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How to Get the Writing Done #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018

Start with:
        a bottle of ink
        a ream of paper
        a sturdy lock 
for the outside of your study door

Write on:
        blue paper for fiction
        yellow paper for poetry
        pink paper for articles
        index cards

Write with:
        only purple ink
        large blue pencils

Write standing. 136 more words

Progress Report

Since the beginning of this year, I have made important changes in how I manage my time and pursue my passion. I have developed some great habits and made real progress in my projects. 518 more words


My writing habits

I am a pantser when it comes to writing. I have my general plotline, my world, and my character and then it is all flying by the seat of my pants. 594 more words


How To Improve Your Writing Skills: 7 Writing Habits You Should Pick Up!

Writing is a very personal endeavour. While there are plenty of rules that are pretty much set in stone -such as grammar-, everyone also has their own unique writing habits. 2,261 more words


Does The Perfect ‘Writer’s Space’ Exist?

Have you ever wondered if the perfect writing environment exists? Ever thought about whether or not our writing environment affects the quality of our work? Are there common components that define the perfect place to write? 1,330 more words


Nano goal: Down. Other goals: Terrifying

So it’s actually Monday right now and dun dun dun…! I finished my Nano goal for the month already. I know it wasn’t the highest goal, but THIS means I have plenty of time to do a lot more and still feel good about myself and not stressed by it. 185 more words


Out bursts

Fragrant bursts

flagrant seas

coast a pirates life in search of a mystic.

Eventually with belly all full mixed up on   Jolly Rogers

Warmed  skeleton bones  into a dance superimposed to… 14 more words