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Writers Wanted

We all have a story to tell. We are lucky to live in a world where it has never been easier to say what’s on our mind. 166 more words

Torrance Global

3 Reasons The Textbroker Site Is Worth A Try

It’s Great For Getting Your Feet Wet

Like any form of a content mill, Textbroker has its pros and cons. For starters, it’s excellent for keeping a little chunk change in the pocket. 676 more words


Job Mentality Writers

There are those who consider freelance content writing a business and those who consider it a hobby. There are also those who act as if their freelance writing is a business but work it as a hobby or job. 361 more words

Freelance Writing

The Value of Writing

Ever wanted to carve out a career as a writer? Writing is one of those skills that gets seriously undervalued. Take this little example I copied from a jobs website… (Some of the words have been changed.) 278 more words


The Ultimate Guide for Environmental Journalists and Nature Writers

How to find the best freelance writing gigs in sustainability, conservation, and green business markets

I made this list for myself as a starting point for freelance opportunities in topic areas of interest, but others may find it helpful as well: 1,236 more words


8 Ways to Build Writing Career Experience

If you want to pursue writing as a career, you’re often told your dreams are futile– there aren’t jobs, and the ones that are available are nearly impossible to break into. 888 more words


The Write Job for You!

More often than not, if you’re any form of Humanities major in college, you’ll be asked this question from well-meaning people:

Well, guess what?

There are  617 more words