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The Guano Conclusion

Feeling terribly inadequate as a human being this morning.

The skies here in northern Florida continue to be gray and mucky. My nursery of seedlings in their “halfway house pots” at the back door stagnate in the constant un-sun. 236 more words


Adding ON

The old barn stands crooked but firm. That is how I feel with my writing. I am not being straight forward and fiercely focused. I falter and feel crooked. 131 more words

Writing Process

Writing process - the first edits

There are a few different notions floating around about how to edit a story. Rachel Aaron talks about an arc for each chapter, an arc for a book, and another arc over a series. 609 more words


A new book and a new blog

February 2015 saw the publication of my second story, this time a novella in three parts – Child of Time. It follows the exploits and adventures of the young Mira as she grows into her magic and finds trouble wherever she goes.   245 more words


Book Review - Quitter by Jon Acuff

My husband gave me this book for Christmas, hoping it would help me navigate the road from property manager to best-selling novelist. I love that he has enough confidence in me that he thinks maybe this book is all I need. 507 more words

Blackout 59---"Final Bow" by Stephen Dunn

Originally appeared in Here and Now (W. W. Norton & Company 2011)


After the Hanky-Panky

This one’s for all the OCD flavored writers out there. Embrace the minutia, my friends!

(For everyone else, I advise bracing yourself for a little numerical mayhem. 220 more words