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Choosing a title

no title by kobaken++, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

I often wish I was one of those creative people who could think of really catchy titles for my work. 97 more words

Writing Mechanics

Mandarin and Montessori

Do Mandarin and Montessori Mix?*

A good Mandarin Chinese class is not just a version of a Chinese class in China on American soil. In order to be successful, a Chinese class needs to borrow from different educational approaches that make sense for the students in the group. 607 more words


Grammatical Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making Anymore

I believe that a writer ought to love and respect the English language in the same way that a musician ought to revere their instrument. Jimi Hendrix would not have been able to make the spell-binding music that he did if he didn’t respect his instrument, granted, he wasn’t the most technically polished guitarist, and he did play it upside down, with his teeth, and once set it on fire and subsequently smashed it. 1,188 more words


Tips from a professional writer

Effortless by Stephen Edmonds, Attribution-ShareAlike Licence

John Scalzi is a professional writer and in this post he tells us his tips for writing better without actually making an effort. 36 more words

Academic Writing

Data plural vs singular

A singular annoyance by mtphrames, Attribution-NoDerivs Licence

According to the APA style guide (6th edition) data is plural. No exception. Following this rule means using plural verbs in association with data, for example “The data were analysed”. 299 more words

Writing Mechanics

Reducing wordiness

Say what? by Valerie, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

In this post on the APA Style Blog Chelsea does a quick run though of a few examples of ways you can be more concise and clear. 35 more words

Writing Mechanics

Chinese Writing: The Mechanics

There are two major components to writing: the mechanics of writing and composition. Mechanics deals with the actual formation of words. Composition is more about how we write, e.g. 443 more words