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The Royal Outlaw // Writing Process

Bonjour mes amis!

I had an idea recently to draw a picture and describe the scene in which the picture is taking place, so me being the action-crazed fanatic I am, the drawing was of some warrior-girl and I named it  239 more words

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There’s bugs in my bedroom!!!!!! Aaaaahhh!! I think they’ve made a nest under my fan. Me: dies. So yeah I’m not gonna sleep in my room again. 154 more words

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It bites at you, eating away at your warmth. Consuming it. You feel the little prickles race up and down you and up and down again, like little tiny flames burning you but giving no warmth. 134 more words

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Another Bowie playlist

I once mentioned not so long ago that I was an avid fan of David Bowie. Just to show my admiration towards him, I decided to make another playlist of some my favourite Bowie songs. 146 more words

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Read Me

Warning: I have not proof read this. :)

Read me. That’s what most books say to me when I look at them. Whether they are filled with good writing or not that is what I feel when I see them. 281 more words

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Blogging: Month 3

Hi all,

As it is March already I find I am entering my third month of blogging. I’m very excited by this! Here’s what I have discovered… 505 more words


Essay Analysis // Who I Make: Our Quest of Humanity

Bonjour mes amis! Sorry for the late post once again; I really need to set an alarm to remind myself to post xD

At first I thought I would post an excerpt from my recent essay,  488 more words

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