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Beyond the Basics: When to break the rules

I believe that most writing rules fall into two categories. Some rules benefit style, while other rules are purely academic.

Academic rules tend to become outdated quickly, and are soon overshadowed by colloquialisms instead. 667 more words


Structural editing

Maple Structure by Steve Jurvetson Attribution License

When it comes time to edit your first draft, where should you start? Don’t begin with the sentences. You need to look at the whole structure and make the big changes first. 53 more words

Writing Mechanics

Beyond the Basics: Dialogue and said tags

Though I am wont to disagree with most overly repeated writing advice, I do agree with the concept that ‘said’ is the superior verb for dialogue, and that adverbs (he said regrettably) are a signature of weak writing. 490 more words


Ditch the first idea to get to more creative concepts

When it comes to creativity, the first idea that comes to mind is usually the most trite. If it popped in your head that easily, you can bet your ass it’s popped into plenty of other heads before yours. 285 more words


Beyond the Basics: Making your character descriptions interesting

You know what variety of description has never left an impression on me? A character’s height. 5’4, 6’1, 5’0, all a blur of uninteresting information. The descriptions that stick with me for longer than a few pages aren’t so interchangeable. 531 more words


Noticing good and bad writing as you read

reader by Barbara Krawcowicz, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

I used to think that when I was having trouble following a paper I was reading, it was because I didn’t know enough about the topic, or wasn’t concentrating properly. 530 more words

Writing Mechanics

How do you put a soundtrack behind written fiction?

I haven’t written anything here in a while. The good news is that I’ve been writing and submitting fiction as much as my schedule allows, racking up the rejections and all. 228 more words