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Writing a Canto

“Canto” is what I idiotically call a chapter in my hometown novels.  Writing a chapter in a novel is a much more complex and difficult thing than you might  realize.   1,282 more words


The Genuine Self and Other Myths

Like most people, my online presence is very different from how I act in person.  For one, I never say, “Here’s the top 25 worst things about long car rides” and proceed to list each and every one. 552 more words

My Pet Peeve

I’m hunched over my laptop, my eyes glued to the screen, and my fingers flying over the keyboard.  The sound is like music, little keys clicking and then the rhythmic boom of the spacebar, double tapped after every period.  332 more words


For the Week of July 23, 2017: Getting Dealt the Cancer Card

Because of my involvement in the cancer community, I’m the frequent recipient of unsolicited emails or Facebook invitations, all dealing, to a greater or lesser degree, with cancer, whether one individual’s journey or a cancer support organization.  1,209 more words

Expressive Writing

#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

Sometimes Monday’s Writing Memes
re Serious and Informative.
But Don’t Worry.
This Is Not One of Those Times!