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Officially on Break!

Belladonna Dreams pre-orders will start 1 August.  The book will release 10 September.  There are some edits to be done and it needs to go to the beta readers, but I’m done writing it. 241 more words

Everything Else

How to Politely Respond to Serious Shade

I recently experienced girl-on-girl hate. She threw some serious shade at me. I’ll admit, it came as a shock.

A little bit about me: I try to get along with everyone. 762 more words

Kera Chronicles

Just a story.

“The petroglyph’s told the story of an unusual event, it tells of a time in history when an abundant harvest existed in the midst of famine” said Grandpa Ben. 194 more words

Writing For Fun

Asserting identity.

In response to the literary lion.

He woke up feeling very strong, full of male vigour. Today he would ascend the throne as king; life was looking good. 161 more words

Writing For Fun

Sea (see) food.

My friends call me a foodie, which  means I am a food critic; but they got it all wrong. I simply love to appreciate every aspect of my meal, purchasing the raw material, processing it, presenting it and finally partaking in the meal. 110 more words

Writing For Fun

The wrong post code.

This is a continuation of a previous story do click on the link for the previous instalment.

“Mehn I think fate has it in for you,” 93 more words

Writing For Fun