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March- Progress check

This month has been slightly stressful – two dogs on 24hr watch can sap a lot of writing time and a serious amount of energy! Excuses aside, I am a couple of weeks behind my schedule this month but I have engaged in some lateral thinking and managed to write whenever and wherever I can. 166 more words

What's New?

Story Development - Beyond the Gateway Part 3

Last week I began posting the sequel to Reapers, tentatively entitled Beyond the Gateway. You can read Part One here and Part Two here… 1,400 more words


How to Write Crisp, Evocative Descriptions: The Eye of Memory (5)

When the eye of the imagination is engaged,
it illuminates the artful possibilities hidden within actual events.
From the hard rock of fact, stone by stone the writer builds a castle…
247 more words

Notes On Writing

Innovate Your Content Marketing Strategy with 4 R's Principle

“Content is the king”, is something we all keep hearing lately; and to be honest, no content marketer or writer ever complains when someone repeats this fact to them! 328 more words


Intuitive Predictions

Our Counterintuitive World

1. True or False. What occurs in the world is not always reasonable, logical, or right. Even so, it might be true. 1,135 more words

David Hodges

Writing Tip - Turning Up the Heat - Part Two

Last week I wrote about two ways to turn up the heat in the middle of the story. This week we will look at two more heat-generating methods. 378 more words


Critique Group - Child of the Curse and Chiron in the Woods

No, these submissions aren’t anything like what Flynn just saw, so we’ll have an easy time critiquing today.

Don’t forget the critiquing guidelines. All you have to do is post a comment about the submissions below. 1,844 more words