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The Importance of Being a Reader

When asked the question, “Is reading important in your life?” my experience is that many people say they enjoy reading but it doesn’t play that big a part in their day to day life. 341 more words


horizon + blink

clouds hover over the
horizon. blink and they’re gone.
they melt away soon.

there’s a clatter of
cars in the background, distant
from this cold hilltop. 16 more words


4 Ways Reading Makes you a Better Writer

Morning wonderful writers!

This week has been a fairly good writing week, and I’m feeling very positive about it! There’s no doubt at all that one of the reasons I’ve done so well is because I’ve read some brilliant books recently, and it’s made me want to get on and write mine. 396 more words


Character Sketches: Evita

I’ve been getting emails recently telling me that people have started following this blog. Which made me realise that while I have been creative, I haven’t been posting on here. 397 more words


It's Alwrite #10


Write a scene containing the line: “My life is not yours to save.


Friday Writing Prompt

My mother told me that it happened on the day I was born. The entire planet, my homeland of Tralkea, illuminated in a brilliant light. My people turned to the night sky and saw brilliant purple, green, and blue auras. 974 more words


Remember when I said I finished my book?

Then I said it again a few months later, and again when I sent a copy of the manuscript to my mom and stepmom.

You guys, I’m still not done. 241 more words