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Why I don't write every day

My Twitter timeline is awash with urging. Write every day. Even if it’s for ten minutes. Just write. Write well and often. And so on. 879 more words


Just Write: Establishing Writing Habits and Goals

Procrastination is the bane of many writers. Most writers don’t have anyone standing over them telling them to get writing. Life can offer a lot of distractions. 375 more words


My divided writing life

Lately I’ve been reading & rereading Monica Leonelle’s 8 Minute Writing Habit. She recommends doing timed writing for 8 minutes as a way to create a daily writing habit. 552 more words


Writing Habits - Music

Today we’ll be continuing our analysis of writing habits with another divisive topic: music. The number one feature we have here at theOffice is a surprisingly difficult one to achieve – silence. 365 more words


Writing Habits Tag

This tag comes from Amanda McCormick!

Where do you like to write:

I have talked about this on a previous post.  I generally write in my bed or on my couch because I have to watch my son.  509 more words


The Writing Habits Tag! - Tag Thursday

So, last week we did reading habits. I thought that it would be fun to do some writing habits for this weeks tag! This way, we can get to know one another on a writing level a little better. 1,229 more words

Creative WRiting

Forget about writing outcomes

OK, you sit down this morning to begin a new writing project. It’s a good project. Maybe your best idea yet. But there is something that can slow you down with this project— maybe even bring it to a halt. 653 more words

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