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Happy Birthday To You ...

The ladies sit together. Pink balloons on their table indicate a celebration. Their clothes seem perfect. Almost too good. Hair made up perfectly. Ladies who wear the hijab have on the most tasteful hijabs one could imagine. 639 more words


The Curse Of The Black Rose

This is one of the short fictions that I have written and I thought that I’d post it here and see what people think.

Thunder boomed around her as she stood beneath the black stone archway. 834 more words


It was the start of a new life, he was finally leaving. The creaking from the stairs grew louder,they were coming but he was ready for them. 176 more words

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Reviewing Books

Have you ever heard of the site GoodReads.com? It’s an interesting website where you can write reviews of books you’ve read, join discussion groups, and talk to people online about books that you like. 197 more words

Writing For Fun

Was your date up to spec?

Was your date up to spec?

Yes he was.

Wasn’t John supposed to return from Chicago?

Chicago, I thought he was in Mexico.

How was his flight from Chicago? 572 more words

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Stage Kiss

“A writer has to have an imagination–that’s what makes a writer. He has to be able to put himself imaginatively in the position of whatever character he selects.” -W.R. 735 more words


Beguiling Bernice.

A body suddenly crashed through a plate-glass window at the Brigadier’s house.

“How dare he? In my home. What effrontery!” his voice bellowed through the house. 171 more words

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