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Crying Out My Eyes For You

My tears have always come from emotions
I was too afraid to feel.
I ran from pain that chased me
for one entire lifetime. There were those who… 304 more words

31 & 32

Happy October! I’m a big fan of Halloween and have a feeling this year’s will be amazing! I couldn’t help but make one of the prompts a little Halloween-themed. 137 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Prompts pt. 95

  • You are go back to school in September, but when you arrive nobody can see or hear you except for one student who is convinced you are a ghost.
  • 42 more words

Writing Prompts pt. 94

  • Killer kittens from outer space.
  • While walking through the park you stumble into a tunnel which leads to a treasure. What do you do?
  • You get a message that you are the long-lost heir to a kingdom, but in order to inherit you have to leave everyone and everything in your old life behind.
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Thursday Writing Prompt No. 128

So, the noun says to the verb … wait. I mean, so the verb says to the noun, “Hey, ever think of writing a story based on just two words?” 143 more words

Thursday Writing Prompt

Writing Inspiration: What Do You Use?

I’m not an expert or anything–well, I’ve been writing for around 15 years, so a semi-expert?–but I do have a few tips for when you need writing inspiration. 383 more words


The Daily Write

Nine years ago, I was staring down the barrel of a long San Francisco summer at home with a two-year-old when my creative writing teacher wrote with a proposal.   376 more words

The Dangerous Type