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Data plural vs singular

A singular annoyance by mtphrames, Attribution-NoDerivs Licence

According to the APA style guide (6th edition) data is plural. No exception. Following this rule means using plural verbs in association with data, for example “The data were analysed”. 299 more words

Writing Mechanics

Reducing wordiness

Say what? by Valerie, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

In this post on the APA Style Blog Chelsea does a quick run though of a few examples of ways you can be more concise and clear. 35 more words

Writing Mechanics

Chinese Writing: The Mechanics

There are two major components to writing: the mechanics of writing and composition. Mechanics deals with the actual formation of words. Composition is more about how we write, e.g. 443 more words


Using abbreviations

CACA by Jason Eppink, Attribution License

  • When should I use an abbreviation?
  • Can I use abbreviations in tables and figures?
  • Are abbreviations written with periods?
  • 38 more words
Writing Mechanics

Using punctuation graphs

Punctuation graphs were described by Perlman and Erickson (1983). They are an interesting way to look at the structure of your writing and may be a useful way to visualise problems. 313 more words

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Em dashes

Dash by Meade, Attribution License

You have probably come across em dashes before. A em dash is a long dash that is used to give emphasis to phrases. 98 more words

Writing Mechanics

Serial commas

Eden Project – Driftwood Horse by Ian Burt, Attribution License

Using a comma after the last word in a list—before you write the word “and”—may seem unnecessary or even incorrect. 73 more words

Writing Mechanics