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Slipping Jimmy...And the Shifting Schedule

Anyone ever watch the series “Breaking Bad?”

Love, love, loved it. Intense, head shakingly stupid mistakes made by some of the characters but fun.

One of the characters from that movie was the lawyer named Saul. 294 more words

Day In The Life

Just Read It

I love Chuck Palahniuk. When grabbing his work, I can be sure that I will enjoy what I am about to read. From “Fight Club,” to “Invisible Monsters,” to “Beautiful You,” I have rarely been disappointed. 584 more words


The Second One

My creative brain won’t stop.

I wrote “The Call of Chaos” and, when I was done, I turned right around and wrote “The Coming Storm” (while the former was being edited). 185 more words

Writing Process

Writing Exercise #6: A Working Of Color

This post is approximately 200 words – short n sweet, like the mystery fruit described below.

Wisps of cloud diluted the perfect blue of the morning sky, reducing its rich color to a softer hue. 183 more words

Writing Process

Things I Have Learned About My Writing Process, Part 3

Fanfic is way easier to write than original stuff.

It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that this is because fanfic requires less creativity.   193 more words


Audience, Purpose, Content

At the moment, I am struggling simultaneously with two picture book manuscripts. This is unusual. Mostly, picture book manuscripts liberate me when I’m feeling defeated by  a novel draft or revision. 423 more words

Finished one - on with with the next!

It’s been a while, but here’s an update:

The book I started on in June was finished before Christmas. That is, the story was completed, but of course, it is not completely finished. 368 more words

Writing Process