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It's a free book, c'mon

I get too much enjoyment out of making light, hearty jests. 555 more words

The Stones Of Caron

Steve Mera Talking About the Rochdale Poltergeist on the Moore Show!

Here is parapsychologist Steve Mera on the UK’s Moore Show, talking about the Rochdale Poltergeist case and the book we wrote about it. Give it a listen, won’t you?

Writing News

Happy Release Day, Kelly!

My co-author and partner in crime, Kelly Jensen, has a new release out today! It’s a super sweet short story about two guys who have been in love for fifteen years when one of them points out to the other that hey, did you know it’s been a year since we’ve made love? 233 more words

M/m Romance


I’m finally writing H+E.

I wrote 1,162 words today, and 1,018 yesterday. Here’s the pretty word count:

2180 / 50000 words. 4% done!

Hopefully I’ll write more today, but I’m actually having to force myself to stop writing so I can get schoolwork done. 82 more words


About publishing with Ian Andrew

Fact 1: Agatha Christie had 5 years of rejections and her books are the second most read books in the English language.

Fact 2: Beatrice Potter self published because she couldn’t find  a publisher who would publish her book. 714 more words

Writing News

Introducing... Writing Tips from Holly

I love to write, and over the years I’ve learned many things the hard way. I’d love to share some of my advice to make your journey easier. 78 more words

Here is Our Show on Dark Thirty Radio!

In case you missed the live feed last night, here I am on the Dark Thirty Radio show from January 29th! The GoH jumped on there too and talked about his poltergeist experiences, and it turned out a great show. Listen well, minions!

Writing News