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Beware: This Practice Could 'Date' You

Recently, a topic posted by the Facebook page Grammarly asked the question: “Do you write (type) with one space or two spaces after a sentence? Line break?” 528 more words

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Verb tense

Past Perfect & Past Tense by Luca Traversa, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

Sometimes when I am revising my writing I find I have jumbled up the tenses and need to pay attention to that as I edit. 230 more words

Writing Mechanics

My experience with Goodreads Giveaways

Recently I did two Goodreads giveaways with the intent of getting exposure (most people do giveaways hoping for reviews. I’ll explain later why the review strategy is very costly and probably not worth it). 1,415 more words


Making reader feedback work for you

It’s very important to realize that readers don’t make good editors most of the time. Not directly, anyhow. So learning how to read between the lines of a reader’s comments is a necessary skill if you don’t want to hire an actual editor who’ll put what you need to do in big bold letters. 618 more words


Writing Peripheral Scenes

One strategy during revision is to write the scenes that take place outside of the narrator’s experience. What happened before he entered the room?

Those scenes can help me imagine everything from the posture to the motivation of the various characters when our narrator does arrive. 1,049 more words


Adverbs are the Devil

On occasion I will go to reddit and look through a writing subreddit like KeepWriting. This is one of many places people go on the Interwebs to post their writing efforts and seek criticism.   475 more words


The Mary Sue, Author Surrogates

In the novel I’m writing, I have completely fictitious characters and others based loosely on people I know. I do not, however, have a Mary Sue.  513 more words