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How to Avoid Crummy Clients

The second freelancing contract I ever signed was a nightmare. Why? Well, let’s just get it out right now: some clients are a pain in the butt. 1,484 more words

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Freelance Writing Markets & Jobs

A new blog for news about parenting, child health and relationships, with advice also from experts to help every family live well. 285 more words


I am the cockroach

This weekend, once again, I had a burst of determination. It happens every now and then, and goes like this: I’m going to find a part-time job writing, so that all the time I spend writing, instead of doing housework or paid work or interacting with my family members or socialising, is not just indulgent, time-wasting, anti-social and ultimately meaningless… 1,267 more words

Blathering About Nothing

Why Every Writer Needs A Writer's Market Book

“The Writer’s Bible.” What a badass nickname. So why don’t you have this on your coffee table or in your bookshelf yet? Better yet, why don’t you have this bad boy in your lap taking full advantage of it? 906 more words

Writing Jobs


Hey everyone!

We’ve now launched some of the pages for our revolutionary collaborative short story series.

Click the link below and have a look around.


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Clarification of "Content Mills"

In a previous post about knowing when to take the next step in your writing career, I told you that freelancing sites where you create a profile and apply to the site’s personal job board were sometimes referred to as content mills. 500 more words

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Make Money Writing

Cost: #2,000

if you want to earn money by providing writing services, it’s critical that you write as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The best way to do that is to make writing a habit, something you do every day, no matter what. 21 more words

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