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Rain Delay in Progress

Actually, translating some material and trying to summarize changes in Just War Theory between AD 1150 and AD 1415, and grading papers, drained my brain yesterday. 32 more words

Writing Life

Buried Treasure

My guest room is a mess.  Every surface is covered with piles of papers, notebooks, magazines, and miscellaneous odds & ends.  That wasn’t the plan:  the plan was for me to take my house reorganizing and culling in small, bite-sized portions.  410 more words

Writing Life

A day in the life (writing edition) 

Lord have mercy I made it! 🙌🏼

I’ve edited over 30,000 words in 2 days 😊

Extremely nervous and excited to send this off to my mentor and good friend 💚 This will be my first Solo Book…. 81 more words

Writing Life

New Short Story: "How to Steal Copper Wire"

A few years ago, a news article caught my attention. An epidemic was sweeping the nation — copper wire theft. People were stealing wire from streetlights and utilities and many of them were getting killed by electrocution in the process. 250 more words


Imperfect Gifts

One of my favorite books is The Gift, by Lewis Hyde. It’s about passing along the gifts of creativity–writing, visual art, music, etc. It came up again this past week with a group of writers. 216 more words

Leo Lionni's Frederick

There are a few illustrated children’s books I grew up with that left a very deep mark on me. Tomi di Paola’s books, Ashanti to Zulu… 500 more words

Writing Life