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Free eBook on Writing Sex, Violence, Humor and Foul Language

You don’t have to be a successful standup comedian to write convincing humor. In fact, you don’t even need a keen sense of humor. And you don’t have to worry about your sex scenes turning into pornography once you know the difference between romance, eroticism and pornography. 101 more words

10 Ways Real Writers 'Write'

  1. Research…and continue to research…and not write.
  2. Daydream about characters instead of writing them.
  3. Light candles or any other zen ritual to get into the writing mood.
  4. 99 more words

Friday Fun - Writing a Character

It always starts out fun! And then the ones that stick around in your head after all that hard work, normal people call them imaginary friends, those are the worst.


SavvyAuthors Blog: Top 17 Writer Stereotypes

Writers are a strange group of people. We hole ourselves up in rooms or in the corner of a public area with the sole wish of being left to record our cluttered thoughts. 94 more words

Meg LaTorre

Open Mic Nite

Staten Island is easily my least favorite of New York’s five boroughs and there ain’t a damned thing I miss about it. Okay, there is… 1,276 more words


Writing Every Day

Teachers of serious writing will often tell you… or more correctly, give you the Word of God, “You want to be a good writer?  You have to write every single day… 496 more words


“Neoteric Thoughts,” A #Tanka #ABRSC

Hello and welcome to my contribution to my weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. This week we had to find synonyms for “experience and new.” I decided to create a Tanka poem using the words… 160 more words

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