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Test of manhood.

Akunna ran with all his strength further into the forest, he turned left trying to hide behind the mighty iroko tree, but it was no use. 461 more words

Writing For Fun

The Proposal - 2011

It was just another day at the beach for me. Rayce woke me up the day after our five-year anniversary with a smile on his face. 2,656 more words

Writing For Fun

Celebration of life and what most likely will be - 2011

During my work week reporting whatever is thrown at me, I’m in some pretty awkward or otherwise uncomfortable situations. If it wasn’t for my sense of humor. 567 more words

Writing For Fun

Resolutions, sort of - 2011

In case you don’t already know, I made my friends’ Valentine’s Day card this year. I spent about six hours in a span of two day pouring all of my creativity into the cards, and I’m very proud of them. 393 more words

Writing For Fun

The Buggy Incident- 2010

Rayce and I visited my friends who live two states away. Our plan was to meet half-way between our 5-hour distance. The only problem was I forgot about the time change. 997 more words

Writing For Fun

Lethal Garden

I think it’s time for another writing prompt:

Prompt the second: Her garden was more lethal than pretty.

See you in thirty days…


The bright side.

“Honestly this new hobby is driving me up the wall,”

“Do stop whining Sarah. I mean it’s hardly a hardship, besides this way you know exactly where he is,” 173 more words

Writing For Fun