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Creating Magic

So far during the month of preptober, or promptober as I have nicknamed it, I have outlined over a dozen possible books. One of the twelve has stuck out to me enough to further my world building past the initial rough outline. 1,211 more words



i met him by the river near the railway line.
My breath hitched as i approached him
             Overwhelmed by his sunshine smile,
                                                                         blinding in the ebony glaze of the night… 208 more words


The 08 of November, 2016

Woke at 5:56.

Confident and reassured, her.

Hope. my voice was unheard.


Ode to Poetry

             A word
To feel another breath comfortably conform
                        my lungs to take new shape
a reborn sentient common-man zips up the suit of my… 147 more words


Make the Magic Work: Create a Stronger Magic System

I’m a slow learner sometimes.

Think it’s enough to start with the fireball, add the ley lines to power it, a few grimores to learn it, the occasional magical talisman to power it up… and trust the rest will fit itself neatly into the world on its own? 660 more words

What Can You See Here?

As a writer and a witch I want to page through the paranormal and see the signs hidden in the crystal ball.

But, we’re out of milk, and if I don’t hit my deadline my bank account will go belly up. 114 more words