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The Joy of Writing

We have all heard the phrase ‘Everyone has a book in them’, my interpretation of that is that, we all have enough knowledge, experience, memories and history to write a good book, be it fiction or factual.   1,195 more words


C-Sand castle.

You possess meagre coins by mere happen-stance; you are not our equal by any measure. The blood in our vein flows through the rock foundation  of this land, yours drains through the sand. 156 more words


Vanishing Noses and the World Obvious

“How very wet this water is.”
― L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

Well … yeah.

A keen grasp of the obvious can be considered a skill, and often is by those who take pride in noticing something everyone notices, then bringing it to the attention of other noticers as if “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born” and such are revelations.

694 more words


Mister Martin MacNamara makes marvelously meticulous metropolitan maps.

His wife Wilma weaves wonderfully whimsical well-favored Welsh wigs.

Her brother Barton bakes beautifully broiled butter battered Belgian buns. 47 more words


My short stories.

Good morning everyone,

So today I’ll like to share two stories I have been working on for kids.

Would love your honest opinions.

Do feel free to share them in their original version linking back to this post. 10 more words


On the stairs

There was no way I was heading back into the house. Someone had to come out and find me.

Then they would apologise, cuddle me and promise to get me a large bowl of raspberry ice- cream. 116 more words


Tap ... tap

Secretly tap a strangers heart,

Listen for words unspoken; emotions buried beneath,

 From there flows their essence.

Tap the heart with care,

Tap the keys with speed and accuracy, 30 more words

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