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DIY Games Feminism: We're Looking for Submissions!

For six months, our little FemHype community has been growing rapidly. Every day, we’re making more friends on our Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook… 778 more words


Would be Nice...

I don’t know about you but I have, over many years, subscribed to various writing newsletters because they all promise help with writing.

After all these years I don’t really need help with writing and it seems that many have turned away from the “help” and more towards advice and I have enjoyed many, especially from Writer’s Digest. 372 more words

I'm Getting Senile...

I have done something every single day this week and I JUST WANT TO BE A BUM.

Last Sunday my FitBit told me that I had 3,500 steps by the end of the day, which meant that my lazy Sunday had been a success. 413 more words


Contributors Wanted!

I’m looking for people interested in writing for 21 and Abroad about travel.
If you’re a writer, traveller or just interested in writing blog entires, tips, lists or articles regarding travel then please get in touch by emailing justaguytravelling@outlook.com with the subject title of “Contributor Vacancy”. 24 more words



Hi my name is manraj  and I am a reporter (this first sentence isn’t a topic sentence, and it’s not needed)  so today I decided to talk about wild fires in BC. 237 more words

For Marking

Earn an English Degree and Give Up on Your Dreams

I am very happy about the education that I received from USM, but if I had to voice one complaint it would be about the way that they attempted to sell the English degree program to prospective English majors. 565 more words

English Degree

Brace yourselves, rejection is coming.

I finally did it! I finally applied for a writing job! I’ve been wanting to get my writing ‘out there’ for months but I have never known where to start, and, truth be told, I have been absolutely terrified of rejection. 280 more words