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Tangerine a short story

“He didn’t want to lose his train of thought. He wanted to blow it up and examine the pieces that showered down.”

“You’re an idiot Stoneburg.” 336 more words

Writing Life

Day 118 of Writing Daily

I knew if I put enough dedication in chapter 19, I can get through it. The results… I finally completed 19! Now I can truly start editing so that I can upload on Tablo. 155 more words


Beyond Writer's Cramp: Any Ideas?

In most regards, it’s been an incredible weekend: I got to see my dear friend Cindy (to whom Truest is dedicated) and meet her adorable baby boy; I’ve gotten lots of rest; I’ve written a lot, chapters I feel really, really good about. 354 more words

A Broken Promise

I broke my jumbo LARGE promise yesterday. I wrote more than 500 words. But not 500 more. Only 17 more.

I didn’t have my jumbo LARGE text I was drafting in a jumbo LARGE document by itself. 199 more words


The Lonely Road

Several years ago, I followed my son-in-law home along a deserted, rainy Tennessee road at night. I was doing okay until he vanished around a bend in the road ahead. 680 more words

Writing Life

5 things I didn’t expect when I released my first novel

It’s five years since I released My Memories of a Future Life. I actually hadn’t realised it was that long ago, but Facebook has an algorithm that nudges you to repost old updates. 1,021 more words

Writing Life