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Workflow: Capture

This is the second in a series of posts on my digital writing tools and workflows. In the first post I described my move away from word processing software and use of text files. 794 more words

Writing Process

Counting Down to Nanowrimo 2016

Nanowrimo is just around the corner. Although I’ve participated since 2007, I have yet to reach the goal of 50,000 words. Like many folks, I make the usual excuses—too busy, too stressed, too tired—but the truth is, I’m always busy, stressed, and tired. 611 more words

My World

"I Tried Really Hard!"

What is more important? The effort or the results?

I guess it depends.

I teach at a university on the side of my writing. And I teach writing – no surprise I am sure. 1,120 more words


The Road to NaNoWriMo 2016 – Part 4: Looking Familiar?

Things are actually moving, it appears, though I can’t shake the feeling that the current situation is looking an awful lot like that of last year. 314 more words


Doing The Thing

Wednesday’s post on Thursday should give a pretty accurate picture of how things are going this week, and I don’t even have a birthday as an excuse. 948 more words


Writers: messy or meticulous?

Ever come across a notebook filled with your handwriting but no memory of it? Or a book with sticky flags adorning its pages, but no idea of why you attached them? 536 more words


My first workshop

We are in the phase of my Fiction Writing course where we have shifted our focus away from theory and into our own writing. I volunteered to go first, simply because I had a short story premise and figured going first would get those workshop nerves out of the way. 915 more words

Writing Process