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I'm Having Trouble Holding the Pen in My Paws

Writing with cats. I am often tempted to let our cats (either one or both of them) do my writing for me. Mostly out of curiosity. 443 more words

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Moleskine® Store Navigation

Yes the store may be small, but every effort is made by Moleskin® to insure that you know precisely where you are amid the jungle of merchandise and twisted trails of inventoried aisles… 309 more words

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Moleskine® Pen & Pencil Try-Me

Picky about the line width, ink color, or lead hardness of your pen or pencil, trust the Professionals at Moleskine® to leave no writing instruments cap unturned to help you satisfy your penmanship needs. 137 more words

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Moleskine® One-Up Pen Holder

If you purchase a Moleskine® Journal, you must surely need a writing instrument to go with it. These Acrylic Stands call attention to the fact that there is a Moleskine answer to that need too. 167 more words

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Biplane Celebrates Montblanc® Pen

Montblanc® celebrates its heritage of carftsmanship and ongoing technological innovation with a physical Biplane model and Biplane photographic reminiscense of high-flying days-gone-by. I love the tradition of… 150 more words

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world's most expensive pen-Aurora Diamante fountain pen

price: $1,470,600
name: Aurora Diamante fountain pen
Aurora Diamante is the most expensive writing instrument today. Aurora Diamante contains over 30 carats of De Beers diamonds on a solid platinum barrel.