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Today is the day that I start my new book. I’ve worked up to it for the last few weeks like a marathon runner limbering up for a big race. 1,382 more words

Free Yourself From Your Work

by Matthew Lowes

The experience of hesitation just before one starts writing is something all writers have probably felt at some time. Whether from doubt of our abilities, the fear of what might come out, or the aversion to collapsing our grand nebulous ideas into something concrete, we hesitate, sometimes only for a moment, and sometimes for a lifetime. 390 more words


Musings Behind "The State of Unawareness"

This story was definitely not what I expected it to be, when I first looked at the prompt. I really wanted to write a story where the twist was that “they” were humans and the story was told from an animal’s perspective. 542 more words


The page proof is here! Now I can go through it and make sure that all is in place for everyone of you who have asked about a print edition. 19 more words

Writing Process

The Final Word on Second-Draft Rewrites

(Reed’s Playlist for the occasion: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses, Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by the Offspring) 584 more words


Gods and Goddesses

One of the most exciting parts of writing fantasy is world-building. Developing an entirely new world, with cultures and creatures and rules very different from Earth, is a blast. 811 more words

Little steps

Sometimes, it’s difficult to jump back into an activity after a long break. Writing seems to be one of those activities for me. To be honest, I have never really been one of those people with a dedicated schedule to spend time writing. 273 more words

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