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Am I a Lazy Poet? (daily poem challenge a little too revealing)

Writing a poem a day, instead of waiting for magical inspiration to swoop in, showed me I’m kind of a lazy but also a good writer. 543 more words


Prompt #176 - Don't Kill the Cat

Killing the cat isn’t a very polite thing to do, you know, so don’t do it. Please.


Finding Inspiration in TV and Film

Happy Sunday Writers! I hope you’ve all had a good week.

As it goes, mine has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I have some quite difficult, stressful situations in my life right now, yet also my novel writing is going  473 more words


A Smattering of Haiku

Sultry September 

Heat unlike those known before

Keeping Monarchs Here

Sourness from Sourpuss

Not much more can one expect

Cringing, Pucker-Up

Healthy scars healing

Under yellow, tender flesh… 46 more words


Prompt #175 - Shooting Stars

Shooting stars aren’t falling meteors at all, but actual, dying stars that have been plucked out of the sky and dragged down to the earth. You discover a newly fallen star and find something inside the hard, smoking metal exterior.

Creative Writing

Prompt #174 - Tricycle

“Don’t use that tricycle, kids, or you’ll blow up into itty-bitty pieces!”

Creative Writing

Prompt #173 - Time Travel

When time travel was first invented, all people wanted to do was to visit the past and learn about the creation of the universe and the entire history of mankind. 37 more words

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