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Can we just stop pretending for a second?

It’s okay to cry, it doesn’t mean you’re weak.
It’s okay to bring down your walls, not everyone’s gonna hurt you.
It’s okay to stop the “I don’t care in the world” act, it doesn’t mean you’re vulnerable, it means you’re human. 38 more words


Random Fact: Tycho Brahe was nuts

Use these random facts about crazy astronomer Tycho Brahe to trigger a story idea…

Tycho Brahe lost part of his nose in a duel over a mathematical formula with fellow Danish nobleman Manderup Parsberg, and wore a brass prosthetic nose for the rest of his life as a result. 245 more words


The Argument Above

For almost a week, there has been an argument above me. I don’t know who is living in the apartment above mine, but it sounds like their fight has lasted days. 360 more words


Writing in a Hailstorm

Good Day to everyone! After what feels like a lengthy absence, I’ve hit the ivory of my keyboard to write again. A hailstorm pelted my life for the last couple of weeks, but I’m up and running again for what will surely be an extraordinary next couple of months. 749 more words

A Day in the Life

So the top portion of my uniform is back from the laundry. I sure hope they removed all the cat hair this time. I adore my cats, Henry and Simon, but let’s face it, they leave quite a bit of hair in places they shouldn’t. 910 more words

Writing Toolbox

What Does it Take to Be a Writer?

Sometimes it seems everybody wants to be a writer. Mention to your friends that you’re writing a book and you’ll be greeted by a chorus of: “Oh, I wish I could do that, if only I had the time, I’ve got loads of great ideas…” Either that or they want to know if you’re writing about them.  919 more words