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Severance Pays

Last night, shortly after The Witching Hour, I rounded a cognitive corner.¬† I lay awake in bed, fascinated by the auditory qualities of my newish humidifier (face toward it and it sounds quite like rain on the roof, face away from it and it sounds generically gurglesome, face the ceiling and it sounds like wet whispering), meditating on the psychology in… 463 more words

Writing Life

A Little Inspiration

For, wishing to distort the truth expressly
With sordid inky blots in careless writing
Is not allowed in good society.

Veronica Franco, “Terza Rima 16″

Writing Life

3 Questions with Amelia Rhodes

Amelia Rhodes is an author, speaker, blogger, journalist, wife, mom, and probably don’s a cape a cowl each night to defend the innocent¬†of Grand Rapids against ne’er-do-wells. 364 more words

Thursday Thoughts: Universal Mountain

We have a saying in my family: Fun, Travel, and Adventure! Which actually means something quite different, having to do with a crude description of a biological act and a branch of the US military. 262 more words

Writing Life

After SFWC - Kristen Falso Capaldi

Last month, Kristen Falso Capaldi, the recipient of the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Prize 2015, spent a weekend in San Francisco at the San Francisco Writers Conference. 187 more words

Writing Life

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

Well boys and girls, April is almost here, which means that it is almost time for Camp NaNoWriMo! I am completely excited for this, because it will be my first year participating in this particular NaNoWriMo competition. 481 more words