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Writing Life: More Sister Loretta

The new episode, entitled Confronting Dermott, is up.

Sister Loretta is driven to take a big risk by her fury that men, Father Stephen and Dermott, get to walk away from the consequences of their behavior while Katie and Regina deal with being pregnant. 141 more words


Writing Life: Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache

My sister-in-law Amy gave me an Inspector Gamache book for the trip to Panama, and I enjoyed it very much. I’m always glad to find a new crime series, with a character that grows and develops as the series winds on. 257 more words


Who ARE These People and What Do They Want?

I said a few weeks ago that I’d put my book on the back burner while I worked through some classes. I’m still working on them. 299 more words

What Bold Extremes I Have Inside

I have wanderlust and I have agoraphobia. I have the life of the party and I have extreme shyness. I have beauty and I have ugliness. 447 more words

Writing Life

The Writing Life

So, Natalie finally turned the camera on me.  She said, and I quote: “You’re always taking pictures of me and putting them on your blog.  Now it’s my turn.” So, while I was still sleeping, she grabbed our trusty… 104 more words

Natalie McKelvy

Why I'm Not Yet Published

Last week, I met with some friends for one of our get-togethers. We all have busy lives, so when we can get together, we tend to spend hours talking. 915 more words

Writing And Books

Fear Not The Wolf

It’s not the wolf in sheep’s clothing I fear most, they are easily identifiable.

It’s when sheep behave like wolves and can’t see it which scares me, for it is much more insidious. 158 more words

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