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This YouTube video came at just the right moment, early in the new year with all its competing calls for our attention and action. With simplicity, gentleness and passion for what we do, it brought me home to my own heart space. 55 more words

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A Haunting of Words full line-up

With the A Haunting of Words (aka AHOW) scheduled release just three months away, I thought I would share the author and story line-up to all of you. 186 more words


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Thank you! A great collection!

Commonly confused words

The English language is a confusing thing, with words that are spelt the same – or very similarly) but have different meanings, words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings, and words that are very similar but have totally different meanings.  882 more words

Writing Guidance

The 'joys' of English spelling

Isn’t the English spelling system a wonderful thing? It’s so regular and predictable: who could look at words like knight, house, flour, … 688 more words

Writing Guidance

Declutter your text: beware of repetitions

Repetitions can take different shapes: multiple occurrences of the same word, synonyms, pleonasms, redundancies. When used wisely, repetitions can be an interesting stylistic device. When used unwisely, they can severely harm the elegance of your text. 570 more words


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Excellent advice here for writing of all kinds. (And some nice cat photos, too!)

On commas

At work this week an email was sent to myself and a colleague which read:

It would be great if you could chase this contractor report Daniel through the college…

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Sticky toffee pudding and other NHS jargon

There was an article on the BBC News website this morning about the use of jargon in the NHS.  The Plain English Campaign (PEC) suggests that the NHS is deliberately using confusing jargon to prevent the public from understanding what is going on in the public service. 420 more words