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Rick Part 10

The finale. Enjoy!

Rick: Part 10

Few words were spoken until the seventeenth hole. The men played in near-silence, a tacit agreement to get through the rest of the round without any more friction. 602 more words


There's no such thing as Writer's Block... she said determindly.

By Donna A Leahey

I sit down to write. I go play a flash game. I sit down to write. I go fix breakfast. I sit down to write, I need more coffee. 352 more words

Donna A Leahey

Writting process? WHAT writing process?

It was nearly 35 years ago, but I remember it as if it happened yesterday.

My college class had snared some time with Mike Royko, the legendary Chicago columnist who was still at the Chicago Sun-Times. 305 more words

The Wizened Coward

Gremlins are running amuck this morning.

One nasty little critter refused to allow me to open up Word. Then, once he finally allowed me in, he tripled every window. 97 more words


Saturday Six Minute Challenge

It’s a busy weekend but I hope you can find at least six minutes to write. Squeeze it in where you can. Write while you’re eating breakfast. 235 more words


Should I Incorporate as a Freelancer?

One of the decisions freelancers can make might be one that delays how or if they start. Before I started freelancing I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to file a DBA (Doing Business As) with my county or bank, if I needed to file letters of incorporation, if I had to create a business name instead of using my own name, and many other questions. 510 more words


Fantasy research – creepy in fantasy (Coraline)

One of the lovely things about writing is that often your research involves reading other stories. Not to lift work, of course, but to understand tricks of the trade, analyze what worked, or didn’t, and try to figure out why. 907 more words

Writing Process