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Like so many of you, I work a full-time job and squeeze in my writing here and there. I find it tremendously sad that the thing I enjoy most is the first thing that is sacrificed at the altar of not enough time. 357 more words

Poetry Prompt #30

After last week’s challenging poetry prompt, I decided to make it nice and easy for you today. We were in Kensington Gardens in London when I spotted this little cutie, who obligingly stayed long enough for me to take a shot before scurrying up the nearest tree. 68 more words

Poetry Prompts 2016

Writing fast for Camp NaNo

Camp NaNoWriMo is a way to write fast, focus on word count and get a project started or continued without worrying about perfection.

Being a perfect writer slows the process, because what if there’s an error at the sentence level or in the overall structure? 340 more words


Barking News

ninevoices get invaluable support and inspiration from all our four-legged associates.

Glamorous, ash-blonde Yuki, and her companion, the one-eyed Lucy;  Flax, whose life’s ambition is to get her chompers on our crisps; pocket-sized  88 more words

The Creative Process of Writing

Writing a book is a transformative experience – terrifying and thrilling at the same time – like exploring a jungle or climbing a mountain. The process can take many twists and turns and you never know where you’ll end up. 750 more words


Freewrite Friday: Hunger and Thirst

What do we all hunger for? What do we all thirst for? Is it justice? Peace? Redemption? Truth? Or do we simply need a cup of coffee or a sandwich to satisfy us? 476 more words



I can see the end of a long writing process (the screenplay I keep referring to) and it’s so amazing to finally see it come together, bit by bit, after a whole year of meetings, drafts and discussions. 157 more words

Fragments Of Things