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Lessons Learned 101

Don’t be afraid to drop what’s not working.

No matter how great an idea might have appeared in the novel scouting process, don’t hesitate to send it on its merry way if it doesn’t fit into the workable script. 76 more words


Using Everyday Life in Writing

As I sit down to write a novella, my mind goes over the conversations, memories, and stories from my life. I usually mix and match pieces and parts of my life experience to develop ideas, characters, and storylines. 369 more words

Writing Process

The secrets behind the practice of good writing: Pay attention to the timing

One thing journalism taught me is that writing is all about the timing.

You learn to manipulate the timing in order to grab your reader and hold their attention. 966 more words

Tips For Writers

An accidental novelist, or was I?

You could say I became a novelist by accident. Previous writing was non-fiction or articles, with the occasional interview or editorial thrown in for fun. However, NaNoWriMo, the national novel writing month, sneaked up on me and challenged me to have a go at it. 144 more words


The Freedom to Write What You Want.

Some years ago, I read a particular piece of writing advice that has always stuck in my mind. That advice was this – ‘Don’t write what… 399 more words

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Daddy Day Care

A subtle shift in my life, as today was my first day of juggling being a full-time Dad with being a full-time writer, hence the bottle and baby wipes by the laptop. 1,125 more words

Daily Updates

The Novel That Refuses to be Written

I sat down this afternoon with a goal: write.

It’s the same goal I’ve always had for every shred of spare time, but lately my spare time as been relegated to extensive bouts of napping and general lamentations of the creative stifled. 710 more words