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A rose is a rose, by any other name...

I named four children. Two names each. Nice, solid, reasonable names… names that are recognizable, have no inherent hilarity hidden within their syllables, and are easy to pronounce…with the exception of my son, whose name is Elias. 672 more words


Are We There Yet?


I SAW AN INTERESTING STORY in the News a few days ago. An executive in the Russian railroad industry has floated a proposal suggesting that a highway be built that would run from London to New York City. 465 more words


Writing: Five Tips to Funny

Writing: Five Tips To Funny

You’ve all read that scene. Someone’s snot-nosed character says something lame and the whole damn gaggle of them start chuckling like it’s the funniest thing in the goddamn world. 860 more words


Writing from Home Lessons

As I continue on my working from home until I find a real job journey, here are some lessons I have learned along the way. 399 more words


True Dat!

By Darlene Cah

Ever read—or write—a story that seems to be trying too hard? To go for a laugh, or to create high drama? To push a theme or a perspective on a particular topic? 511 more words