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16th January 2019

Today I’ve got more done than yesterday. The chapter on PE3 that I edited yesterday was a short one at about 1800 words whereas today’s chapter was over 4000 words and I got it done quicker. 247 more words



making toes curl in sweet satisfaction

a steaming hot mug of delicious

Caramel Corretto

on a sunny Saturday morning

filled with peace, promise and unknown delights… 42 more words


Maybe It Wasn't the Reader, Maybe It Was the Book

Sunday morning I was glancing through the Amazon sales e-mail and saw something that looked potentially interesting. The book title was The Only Harmless Great Thing, … 426 more words

Writing Life

Wednesday Words: Fantasy

Another Wednesday and we’re already half-way through January. How is that even possible?!? I have this fantasy of stopping time so I can get everything done that I need and still sleep, eat, and other stuffins. 650 more words

Writing Life

Wednesday Writing Prompts-Mystery Man

When I’m planning¬†these writing prompts, I often think of an idea and then go looking for a photo to accompany it. This week, while doing that,¬†I stumbled across this photo and decided to change the theme of this week’s prompt. 75 more words


15th January 2019

Tonight I have edited a short chapter of PE3. I should have done more but I wasn’t feeling it tonight. I think I needed a small change of pace and once I’d finished the chapter I wrapped up the last of these zombie stories I’ve been working on. 162 more words