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The reluctant blogger

Take pity on the donkey. That’s me by the way. Being dragged, not towards the water, but the keyboard. It’s that time of the day, post time. 483 more words


How Journaling Helped Me in Surviving

I don’t remember particularly when I started keeping a journal. I know that in my younger years, I’ve kept a diary; you know that small hardbound notebooks with a lock on it? 854 more words



I hate writing, I love having written. – Dorothy Parker

Do you know what the single most important characteristic of a writer is? Determination. Determination translates to the discipline that sees you to writing even when you don’t feel like it, into perseverance to keep submitting in the face of rejection and through the writer’s blocks and headaches and heartaches that are the process of stringing words together. 186 more words

Writing Posts

Creating Meaninglessness

When daily prompts become the obsessive elixir to catapult numbers, one must stop and reevaluate where words are coming from and if they have any attachment at all. 19 more words


The Long and Short of It

Inspiration is a strange thing. Sometimes, it comes you to in a word. A phrase. A sentence. Sometimes, you have a dream. Sometimes, it’s a what if. 638 more words


Are you a writing whore; do you give it away for free?

A foot in the door. Breaking in. Making a name for yourself. In layman’s terms, being a newcomer to freelance or professional writing. We’ve all been there (heck, some of us are still here!) and in those dark days when the burgeoning writer is desperate for profile infamy what might the writer be willing to do to gain it? 750 more words


Writing; why you should just do it!

Writing for yourself can be immensely satisfying and liberating; you can write indie fiction, fanfiction or play in a genre that is simply unpopular in today’s world. 302 more words