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Writing Lessons

(previously posted March 12, 2016 on NovelRocket.com)

I was standing in line for coffee (well, in line with others in line for coffee—I prefer the near milkshake version) at a writers conference several years ago. 1,144 more words


The Audience is the Elephant in the Room

“It felt right.”

So, I recently started expanding my tv watching, as I’ve basically watched the same five shows for the past several years. In doing so, I’ve been pretty surprised by how many shows suffer from weak dialogue. 1,030 more words


Should I? Considering When and Why to hit 'Publish'

Until now, I have managed to write a post for this blog everyday. It’s not that impressive I know. I mean, my blog has only been live for a week, and the wind in my sails comes more from the thrill of doing something new than anything else. 517 more words


You need other writers.

Hey guys! Today I have something a bit different for you: a guest post! I reached out to my good friend, Enette Venter of Enette’s World, to see if she would like to write a post for you lovely people out there.

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Short Story: Lucky Cat. Part 1

The gift was bound with dark silvered paper and adorned with black, silk ribbon, tied in a crisp bow: a perfect match to the personal colour and style of the recipient. 2,550 more words

Creative Writing

My First View

I finished writing my first ‘novel’ when I was fourteen years old. I can not emphasise enough how heavily finger quoted the term Novel is in this instance! 559 more words

Thoughts On Blogging

I Know That Voice

“Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in.”
– Louise Brown…

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