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The Sunday Circle: 25 June 2017

I’ve joined Peter M. Ball’s Sunday Circle to help keep my writing on track. Follow along here or join in the fun over at Peter’s blog, … 205 more words

Writing Habits

All writer’s have certain things they do repeatly when they sit down to write. They have certain habits that they have developed over the years that make what they do easier. 834 more words

Kick the Chair to the Curb: Break Unhealthy Writing Habits

As a writer we tend to sit behind our laptops for many hours during the day and we forget to move around and pay attention to our health.   293 more words


Two deadlines before lunch

With two deadlines before lunch, I shouldn’t be writing this. Instead, I should be tending to those deadlines — methodically scratching away at the tasks in a way that guarantees both efficiency and quality. 487 more words


5 Bad Writing Habits You Can Break Today (infographic)

Thanks to GrammarCheck.net, here is an infographic that will help you improve your writing. As you read this through, it’s quite possible you can find habits you’ve formed in your writing, habits that can be eliminated with practice. 120 more words

Preambles To Writing

Good Writer Habits

Okay, so, if you keep up with my newest posts, then you would know I recently covered a bunch of bad habits a lot of wannabe writers seem to have that makes them crash and burn before they really begin. 648 more words


Nancy: Is It Time to Kick Some Habits?

Humans are creatures of habit, and for good reason. Habits lead to predictability, which lends itself well to things like safety and survival. And as brain science and writing gurus have told us, engaging in habits surrounding creativity can boost our productivity. 1,192 more words

Nancy Hunter