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Ghosts Are Real

Today’s poem is a revision of one I posted a while ago. I kept a few lines from that poem, Sleeping With Ghosts, to create this: 175 more words

He Said, She Said

He said:

Pain ignites our hope.

Hope denies Death through blind faith.

Faith promotes our success.

She said:

Pain tried to birth us.

We existed already.

495 more words

Why aren't you writing? Questions answered.

I am having trouble motivating myself. It’s strange; I know how confident and happy writing makes me feel and I know the pride in myself when I write something worth reading. 45 more words


From 37,000 Feet

I spend a lot of time on airplanes. I don’t mind flying. It’s a place for my mind to wander, staring miles into the distance for hours without interruption. 495 more words

Writing For Beginners

Bitter Gifts: Meditations on Using Your Time

There’s something bracing and just a little bit wistful about the sticky thick of summer.

It makes me think, inevitably, about time, and how fast it passes. 964 more words

Erin J. Bernard

21 & 22

Once again it appears that I owe y’all two new prompts!

I went on vacation to the coast and in the craziness of packing, it completely slipped my mind to update. 77 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Prompts pt. 89

  • Your character is exploring a dense jungle when he begins to believe he is being stalked and finds signs that it might be by a highly intelligent creature.
  • 82 more words