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Never leave a Writer alone in a Dollar Store

Dollar stores are the worst for a writer, aren’t they?
Because you enter the store with the determination to only buy a new toilet brush for your bathroom, but then… 195 more words


How Hot Is It? Let Me Tell You . . .

Since I read a lot of posts complaining about the cold winter last year, while secretly chortling away with Mr. Burns-like laughter, it’s only fair I reveal the darker side of Southwestern living….the summer. 674 more words


Timeline - Part 2

You may remember that yesterday I was giving a run-down of my various Home Town Novel projects according to the order they supposedly happen in real time (measured in years).   755 more words


Humor Without Insults

I am not one who can stand to watch Republican debates.  I know the clown car is full to busting, but I can’s stand the idea that one of those narrow-minded, fact-free, duplicitous Bozos could end up being the next president.   681 more words