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Books About Writing - There is At Least One You Should Read

When non-writers learn that you are a writer, the reactions are generally classified into two major groups: the ones that think you’re some kind of celebrity who bathes in champagne and is airlifted everywhere on specially modified helicopters and the ones who assume (based on the fact that they haven’t seen your books at their local bookstore window) you are an unpublished novice who needs all the help you can get. 760 more words

Video abstracts

Video Abstracts can make a huge difference to the readership of a journal article, and Environmental Education Research has a good track record in supporting these. 160 more words


Fairy castles, ramshackle cottages and writing in the real world

I have this problem: I am not always a huge fan of reality. It’s often far less interesting and well-ordered than the world I can create in my head. 869 more words


8 Steps to Recovering Creative Voice

January 14, 2018

What’s wrong with your voice?

During a very recent – and first – bout with strep throat, I heard that question from co-workers, friends, and family members more times than I can count. 789 more words

Writing Advice

Think, Check, Submit

Open Access isn’t the only thing you need to know about when making the decision to submit to a particular journal. You want to also make sure you avoid predatory publishers, and that your work will be published in a good quality, credible journal that ensures your article is peer-reviewed and edited to a high standard. 76 more words

Systematic Reviews Resources


Want to know a publisher’s Open Access policies before making the decision about where to submit your systematic review? SHERPA RoMEO is a great resource which summarises journals’ Open Access policies. 25 more words

Systematic Reviews Resources

Bare List on Authenticity

Writing for publication can be a difficult road to navigate. The path is fraught with feedback from everyone from peers to publishers and that can make it tricky to create something publishable while staying true to yourself. 525 more words