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Jo Walton's "Or What You Will," and how to make up people

This is not a formal “book review,” but I wanted to call everyone’s attention to Jo Walton’s newest novel, Or What You Will, which I read recently with great delight. 1,070 more words

The next story

So, I finally got word about one of my short stories I had submitted. While I would have been Jazzed to get picked, the rejection wasn’t as bad as I feared. 9,399 more words


Keeping Score: August 14, 2020

I’m rather upset with past me.

Finally dove into editing the novel this week. Stopped procrastinating and worrying about the right way to do it, and just started doing it. 412 more words


Of Art Imitating Life

I started planning a new fantasy novel today, and I accidentally worldbuilt COVID-19 into it.

Well, not COVID-19 as such, obviously. This illness is its own separate fantasy thing, although it also boasts a lot of barely predictable long-term complications as well as respiratory transmission. 717 more words


Roller Coaster

“Of some new ferment at work in him Nick Lansing himself was equally aware. He was a better judge of the book he was trying to writing than either Suzy or Strefford; he knew its weaknesses, its treacheries, its tendency to slip through his fingers just as he thought his grasp tightest; but he also knew that at the very moment when it seemed to have failed him it would suddenly be back, beating its loud wings in his face…. 310 more words

Overcoming Writing Obstacles

Coming Up With Story Themes

I feel like this should be a quick segment, but, as with anything, I might be a bit long in explaining the point. Regardless, I will do the best I can to get to the heart and eliminate the fluff as we go into story themes. 391 more words