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Writing Challenge: Day 16

I wrote 2817 words today, meeting my daily goal and more than maintaining my total goal. I’m at 43,949 words, which is 77 words over. I could have written for another half and hour today, or I could be writing right now after the kids go to bed, but two things stopped me: 417 more words


NaNoWriMo 2017

I’ve finally made a few decisions about what I want to do this November.


I will definitely do NaNoWriMo. My novel is already announced on the site and I’ve come up with a working, if stupid, title that I got from googling “how to come up with a good book title.” 271 more words


Writing Challenge: Day 15

This post is coming a little late because I was up until 11pm finishing my words. Weekends are a terrible time to get writing done and I might make an adjustment to a writing challenge in the future to write more words on weekdays, and not expect anything or very little of myself on the weekends. 297 more words


Lovely Fall BreakĀ 

I am currently on fall break. While I have a lot of things to do, I also want to make sure that I take time to rest. 194 more words


The White Queen

It’s a three-post day on the blog today! Just like buses… Depending on where you are when you read this, and indeed when you read it, the Drama channel in the UK is reshowing The White Queen this afternoon, following the first books in her Cousins’ War series. 555 more words


Writing Challenge: Day 14

I wrote 2453 words today, but I’m back in the red by 256 words. It’s okay though. I stopped writing at 10pm at night at the end of a chapter and I just knew I wasn’t going to put anything worth keeping on the page. 213 more words


10 Rules for Writers From Maya Angelou

If you had the privilege of attending any of Maya Angelou’s speaking engagements, then you came away with much to think about. She remains one of the most quoted Americans, and many of her quotations speak to writers. 415 more words