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Daniel Jefferson in King Hazardous's Court

Daniel Jefferson was one of the captives taken from Salem 7 when Babel conquered the gamma sector of space.

Many of his compatriots hated their captors, but he held no anger. 306 more words


Spotlight on Poetry Series: Sonnet

In part 1 of the Spotlight on Poetry series, I talked about the Ode. Today I will continue the series with one of the most popular forms of poetry: the Sonnet. 799 more words


The WHERE I’M FROM Template*

I am from where music is therapy and the sounds that come from Bose and JBL are the best treatment. 354 more words

Looking Back

A & B house.

  “The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood.”


“Yes really, we woke up one morning to find the entire beach covered with the stuff: as usual the higher powers didn’t know what to do with it and then they took their time before granting us approval to build the A & B building.” 157 more words

Writing For Fun

Spotlight on Poetry Series: Ode

Poetry is a wonderful tool to use for writing. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful expressions of love, hope, pain, and anger displayed in poems. 672 more words



“Babe, listen to this ‘new research shows that individuals who rush through meals have a higher tendency to drive recklessly’. What say ye to that?” 134 more words

Writing For Fun

Colour me pink.

It was now or never: with a deep breath he began

Colour me pink,

For I am black and white

Colour me pink,

The perfect shade between your fiery red temper and my calm white nature, 197 more words

Writing For Fun