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Writing Darkness

So the big thing this week is that I finished the second draft of the Creepy Play: my Southern (Ontario) Gothic family tragedy. And you guys, there was one night—I was expanding a scene between the mother and her adult daughter. 557 more words


Monday Madness in March

Not ready to face the day, but yeah… Work mode. Must get self in gear. Working on it.

So, who’s paying attention to the NCAA basketball tournament? 438 more words

Writing Life

Look Further Than Your Own Back yard

In my personal experience it has been difficult to study fantasy without considering history. Perhaps not strange, given that most western authors seem to set their work in something spun out of a fantastical medieval Europe. 320 more words

Thought Rants And More

Essential Survival Kit for the Writer

I’ll be straight up with you, this blog post is going to come relatively short and sweet. The blame lies solely on Mass Effect: Andromeda, and I accept no responsibility with regards to my own lack of willpower to say no to an extra hour (or seven) of it. 452 more words

Writing Life

"But that's MY novel!" When your idea is written by someone else.

At some point, it’ll probably happen. You’ll have this FANTASTIC idea for a novel. The characters are unique. The setting is all yours. The plot – hah! 1,341 more words

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