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30-Day Writing Challenge - A Place I Would Live

Today’s challenge is to pick a place you would live, but haven’t visited. After some consideration, I settled on Key West, Florida. I love the beach and Key West has  a rich literary history, so I’m guessing the beautiful surroundings spark creativity. 31 more words

Developing One's Writing Voice

For the past few months, I’ve been speaking with writer friends, reading about how other’s find their writing voices, and have been ruminating on this topic in quiet moments.   300 more words

The Writing Life

30-Day Writing Challenge - First Love & First Kiss

Day three of the 30-Day Writing Challenge is a fun one—First Love & First Kiss. (I did ask my husband if it would bother him at all before I agreed to write this. 938 more words

A Writer's Routine

How would you describe your writing process?  Is it simple?  Eccentric?  Do you have a particular place where you’d prefer to write?  A place to go to in order to draw out your muse?  58 more words


30-Day Writing Challenge - Five Problems with Social Media

It took less than thirty seconds for me to think of the first problem with social media…the chunk of time it takes up. I find it so hard to carve out the time to tackle social media tasks and usually end up posting bleary-eyed late at night, and it’s just not working. 721 more words

Care package 

Sometimes, all it takes is one beautiful act of random kindness, to restore ones faith in humanity and shed a little light in the darkness. I am surrounded by beautiful people and know that I am blessed.

Visual Poetry

Take what you need - the power of words

Yesterday my husband and I spent the afternoon walking around Portsmouth NH. It’s a fantastic, artsy, hippie, freethinking kind of town that is always filled with surprises (and great craft beers.) The sun was shining, there was a gentle ocean breeze, it was a perfect afternoon. 230 more words

The Craft Of Writing