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Reflections on Writing for Tough Audiences: Them, and Me

One of the primary tenets of writing that I’ve learned over the last few years is the importance of writing for yourself, first. Good readers can tell when a book or a short story is written out of love and interest and dedication, and one that is forced, contrived, or tossed out to meet someone else’s expectations. 391 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

Critique Group - Behind the Smile

No frying pans allowed. We will all be nice when we critique this week’s new submission.

Don’t forget the critiquing guidelines. All you have to do is post a comment about the submissions below. 1,045 more words


POST CRITIQUE - A Better Ending

I have finally finished the re-write of my first novel – Wandering on the Treadmill . Spending money to have it professionally critiqued was worth every penny. 181 more words

What's New?

Avoiding Cliché

So, I got feedback from my other essay yesterday, the one I was wondering about while waiting for feedback from the first free-form essay. It was highly favorable. 156 more words

Real Life

Story Development - Wanted, Superhero to Save the World Part 1

It’s time for a story development post. This week I am switching to a different story, a superhero/science fiction tale designed for middle graders (ages 8 to 12). 1,968 more words


Punch that Title

Titles that start the argument

Imagine if the show had been called The Thing Most People Don’t Know About Buffy. She seems to be a normal, awkward high school girl, but after classes she’s up most of the night slaying vampires. 466 more words

David Hodges

Help that Hurts

Kindness Kills

Tonight, I’m asking you to do the hard thing: criticize a fellow writer who has made an effort to persuade us of a truth. 1,104 more words

David Hodges