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Forty-seven reduplications


chit-chat, click-clack, clitter-clatter, dilly-dally,
ding-dong, drip-drop, fal-lal, fiddle-faddle,
flim-flam, flip-flap, flip-flop, hanky-panky,
harum scarum, helter-skelter, higgledy-piggledy,
hobnob, hodgepodge, hoity-toity, hubble-bubble,
hugger-mugger, hurly-burly, mingle-mangle,
mish-mash, namby-pamby, niminy-piminy, 22 more words


WordPress.com Writing Helper - "You can mark any post to keep it at the top" ?

I’m flummoxed by this one, perhaps one of my readers know how to do this ?

On the “Add Post” page, press “Copy a post” … then I get the message : 122 more words

Don Charisma

My Baby Helps Me Write

I almost always have a helper when I try to write. Whether it be for my WIP, blog post, or social media post, my baby is on my lap and ready to help. 105 more words


Writing Inspiration

One of the most frequently asked questions for prolific writers is “Where do you get your ideas?” Every author will have a unique answer. Sometimes an idea for a book arrives out of the blue while you’re driving (keep a notepad!). 233 more words