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Writing Playlists: Soundtracks for Stories

As mentioned in the post a couple of weeks ago about writing spaces, depending on where you like to do your writing there can be a lot of background noise that can distract you. 245 more words


My personal ADD cure :: A lake in the heart of Bratislava

It’s not technically true, it’s not the heart of Bratislava, I suppose, but it feels like that to me.

There were no clients today, so my monkey mind had all possibilities to make me jump from one banana to the next. 646 more words


Second Book Success: better writing or business savvy?

Many debut writers find success through a second book.

On my first book still, this is a premature post.

Adding the finishing touches to my first project, I’m not saddened by the prospect of this wrapped-up chapter of my writing journey, more frightened by the next. 236 more words

Writers, we are all at different stages of our journey.

So I love to know how other writers are chugging along. And let’s be honest, we love to know we feel normal. It’s okay, you can agree. 181 more words

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Read or Really Happened?

For me, it’ wondering if I ever actually rode a unicycle.

Establishing Your Writing Space

Writing tends to be a solitary profession. There are workshops, writers’ retreats, and events like NaNoWriMo where writers can get together, but the actual writing is typically done alone. 512 more words


Things and Stuff

I seem to be in one of those moods again.  You know the ones: where suddenly feel the need to change everything up, try something new (or bring back something old after I’ve freshened it up a bit).  1,042 more words

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