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Keeping It Real

At the OWFI conference this year, there was a workshop on “Keeping it Believable,” which I think should be mandatory for ALL writers. Not just sci-fi and fantasy writers (though it was geared towards them) but EVERYONE. 851 more words

Writing And Books

Tell the World You Are a Writer, and You Will Begin Acting Like One

Earlier this year when I was teaching fifth grade, I worked with my students through a unit on discovering one’s identity. After deciding on a class definition (being your unique self, and not somebody else), we delved into further exploration through reading, writing, and discussion. 807 more words


Mid-Month Check-In: May 2015

I don’t know about where the rest of you live, but it has been pouring  in Kansas for over a week. I guess Mother Nature missed the memo that  627 more words


Writing Goals - Don't Give Up on Your Dreams!

Do you have the urge to write?  Is one of your goals to write a book?  I know my answer to both of these questions was a motivated “YES!”, but I wasn’t sure if my desire to write a book would ever materialize.  615 more words

My Writings

Writing Goals and Tricks I'm Using

I have been incredibly busy with work and it’s really put a damper on my writing. Despite that, I am driven. In another post I mentioned that I found inspiration and encouragement from the Rick at Panning for Clouds. 732 more words


There and back again

So this is my 401st post. The end of one chapter; the start of another. As always, thanks for sticking around this long, and I hope you’ll stick around for the next … well, however many. 1,154 more words


The Itch, or Why It's Better To Just Go Ahead and Write Something, ANYTHING

Work was a beast today. Finals time, students are panicking, banging down my door, shoving papers in my face, “HERE GRADE THIS HASTILY SCRIBBLED TWO-MONTHS-LATE ASSIGNMENT SO I CAN PASS THE CLASS.” I debated a hundred times giving the lecture: “Had you done all your work at the appropriate time instead of, perhaps, staring gobsmacked into your cell phone when you should have been paying attention in class, then maybe you would have the grade you wanted and wouldn’t feel like the ant looking at the descending boot right now.” But that’s in vain, at this point. 664 more words