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Giving God my time, He deserves it.

I am writing this and excuse the broken English. For a while now God has been speaking to me about the time I spent whether it is in front of my laptop or TV watching a series or movie I have downloaded or copied from a friend illegally. 263 more words


Writing for fun

I have a blog that I write for fun. It is a collection of random thoughts and musings that I have, often quickly written and definitely not formal. 10 more words

Writing For Fun

Morning musings


I just love to talk as soon I get up in the morning. My husband on other hand likes to wake up only after he has devoured the newspaper ! 55 more words

Just Another Monday... Nope It's Not Manic

It may have seemed like I fell off the face of the earth, but I assure you I did not.  I have been keeping myself busy with classwork (which comes first), mounting a dragon skull, creating D&D game tiles and spending time with my wee clan. 371 more words


#Out the Window

Sometimes, Little Girl peeps,

Out the window for a glimpse,

But turns away in futility,

For he is no longer there.


Quarterly Goals ~ 2nd Edition

Before we start with the New set of Goals for this next Quarter of 2016 that started in April, we need to make a review of the goals of the last Quarter to see how I did… I warn you that I don’t want to look at this list because I already know the answer but I will look at it again for you all… … 747 more words


Floating home.

Would that the waters float my troubles away, like a boat sailing downstream,

Would that it purge me of night dreams that leave me panting with hope, but disillusioned at dawn. 62 more words