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Why are you a writer? / Memorable Fancies #1309

.. To become rich and famous, will settle for rich-only if I have to.

.. To have adoring fans and pick up English majors in bars. 110 more words


6 Tips and Tricks to Start Writing and Stay Writing

Whether you’re a beginner like me or a seasoned writer looking to increase your productivity, here are some tips and tricks to get you writing-even when you don’t feel like it! 458 more words


Blog Train Leaving the Station!

Excitement! Some Stonecoast classmates and I have decided to band together and create a blog train: linking our sites to each other like cars in a train. 705 more words


Tuesday TeeHeehee

It’s September. *FLAIL* How did that happen?!?!?!

I’m on Pinterest. Sometimes I remember to, you know, actually pin shitstuff there. Mostly, though, it’s sexy guys and funny sayings, or the occasional erudite thought to hang out with the funny stuff. 185 more words

Writing Life

A Change of Seasons

Hi Everyone!

Right now, the sun is setting and it’s getting a little cooler. There’s a lot of wasps buzzing around and the berries on the tree that hangs over my backyard swing keep falling off and whacking me on the head (you can see the said tree in my profile picture in the “About” section). 503 more words

Prizes for Pages

This one is for those of you that run or belong to a writing group…

Finger puppets, fruit-shaped erasers, mariachi rubber ducks, pens, journals, stickers, tiny crayons…  I started the prize basket after seeing the naked delight in my writer’s eyes when I gave out free pens at the end of a workshop. 277 more words

Writing Practice

Some Words of Encouragement....

Years and years and years ago, when I could still be considered a young man, my wife and I moved from California to Washington State so I could go to graduate school. 706 more words