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Bad Writing Friday!

Welcome to Fun Friday! This week we’re going to… yes, you read the title correctly. We’re going to write BAD. ON PURPOSE!

This idea comes from my friend, sensei, and teacher extraordinaire, … 396 more words

Content Revision

Awkward Family Moments Part 1

You ever had that awkward moment like I do when when fam sees you bring your lunch home from work? It’s like a set of cats when they hear the bag rustle. 97 more words


I don’t have anyone to entertain myself




I can’t talk to the family








Visions of Love and Writing

This is completely separate from my own current ambitious with projects, but I’ve always wanted to write a collection of love stories.

The goal would be to write, enjoy, and share them. 88 more words


A Short Story From A Writing Prompt

I’m feeling a little creative today and am in the mood to tackle something new and different. I searched for a prompt on Pinterest, and this is the one that struck my fancy. 597 more words

On Life

Writing for fun

I have set up a new blog to jot down my random thoughts and ideas.. link here I haven’t done anything much to beautify the site, it’s more just a place to post my ideas.

Writing For Fun

Fallen bridges.

“So, which do you think I should pick? You reckon she will like the yellow one?”

“Maybe.” Walking right past the vase without so much as a glance. 176 more words

Short Stories