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The Moment of Confusion

I’ve had this interview between round-table icon Charlie Rose and award-winning Shakespearean actor Mark Rylance bookmarked for a year now because I really wanted to share the idea that Rylance posits toward the end of the interview. 483 more words


Weekend Edition - You Are Not Alone Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

You Are Not Alone

Being a grown up can be lonely.

Being a writer can be lonely.

Being a grown-up writer can be seriously lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. 1,486 more words


A Little Inspiration

The Carol Burnett Show is one of my favorites. This sketch features Tim Conway at his funniest as “the most feared interrogator in all the world… and part of Canada”…

Writing Life

Procrastination Nation

Over the weekend, I spent most of my time locked in my small studio apartment with no wifi, rewatching my entire movie collection over and over. 453 more words


A Little Inspiration

Native American comedy troupe The 1491s perfectly send up the appropriation of Native culture…

Writing Life

What Do You Want from a Writer's Retreat?

I’d like to talk with you about retreats for writers. The immediate answer to any of these questions can easily be ‘well, it depends’, but overall, I’m curious to learn what type of writing retreat you’d benefit from most within the next 12 months. 452 more words


No Wasted Words

A few things happen when I finish a book. First, the champagne. Second, a day or so of rest. And then, on the third day, I start writing again. 386 more words

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