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What's The Story, Morning Glory?

A mass shooting occurred in California. The hard facts—the casualty numbers—were widely shared. But Americans wanted to know… Who? Why? What’s the story?

The U.S. banking industry had a meltdown in 2008. 255 more words

Writing Guidance

Big Bad Words

Recently I have had the urge to use a few big words in my writing. Words I do not normally use like pantheon, peripatetic… 278 more words

Can You Teach A New Dog Old Tricks?

Newspapers are dead, according to common belief in 2015. (Just don’t tell that to the people who drop off the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Wall Street Journal and New York Times at my house each morning.) 337 more words

Better Communication

Write For Your Reader

Writing is vital. No matter what you are writing, you have to consider who will be reading your work.

If you write, you are not writing for yourself. 225 more words

Writing Guidance