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Justine: Five Things I've Learned About Contests

I’ve had a bit of experience with contests lately — running them, entering them, and losing them. Here are five things I’ve learned: 779 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

My Spiritual Writing Cleanse Days 12: Being Real

I’m going to be straight up right now. I was way distracted last week. I barely re-wrote anything. Earlier today as I sat down wanting to continue where I left off, I had to get real and go back to where I left off and that’s Day 12, where I was supposedĀ to re-write pages 30-45. 217 more words



I don’t know about any of you, but one of the things that I’m most terrible at is organization. I can’t organize things in my head to save my life, and I have to write it down somewhere to get it all in order. 378 more words


In Remembrance

30 March 2015: Ulysses L. Slaughter, Jr. would have been celebrating 59 years on earth today, if he had not left “All Too Soon”.

He passed from this earthly plane in 2008, but I still think of him all the time, especially on days like this, his birthday, for if he was still here, all his friends would probably be loudly singing at his home, eating a ton of soul food, and enjoying a tremendous celebration of his life. 967 more words


How to "Just Write"

In honor of CampNanoWrimo being only TWO DAYS AWAY (how did that even happen so fast?!) I thought I’d publish a post that might be relevant to those, like me, who feel wholly unprepared for this little adventure. 1,861 more words


Call for prompts

I admit. I fell off the writing wagon for about a month. This past week, I began writing again, and I’ve burned through almost all of the prompts in my prompt box. 84 more words