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using the sense of touch in writing

Sense of touch.
This is my third post in my post series on the five senses. So far I have covered sight and sound but today I’m talking about touch. 842 more words


Searching for Words Beyond Emotion

I haven’t done any writing or revisions in the past week. Mentally, I just wasn’t up to it. Before I experienced depression for myself, I never realized how much my emotions could affect my brain.  116 more words

Real Life

Using the sense of sound in writing. ( + 2 bonus lists.)

Last week I covered the sense of sight but this week I’m talking about the second most used sense hearing.
Hearing isn’t a popular topic among writers and doing research for this post was hard because of the very few sources. 637 more words

Writing Tips

Critique Group - The King's Spyglass

If you haven’t seen Edge of Tomorrow, then you might not understand the above photo, but I thought it was amusing. :-) Have fun critiquing today’s entry. 713 more words


The Editing Game - Guest Post by Kaci Hill

From a discussion about Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman came a brief discussion on how much drafts change from start to finish. Ask Bryan, and he’ll tell you that the original version of… 1,187 more words


Story Development - New Science-Fiction Story

Today I am posting the first chapter of a story idea I am contemplating. The target audience is middle graders (age 8 to 12). I hope you’ll let me know what you think of it. 2,417 more words


Using the sense of sight in your descriptions.

This is the first post in a 5 post series on using the 5 senses in your writing, specifically in descriptions.
The sense of sight is the most used sense when it comes to descriptions. 987 more words