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Seven Days of 60s Food: Orange Moss

“So what kind of Jello salad are you making?”

As soon as I announced this project, this was the question everyone asked. The dish people most closely associate with the 1960s seems to be Jello, preferably with lots of strange stuff in it. 560 more words

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In honour of National Poetry Day, I’ve decided to give a poem a go:

The weather’s cold,
my nose is numb,
I want hot chocolate in my tum. 17 more words

#H. J. Stanley

Time For A Story: Read "A Test Drive" By Diane Rosier Miles

In this short story, a woman sets out to educate others about their wealth. Does she learn what’s really of value?  Enjoy this free sample of my writing, and then learn more about me on facebook.com/dianerosiermilesauthor. 1,256 more words

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My Favorite Sentence This Week

It’s already Thursday. Can you believe it? Between sleepless nights (thanks to my toddler), and cranky days, I’ve managed to get some writing done in my spare time. 83 more words


Treasures Found: Writer Cleaning Her Desk

Summer is definitely over, and fall has come at last. And at last I am moving on, too. I feel it inside, but the evidence is real this morning, as I move automatically into cleaning my desk, preparing for writing projects. 220 more words

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Sleep? What's That?

It’s officially fall and the autumn/winter craziness has begun for me. So, my concern as I move into this phase is maintaining my health—physical and mental. 366 more words

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Take My Hand - I Write For You. I Write For Me...

A couple of years ago, in my usual exuberance for writing about writing instead of actually writing (which, when you think about it IS actually writing. 1,521 more words