We all make mistakes. We categorize them into one of two groups: goofs, slip-ups, and white lies (mine); or BIG MISTAKES AND BIG, BAD, HORRIBLE, EVIL LIES (yours). 311 more words


The problem of sneering: are some people offended by others’ big dreams?

The problem of contempt toward unsuccessful writers is huge indeed if a musician feels free to sneer at a writer. Just to deepen the mystery—and the need for writers in particular to protect themselves—nobody ever derided me for wanting to be a professional cellist. 156 more words


A Perfect Day for Me

A perfect day would start off with me nothitting the snooze button (several times) because I can actually wake up at 6:30AM as planned. 1,117 more words


Blog Post #1 - Pilot

Pilot – testing, testing, anyone there?

Hi ya’ll (yes, had to use it, showing off my rural mid-western vibe)

I had a blog post here several several years ago, and am unsure of what happened to it… 230 more words