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Writing Advice - Neil Strauss

I was listening to an old Tim Ferriss podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, recently, a guy who is well known for dissecting the essence of excellence, and he was interviewing… 194 more words

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Blogger Tag: Writing Habits

Hi everyone!

My friend Nicohle Christopherson tagged me in a Writing Habits Blogger Tag. I haven’t participated in a tag since I paid attention to Tumblr and did a tag on YouTube (the video is hidden so you won’t be able to see it). 591 more words


#amblogging: A Disciplined Writer? Well, Kind Of...

The most common thing said to me by writing colleagues is that I’m a disciplined writer. This always takes me by surprise a little because I don’t think of myself as disciplined, just a habitual writer. 338 more words


Quote of the Day - Jack Kerouac

I think what Jack meant to say was “It’s not what you write, but how you write it.” Jack should take some English classes if you ask me. 123 more words

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5 Techniques To Get Creative

Never confuse creativity with productivity. Being productive is about having techniques in place in order to stick to goals (like writing 2,000 words a day or editing a chapter every week), creativity is much more complex and is a constant state of mind that can sometimes be hard to reach. 861 more words


Architect or Gardener: Which Kind of Writer Are You?

As a writer, I’m fascinated by other writers’ writing habits. There are infinite ways to construct a story, so it’s interesting to hear how others choose to do it. 686 more words


Wrapping Up a Month of New Writing Habits

Wife made it back from Arkansas on Tuesday (huzzah!), so my hermit-writing time is coming to a close.

Overall, I think having the weekly goals really helped me. 162 more words