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Writing and Editing with Pumpkin Brain

The temperatures are still in the hundreds here in the desert. The only way to know it’s finally fall is through marketing and consumer shopping. Yes, I take all my seasonal cues in this form, otherwise I’d never know when winter was coming, especially now that Jon Snow is dead. 555 more words

NaNoWriMo is Coming....Get Ready, Get Set...

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is just 31 days away, so pledge to use those days wisely by building your daily writing habit.  It could be one page of story, one page of character work, dialog, setting, outlining – just get back into the habit!   50 more words


Writer Speed Gears #writer #amwriting

First Gear

  • Speed at which writer approaches writing desk – a saunter or a casual stroll with a whistle.
  • Word rate – a couple of words during session, one of which will be the word ‘the’.
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Leaving Love Notes in the Margins.

I used to think that books were too sacred to write in.

I used to think that I was respecting the book and the writer by keeping the pages pristine. 202 more words

The Art Of Writing

The 5 Stages of the Writer's Pinterest Break #writers #Amwriting

  1. Awareness. You will become aware of a little voice inside your head, on repeat, saying “I want to pin something, I want to pin something, I want to pin something”.
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Visiting Schenectady

People ask me where I get my ideas. I always tell them, “Schenectady.” They look at me with confusion and I say, “Yeah, there’s this ‘idea service’ in Schenectady and every week like clockwork they send me a fresh six-pack of ideas for 25 bucks.” Every time I say that at a college lecture there’s always some schmuck who comes up to me and wants the address of the service.   371 more words

On Writing

Using Timers for Productivity

One of my favorite bits of culture from The Office is the Wuphf, an initiative spearheaded by the great Ryan Howard. What Wuphf allows you to do is link all of your communication devices so that when one receives a message, they are all notified. 524 more words