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The pen is mightier....

a friend recently sent me thank you note. hand written. via u.s. mail. how quaint, i thought. no, wait. that wasn’t quaint. that was awesome! 86 more words

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Sharpie® Masthead Is Black-Lined and Drop-Shadowed

“How’d they do that” you might ask about the dimensionality of a Sharpie® Endcap display. By creating a natural drop shadow beneath an already black-lined Sharpe® Masthead. 292 more words

Store Fixtures

Sharpie® Provides Instant Brand Gratification In-Store

Though the Aisle Endcap display mostly hawks carded, multi-pen offerings and assortments, Sharpie® wisely offers immediately gratification with individual pen offers in various colors. Pick one up, try it, and take it home with you …. 241 more words

Store Fixtures

Sharpie® Twin-Tip Write-On Try-Me In-Store

Sharpie® smartly offers direct access and purchase of one-up Twin Tip Pens as part of its display. But fails to offer a test writing surface… 282 more words

Store Fixtures

Sharpie® Pallet-Rack Ring Hook Makes Shelf-Edge Offer

A Ring Hook for Pallet-Rack-Upright offers “Original” Sharpie® directly at less than a buck a pop. A great writing instrument for contractors and hobbies alike, this is a perfect place for extra sales. 302 more words

Store Fixtures