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In what Point of View do you write?

When writing a novel there’s a universal question that most writers grapple with – how do you choose which Point of View to use? Point of view is the way the author allows you to “see” and “hear” what’s going on. 751 more words

Solitaire Parke

Jilly: What Do You See?

Has another person’s reaction to something ever made you look at it in a totally different way?

My brother and his sixteen year-old daughter have been staying with us. 693 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

POInt of VIew (2)

            3. Third person, multiple POV. This is the same as 2 above, except that the story is told through the eyes of several characters, with usually only one character’s POV per scene. 378 more words

How "I" Knocked My Own Socks Off

I’m so helpful lately! You guys should be PAYING me for all this free advice! No?! You think I should pay you for forcing your eyes to bleed and your head to reel like a drunken idiot? 734 more words

Victoria Present

Is Your POV Slip Showing?

Saturday afternoon, I went to a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW) workshop in Golden, and struck it rich.  These workshops, held at local libraries around Denver, are free and open to the public on a monthly basis.   769 more words

Working With Words

Does Your Point of View Matter?

Of course point of view matters. I think in many cases it is the most important tool a writer has because it has the potential to completely change a story. 445 more words

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