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It's time for KRICKET

I got the idea for Kricket during the 2008 election when some fringe folks were claiming that the Democratic candidate Barack Obama was a Muslim and would make Christianity illegal and implement Sharia Law. 490 more words

Writing Life

How Writing a Book is Like Riding a Roller Coaster

Writing a Book is Like Riding a Roller Coaster.

It’s been a long slog uphill as I’ve worked on a long piece of narrative non-fiction on and off for going on three years. 523 more words

Writing Life

The Road of Life

At what point in life should you stop dreaming?  Middle-age?  Or, older perhaps?

Ever seen a person who’s given up? The sight is difficult to take in. 161 more words


Flush like a Venetian

Except for during certain urgent moments, we don’t normally find ourselves obsessing about toilets. Not while traveling. And especially not while gaping in stunned appreciation at gorgeous buildings, eating fantasy-worthy food, and taking selfies with the local wildlife.   520 more words

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#IWSG Quotes For #Writing Inspiration

This month’s question: Do you have any quotes you use for inspiration?

Every once in a while I get stuck as a writer.  Whether the right words are being elusive, or I’m stressed over something from my personal life (usually over finances), or I just can’t get focused.   109 more words


Take a Break (Infuriating Advice, Part 2)

Last night, a plot point that had been nagging me for days dropped into my head while I was dicing onions. Last week, a perfect turn of phrase for an essay sauntered through my head while I was on the train. 411 more words