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A Monday In May

Welcome to May. Who remembers that old chestnut, “April showers bring May flowers, what to Mayflowers bring?” Raise your hands…**

Let’s get to the roundup… 528 more words

Writing Life

Speak Now

I don’t know about you, but dialogue is always my biggest struggle. I have a difficult time forming natural conversation between characters. Often, I write in first person. 130 more words


Rock Star University: Pursue Excellence

In a fog of mourning last week, perusing every Prince interview available on Youtube, I found an odd little visit he made to The View some years ago. 344 more words

Writing Update (#5)

I’ve won CampNaNoWriMo!! :D

Yesterday, the last day of Camp,  sat down, pushed everything else aside, and had a writing marathon. I needed 2000 words to win, and I was determined I wasn’t going to lose. 181 more words


The Front Row Blogs: Where I Write

First off, being a writer is REAL HARD. It’s NO JOKE. So many things want to STOP you.

Netflix. Happy Hour. Puppies. America.

In order to get to that blank page, you have to have a carefully thought out ritual, if you will, to get into that creative space where the magic happens. 714 more words

Writing Life

A Grain of Sand

Before publication in August, we’ll be sharing a few grains from A Handful of Sand to crack your teeth on. Here’s an opener:

After interviewing the last of the Gurindji Walk-off leadership and ‘new generation’ Gurindji leaders, I took a 4,000 kilometre drive around Queensland in October 2012. 689 more words

Writing Life

How I Blog, Pt. 1: Scheduling

Mayday, mayday!  *airplane crashes horribly* *pilot parachutes to safety*

Whew!  I was waaaay off with my word count goal, but I was spot on with my goal of finishing three novel endings and having a little spare time to pick away at a fourth.  970 more words

Writing Life