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0109 - One Secret to Writing Better and More Often (part 4 of 4)

We’ve spent the last three posts covering the theory of troubleshooting and how we can use that theory to fix our writing.

STEP 1: Identify the problem…

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The Writing Life

Writers Revise. Or Revising: Take One. Or, maybe...

Revising can be daunting, but let’s be clear: Everything needs revisions. Everything. Even your grocery list could probably use a little editing. (Did you spell pomegranate correctly? 852 more words

Writing Habits

For Writers: Habit vs Process

How much of your writing life is governed by actual process and how much of it is just habit?

Habits can be good and healthy. Some habits can hold us back. 492 more words

Writing Process

Pens Saved from the Splatter

My wife and I went cross-country skiing the other day. An arctic freeze gripped the landscape and gusts of wind whipped snow to and fro across creation. 784 more words


Rebuilding myself as a writer: I've been thinking. And yes, it hurt a lot.

I’ve been quiet lately. Silence can be powerful, especially when you’re having a conversation and you want the other person to spill the beans. But with social media, silence will get you nowhere. 427 more words


Baby Got Block

Until this week I have had posts written and scheduled a head of time. Writing is often on my mind and part of my conversation thus sparking plenty of topics (or so I thought) to bring to the blog. 673 more words

Writing Habits

Leo Tolstoy on, well, everything...

Leo Tolstoy’s Theory of Everything, via Salon.com

excerpts from ‘Who, What Am I?': Tolstoy Struggles to Narrate the Self:

From Salon.com:

“Beginning in 1850, the time scheme of Tolstoy’s “Journal of Daily Occupations” and the moral accounting of the Franklin journal were incorporated into a single narrative. 927 more words

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