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Guest post: Getting back on the NaNoWriMo track

Enette’s note.

Hi guys, so this is the second guest post here and just like this previous one it concerns what is on every writer’s minds right now, NaNoWriMo. 1,212 more words


Where Exactly is the Great Green Room?

Goodnight Moon, in print more or less continuously since 1947, was a staple, not of my childhood but of my childrearing years. The child in question simply wouldn’t sleep without it. 112 more words

More Writing Lessons Learned While Watching Bad Movies

I wrapped up editing and publishing work on People on the Highway Volume 2 last week.  It took a bit of time to put it all out there (it’s free through Friday right here:  711 more words


Onwards, writing truth no 1

In the past year and a bit I’ve written three books. Now, two years ago this would have seemed like a phenomenal pace. And that was mostly because in the ten years before I finally managed to finish writing one of the ten novels I was writing, I’d get distracted with Shiny&New Syndrome, which is really the call of a new idea while you are working on an old one – the old one that has now reached the difficult stage. 333 more words

Product, Process and Learner Writing

Most schools have a clear policy on writing. Many require learners to submit a certain number of writing tasks before the end of the semester. Some plan within the syllabus for a writing task to be completed every month.Others let the teacher decide what and when learners should do writing. 991 more words


Guest Post: Managing Your NaNoNumbers

I have never written a guest post before, especially not for Enette here, so I guess I’ll start off by saying hello! I’m Ayli from… 1,160 more words


7 Writing Lessons NaNoWriMo Has Taught Me in 7 Years

The main reason I take the time every October to give National Novel Writing Month advice is because I’ve done it many, may times. I’ve also never lost. 792 more words

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