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Making Time to Write: Finding Hidden Time

Most people can cut down (or cut out) television and some internet and gain sufficient writing time. But what happens if you’ve already pared that down? 385 more words

Robyn LaRue

An Awful Lot of Ifs

In two days, Book Three of my Hot Dog Detective series, The Crying Camper, goes live on Amazon and Smashwords. I have gotten a couple of sales of Avid Angler and Busty Ballbreaker in the past day or two, and while the sales are only a few books, I feel good about it. 231 more words


My Writing Habits

I figured I should let you all know how I write. Every day I write a poem, a diary entry, and I edit or writer a little of one or more stories. 37 more words


Writing Is A Bad Habit: Entertainment and Fiction, Siamese Twins?

My current Starving Review book is a long one and, while I intend to get a review up tomorrow, I can make no guarantees.  In the meantime, let me regale you with a little bit of thinking I had over the past week. 386 more words


One Chapter To Go

I only have one chapter to go (and an Epilogue, but that’s just one scene and I know exactly how that’s going to go) and I will be finished with the draft of Groping Gardener. 228 more words


Making Time to Write: Not-So-Obvious Time Wasters

Not long ago, we had a post discussing the biggest time wasters titled called Let’s Get Serious About Time Wasters, so this time we’ll talk about the less obvious ways we lose time. 550 more words

Writing Advice

Definition #161 Four Women

Four Women share sun:

wisdom, roots, blond, brunette hairs:

Sedona’s magic!


In the Christian tradition, today is Annunciation Day, commemorating the announcement to the Virgin Mary by the Angel Gabriel that she would give birth to the Messiah… 72 more words