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How to: Stronger Paragraphs

Agonizing over how to write a literary analysis essay? Wondering how to beef up your writing? Here is a simple idea to keep in mind while writing and organizing your essays. 218 more words


What Grows of Shame?

What do you do with shame?

How does a writer turn that hot, prickly burn of disgrace into something useful?

The other day, I talked about reinventing frustration into a literary good. 86 more words


Being Tony: Chapter 7, Part 2


We went up to his flat above the shop, John put a bottle of whiskey and two glasses on the table.

“Help yourself,” he said, “I just want to get some papers to show you.” He went off to his office, and I helped myself to a generous amount of John’s very fine whiskey.

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Inspiring and Relaxing ...

… the perfect break. I’ve just come back from a short break down in Dartmoor. We go down there whenever we can, stay at the excellent… 841 more words


Haiku Group Old Books

For me, a haiku group is a chain of haikus written all at the same time on a theme. Usually I’m trying to work out my thoughts on the subject, examining it from several sides.

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On the usefulness of haiku writing...

When I started writing poetry, I found it extremely useful to compose haiku poetry. The constraints I had to follow (5-7-5 syllables on three lines) were not only an excellent exercise in imagination, imagining, but they were also useful as an exercise on poetic form. 39 more words


Exploring the Creative Process-Part IX: Interview with Abby Vegas

Just in time to bid farewell to another month and celebrate the release of her Lucas North-inspired novel, Clean Break, here’s our interview with Abby Vegas.  657 more words