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Fanfic Friday: I Suck at Summaries You Guys

It may seem weird suddenly coming out of the gate with this, but I’ve been fascinated by fandom and fanfic for a long time. I have many feelings on it, and those are all things I’ll probably get into later at some point. 2,897 more words


Friday Sinema: Assassin Parkour

Because it’s Friday, it’s fun, and man, can this guy do it! :D

Also, why do video games have the coolest music?

Have a great weekend! 47 more words

Writing Life

If you're a writer, write.

I have been away from my blog for a while and can only offer the excuse that I’ve been working. As a writer I have been working hard on two different projects and other things has been allowed to slide away into the distance. 303 more words

When Should You Hire a Grant Writer?

There are many reasons to hire a grant writer, but the major question is: when do you know it’s time?  When you need money for your project and your coffers are bare?   383 more words

Writing Life

Write, Reject, Repeat

Two out of three of my submissions to Ninth Letter Online were rejected.  Those of the two genres important to me, fiction and creative non-fiction.  I’m more surprised than upset, I was certain I’d be (electronically) published, though in reflection, I see that that certainty was based in nothing solid.  344 more words

Introducing Carol A. Stephen - June's Three by Five Featured Author

Carol A. Stephen is a Canadian poet, poetry selector for Bywords Journal and a member of the League of Canadian Poets. She’s served on boards of Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region (CAA-NCR), Arts Carleton Place and Tree Reading Series Ottawa. 166 more words

Writing Life