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Sometimes written words need an extra push! That's why they made book trailers!

I know I’m not the only one…when your reading a book your mind’s eye creates an image and its almost like a movie behind your eyes. 152 more words

Writing Novels


This will be the third time I’ve re-visited this article. Why? Because inspiration is critical to every writer. It’s key to what we do. Without inspiration, we’d have nothing to do! 853 more words


a writer's lament

I seized an essay from my slush pile. I remember when I wrote the following; its history born from emotion. I was approaching the age of 40, not working full time and I was only a couple of drafts into my memoir when a critique of my manuscript told me fancy terms such as through-threads and theme, reflections and takeaways escaped my manuscript. 777 more words


Why Cool Stuff is not Enough

People enjoy things that are awesome. That’s why there was a period of time where we deified Chuck Norris on the internet or why we like watching extreme sports. 706 more words


The Problem of an Ambitious Mess

I haven’t posted in a while. For reasons. Let’s start at the beginning. Back in the spring, a good friend (who knows my penchant for dawdling) extracted a promise from me that I would finish a 90,000-word-minimum draft of a mystery novel I was halfway finished with. 411 more words


What Do You Eat When You Write?

This article over at Catapult Community interviews their program instructors about their favorite writing snack. As a writer who loves snack food, it’s cracking me up. 110 more words

Watch Your Language!

The Art of Writing is still the predominant form of communication used by educated people, which reinforces the status of Writing as the most powerful Art form. 1,129 more words