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Applying at leisure

In continuing writing ‘short stuff’ for appropriate publications, I have applied for a freelance position as a devotional writer for a quarterly publication that is published by a company that produces other books and publications. 59 more words



Hello, lovelies!

A new Thursday means we must try a new prompt idea and with all the superhero movies that have been coming out recently and will be coming out over the next few years, why not write our own superhero stories! 118 more words

Creative Writing

Picture This: Butterfly in the Garden

I love everything about butterflies because they tickle my imagination.  As they flutter from blossom to blossom, I might get a glimpse of a fairy kingdom or catch sight of a killer hiding in the garden.  Oh, the possibilities…


Writing with a Growth Mindset

In certain areas of education talk, there’s been a lot going on with the idea of teaching our students to have a growth mindset. And it’s interesting, you know, because on one hand we are throwing all our weight onto these yearly standardized tests, judging students, teachers, and schools based upon these singular scores, but on the other we expect kids to be successful beyond school without really expanding on their learning and curiosity potential. 770 more words


Writing Prompts pt. 92

  • Brainstorm a list of funny ghosts. How do they try to scare people and what do they look like?
  • Write a story about how you accidentally cause the end of the world.
  • 100 more words

Writer's Quote Wednesday – The Practice School of Writing

Writing Down the Bones used to be my go-to book on writing when I found myself lacking motivation. I had the chapter called Writing as a Practice… 169 more words


Again and again

I’ve been contemplating ‘my picture books’ since I have realized that my serious adult science fiction is not really me. If one’s being wound up, what about another? 61 more words