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How to Inhale Inspiration

I just learned today that before it became known as the kind of out-of-reach thing that all writers seek, the word inspiration¬†originally meant “to draw in air.” Of course, to inspire, can still mean to breathe in, but knowing the history of the word gives me a new appreciation of this part of the writing process. 404 more words


God from the machine

Muted colors on the drive in to work, highs in the low 50s. The temporary workers in their fluorescent body suits setting up the construction site for the day, wincing in the rain. 668 more words

William Pearse Writer

The Writing Process

  1. Think of an interesting idea or fond memory that would make a great blog.
  2. Sit down at the computer to write, and spend the next hour on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit.
  3. 253 more words

The Wealthy Writer: Show Up, Phone Down

This is the third episode in the series, in two short parts because it was too freaking windy outside for part1!¬† How do you get that novel you’ve always talked about finally DONE? 37 more words


Author Amanda Mininger on Coming Back to Writing

What are the things that prevent you from writing? What are the things that nudge you to jump back into the fray? On her blog, … 234 more words


Write Down Your Life

Last week, on the perfectly imperfect bunch, the weekly theme was poetry. Now I do not consider myself to be a good poet but I can capture odd emotions in intricate metaphors (I did it just now). 559 more words


Courage and the Cocktail Dress

My Nana is the toughest human being I know. She is not only a child of the Great Depression, but the only Yankee in my family. 606 more words