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Being consistent

Consistency by dianealdrich, Attribution License

You want your writing to be easy to read. Readers enjoy reading material that is easy to read. Material that is hard to read makes them bored or annoyed. 148 more words

Academic Writing

Good Writing: They Say We Should Only Say Things -- Dialogue Tags

Dialogue tags.

Talk to a reader, and seldom do they even notice them.

Talk to a writer, and they’re the most important thing ever. It’s hard to go very far in the internet world of novelists and other fiction writers without getting a pretty definitive opinion on dialogue tags. 1,999 more words

The Power of Verbs

Here’s an exercise that will help you learn the power of verbs.

See if you can make the following paragraph more interesting by changing the verbs. 323 more words

Deborah Lee Luskin

Stacked modifiers

Guillemots nesting on the sea stack by Carron Brown, Attribution-NoDerivs Licence

The opening line of this posting by Bonnie Mills says it all: “Today’s episode concerns a what-you-may-have-been-wondering-about topic”. 20 more words

Writing Mechanics

Choosing a title

no title by kobaken++, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

I often wish I was one of those creative people who could think of really catchy titles for my work. 97 more words

Writing Mechanics

Mandarin and Montessori

Do Mandarin and Montessori Mix?*

A good Mandarin Chinese class is not just a version of a Chinese class in China on American soil. In order to be successful, a Chinese class needs to borrow from different educational approaches that make sense for the students in the group. 607 more words

Grammatical Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making Anymore

I believe that a writer ought to love and respect the English language in the same way that a musician ought to revere their instrument. Jimi Hendrix would not have been able to make the spell-binding music that he did if he didn’t respect his instrument, granted, he wasn’t the most technically polished guitarist, and he did play it upside down, with his teeth, and once set it on fire and subsequently smashed it. 1,188 more words