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Kill Your Darlings Unpublished Manuscript Award Short List

I made the short list!

After more than three years of writing, editing and rewriting more times than I can possibly count, my story about a zero tolerance regime, … 453 more words


Just a note....

Just a note, to note, in passing, something that happened last night.  Last night I completed a first draft for Princess of Stars.  The progress bar over there on the side reads “100% done”, which, over the last three years, is something I frequently despaired of ever seeing. 434 more words


June 21st 2018

527 today on PE3. I’ve had a few days off it and have gone back to it today. At lunch I wrote what I’m calling an interlude which’ll focus on a single character and they’re backstory. 86 more words


Call for Alpha Readers

Anyone interested in alpha-reading the draft of Against a Rising Tide, the third Powers novel? If so, please contact me at AlmaTCBoykin AT aol DOT com. 14 more words

Writing Life


After college, I came home and lived with my folks for 13 months. I swear I wasn’t a nightmare. I worked, I paid them a little something when I was able to do so, and it mostly went well. 1,042 more words

Life Lessons

Music For Your Writing

I’ve been wanting to share with you all something that I’ve been working on for awhile, which is my very own curated sci-fi playlist!

It’s nowhere near complete, but I’ve started it and it contains a lot of my favorite soundtracks and soundscapes to listen to while I write. 121 more words

Science Fiction

#TBT: Let's Throw... aka I can't think of a cutesy title +

There’s nothing like putting up a weenter post on the summer solstice.

That’s how you roll if you’re me.

Happy Summer Solstice if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like me! 370 more words