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Writing Is A Bad Habit: Crystal Dragon Jesus! a.k.a. Religions In Fiction

So religion.  Always a touchy subject, right?  Let’s get one thing straight from the get go.  You do not need to deal with religion in your writing if you don’t want to.   750 more words


Friday Fun: NYPL Interview with Joan Didion

Writing is hard work, and we could all use a little inspiration to encourage us through our projects. Many times that means establishing regular writing habits. 34 more words

0121 - A Writer Needing To Practice What He Preaches

I’m in the final week of accelerated summer school courses and realized I haven’t posted in nearly four (4) full weeks. Decided to come take a look at the blog site and re-read the title and sub-header: 179 more words

Writing Prompt

The blood going to it: On Depressed Creativity

I use to write like this. It was 10 months ago. I don’t understand what’s going on. I really don’t. I’ve had slumps before. Everybody does, but this is different.

396 more words

The ‘great and cursed work’ that was the Encyclopédie - Ideas - The Boston Globe

Here’s the great difference between the Encyclopédie and the Internet, between what reading meant then and what it increasingly passes for today. While Diderot encouraged differences of opinion and perspectives among his closest contributors, he knew that all of them — from Voltaire to Rousseau, Baron d’Holbach to the Chevalier de Jaucourt — took the act of writing as seriously as did those who read it. 20 more words


The Summer of Rejections

This was supposed to be the summer when I wrote ALL THE THINGS. After super busy fall and spring semesters, where I pretty much only managed to scribble some ideas and line scraps here and there, I was ready to write. 172 more words


7 Things Writers Should Stop Wasting Their Time On

We all know what a demon procrastination is. But what about the other things that get in the way of actual writing? I have a list of things that (some, not all) writers have a tendency to waste their time with. 696 more words


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1 img_2541I love this post from Carly Watters. Definitely give it a read and see if there aren't any creeping unhelpful (or even downright destructive) habits that you could lose in order to help boost your writing time and improve your writing as well. (I know I've battled with some of these before and continue to battle with others of them.)

"Writing happens one word at a time, one day at a time."

-- Carly Watters

"If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word."

-- Margaret Atwood