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This is how I feel about my Paranormal Operations, Inc. fist book! LOL

Hurtful Words

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about how words and the power behind words can actually hurt people.  They can you know.  Words like “brainiac”, “bookworm”, “nerd”, “spaz”, “geek”, and “absent-minded professor” were used as weapons against me to make me cry and warp my self-image when I was a mere unformed boy.   531 more words


16 Things Every Author Wants

Every writer has dreams, and not just the ‘get my book made into the next big movie’ dream but the more down to earth dreams. The ones where we want a turret room in a castle with surround sound music or a telepathic device to record our dreams. 413 more words

Writer's Corner

Ten Signs You’re a Grammar Nerd — Bethany House Fiction

Confession: I almost, almost put “Ten Signs Your a Grammar Nerd” as the title of this blog post. Intentionally. Just to see how many people came over to decry my atrocious abuse of the English language. 473 more words

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A Letter From the Missing Manuscript — Legends of Windemere

Dear Author Who Birthed Me,

It’s been a few years, but I think it’s time I tried to say hi.  Not that I’m coming back or anything because we have to move on.   391 more words

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What Studio C Taught Me About Writing Humor

With the prank-fest of April Fool’s Day approaching, I’ve decided to talk about how to write humor. Creating laugh-out-loud jokes, funny scenes, and amusing characters can actually be very difficult because humor is subjective. 377 more words

Write Here, Write Now

Ten Reason Writers Need Pencils--Celebrate National Pencil Day

It’s National Pencil Day today!

This fun holiday is brought to you courtesy of Hymen Lipman, who received a patent for a pencil with an attached eraser on March 30, 1858. 532 more words

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