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Bored. Bored beyond belief. Bored to tears. I grab my trainers and go for a walk. Bored of the terraced houses. And semi-similar hatchbacks parked out-side semi-similar houses. 222 more words

Creative Writing

Bad Country Song

Suppose you were trapped

in some bad country song

as a steel guitar

ratchets your brain

your truck won’t start

your mother-in-law won’t stop

There’s conflict in that country… 78 more words

Grace is a gift - What do you do to keep it?

The more I learn about grace the more I realise how much harder it is when you really understand the meaning of grace. Louie Giglio one of my favourite teachers has this message on grace and he said grace is not a free ticket that is stamped by Jesus when you do something wrong. 383 more words

Writing For Fun

Blogging your way out of misery

I know it’s tough when you are stuck in that downward spiral. The whole world is one inch away but you are two thousand deep. ‘You know you should go to the gym,’ says your best friend. 227 more words

Creative Writing


The feeling of not being able to forgive

Will eventually eat you up

So choose to forgive

Forgetting isn’t easy

Thus, reconciliation isn’t always necessary… 67 more words


Soviet Story: happiness in times of Terror

Today I had one of those terrible moments, when you realise, in retrospect, how trivial the things you get upset over really are. Y’know, like when you feel like that kid in the supermarket, the one that’s writhing and screaming on the ground over brussels sprouts? 475 more words


Unfortunate Evening At The Restaurant, pt. 1

The restaurant stood on a narrow street, squeezed between two similarly lavish-looking buildings. On each side of the wide double doors, stilted arch windows topped with corniced keystones were lined like soldiers in decorated uniforms. 1,046 more words