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Writers are like spiders... #writers #writing #amwriting

Writers are like spiders:

– We spin a beautiful and magnificent story web using an array of words

– We marvel at the beauty of our story web once its completed… 279 more words


Writing Advice: On "Write What You Know"

“Write what you know” is one of those pieces of advice that means well, but often leads to some anxiety for newer writers. Writers are generally expected, encouraged, and self-motivated to imagine experiences and worlds outside of their own lives, and populate those things with characters that are different from the writers themselves. 505 more words


Real Live Editors

I met my editor! She is a real person! Not a computer algorithm or a heuristic writing/editing program!

I was in California for a week and I thought I would actually go over my latest book, Desperate Druggie, with my editor, Tara Maya in person. 246 more words

Writer's Craft

Writing debate - Is it right to have a romantic crush on your own fictional character? #writing #writers

Here are at Blondewritemore we are in serious debate mode (*clears throat and takes deep breath*)

Its time to discuss the burning writing issue of the day – … 448 more words


Behind The Writer

Hey everyone, it’s Wednesday and the start of a new series. This series is called Behind The Writer, it will be mini posts about what motivates or inspire me, as a writer. 348 more words


Writing Habits Of Top Authors And Writers

Being a writer isn’t a matter of talent – there are plenty of talented writers out there who have never reached the title of author. No, being a writer is about cultivating the right habits. 328 more words


Bao nhiêu từ một ngày?

Chúng ta nên viết bao nhiêu từ mỗi ngày? Tốc độ của chúng ta nên là bao nhiêu? Quá nhanh có thể sẽ lộn xộn. Quá chậm, thì chúng ta sẽ không bao giờ hoàn thành được tiểu thuyết của mình. 2,528 more words

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