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I spent years nudging children to dig deeper into what makes them shine in their own unique way, urged them to channel their energy in positive, productive ways, and shared aspects of our fascinating world with them. 18 more words

On Writing

June 22nd 2018

Another quick post today. I wrote 667 words tonight, and maybe 100 of those are worth saving. I started the same scene three times before I knew where I wanted it to go. 45 more words


Friday Ramblings From An Author-Finally Caught Up With Back Titles

The first Ramblings of the summer.

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally caught up with all my back titles. I re-released the last of the batch yesterday. 197 more words


Weekend Writing #16: Lost & Found

Hello, Writers! This weekend we want you to go somewhere. Where? To the beach! Think of all the things you had a child: toys, notes, games, pictures etc. 273 more words

Woman, Writer, Warrior

I’m personally and academically interested in the choices and compromises talented female writers make, more specifically why some women have difficulty giving themselves time and permission to do their writing. 354 more words


Why You Should Edit Your Novel Backwards Plus Other Possibly Insane Yet Effective Editing Tricks

I recently finished a major revision of a novel I’ve been working on since 2015. You read that right. I’ve spent almost three years with this novel, in which I’ve gone to hell and back. 323 more words

Writing Life

Of Books and Birthdays

7QT, vol. 11.
Linking up with Kelly!

1) Monday was Mary’s third birthday! We were all still sick, but she enjoyed her “pink and orange M cake” – made to her specifications – and presents. 937 more words